The Stag Shop—My Favourite Sex Shop!

There are several sex shops near us! They are all part of several chains–no independents here. But frankly I will almost always go to just one of them. It’s a reasonably large store and I’ve come to know some of the employees at least by face. The manager is someone who has been very helpful many times (other staff have also been great), so I feel comfortable when I go there. The manager also knows I’m in chastity as I told her about it long ago and periodically it comes up again. So we have a harness/dildo combo that she helped me purchase years ago. I can wear it over my cage and fuck with it quite easily. Not all strap-on harnesses can be worn over a cage. My Queen thought that particular dildo was too small–particularly in girth. So I did some extra work recently and had earned some extra money. Most of it went towards my debt, but I went to the Stag Shop to see about a bigger dildo. Man oh man there is a lot of choice!! Luckily for me, the manager was there. I find it pretty easy to speak with her and she came over as I was being awestruck by the selection. I had my current belt/dildo with me and I asked if there was a thicker dildo I could use with this strap-on harness? After looking at it, she suggested that there wasn’t anything that would fit on it and be larger. It’s a flaw in that belt’s design. So then we started looking at other possibilities. I reminded her that I was wearing a cage and whatever I purchased would need to be able to be worn over top of it. “Are you wearing it now?” She asked.

“Yes” I replied. She then started to pull belts off the shelf and open the packaging. She gave me a couple to try on over my shorts (and cage). We found one that worked pretty well and I decided I would go for it. Now for the dildo attachment! Again she was so helpful in looking at artificial dildos. She would pull them out of their packaging and I’d be able to touch them and get a sense of how they might fit on the belt. Eventually we had ruled out a great many and had narrowed it down to a couple. The one I eventually went with was pretty big–both length and girth and not super rigid. By this I mean it is stiff enough to fuck with but there is flexibility in the shaft. We actually attached it to the belt in question and then I put it on over my pants. It was a little weird to wear a fake penis over my shorts and cage in the middle of the store. However it seemed like it would work. So now we have options. Our first tricky dick which is about 6″ long and relatively slim. But this latest tricky dick that has great girth (3″) and is easily 8 inches long. It has a special covering that feels like real skin. I plan to warm it up before we use it because the coldness of it isn’t the most pleasant when inserting it onto my Queen. We haven’t had a chance to really put it through its paces yet–as always my Queen prefers the real me to alternatives–but when necessary we now have options. I still find it incredibly hot to being told to fuck her with the dildo while I’m caged! It really puts me into sub space quickly.

So if you are in Canada, consider your local Stag Shop. They do have an online store, but personally I like to make my purchases in person. The staff at my local shop are friendly and very helpful. They have a pretty good knowledge base on the products they sell. The best of it is that I never feel judged when I’m there. I always feel like I’m important as a client.

So to the manager of our Stag Shop, thanks for all your help over the years. It is indeed appreciated. And while it’s possible that you have other caged men as customers, it’s also possible that I’m the only one! And it all started with a purchase I made at your shop!!

Update on stats: as I post this I’m 116 days since my last orgasm. Still living the dream with my Queen!


  1. Thank you for thid useful information Michael. I almost never buy a sex toy if I cannot see and hold it my hand first. And even there is no guaranty that I (She) will like it until I (we) try it several times.

    I am looking for a dildo harness system that will be either hollow to accommodate my penis in it and rigid enough to allow quality penetration even without my erection) or something that can be worn comfortably next to my penis. I have seen photos of harnesses with integrated dildos that had a hole for the penis to fit through that can be allegedly used for double penetration but also works for single penetration when the real penis is either ignored or not erect.

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    • Hi Tom
      My other harness is perfect to wear over the cage and if necessary I can put it on despite an erection. This harness will also go on over the cage but it isn’t quite as nicely designed as the other one. However this harness can take many different sized dildos and the other can only take slim ones. It’s a bit of give and take!

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  2. Oh, how I miss the sex shop! Looks like you were able to make a very informed purchasing decision…such a helpful manager! We are taking a mini-get-away in a few weeks…hoping we frequent one of our favorite toy shops. Enjoy…and please write about the experience! 🙂

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  3. Thanks for this! I need to find a real-feel dildo if something like this has a chance with my wife.
    I have never visited a sex store but would like to find one I would be comfortable in.

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    • Going in the first time is the hardest, believe me, and you probably won’t feel relaxed at first in any. 😎 But it will make for an exciting experience. It’s true that it helps if the staff is friendly and helpful (and Female for me 😉). My first visit to a sex shop was some 20-25 years ago. Now I make most of my purchases (not often) in the same sex shop in my area (it belongs to a local chain of sex shops), although I have been to most stores at one time or another. For two reasons: One, it offers one of the widest selections of toys (unfortunately only a fraction of what they have in their on-line catalog and some stores even beat it in on-line options). Two, the experienced and helpful lady who runs it is easy to talk to about anything and She’s not shy to share Her own and Her partner’s and friends’ delicate experiences with certain toys, both good and bad.

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