Wow—That was Intense!!

Some days ago, my Queen and I had an epic day and I had to write this before I forgot the details! It’s been sitting in my drafts now for several days.

It started very early in the morning. My Queen occasionally has sleeping issues. Sometimes she feels frisky as she lies awake in the middle of the night. I’ve told her if that’s how she feels she can wake me but she always says she feels guilty about doing that. I repeatedly tell her that I’ve given her that power and she shouldn’t feel guilty! Last night she exercised her power! It was awesome!!! She was awake and feeling frisky and I was sound asleep. She rolled over and pressed her naked body against me. She started to gently caress me all over. I think she mostly was ignoring Angus in his cage at this time, but I was slowly pulled from sleep. I started to caress her whole body. Have I told you how much I enjoy doing that?? We started to kiss! It was pitch black as it was just before 3:00 and we have very effective blinds. Very little outdoor light was making its way into the room. So there we were our hands running over each other’s bodies while we gently but passionately kissed each other. Angus was getting excited and tried to break his cage! Alas once again he failed. My Queen started to masturbate Angus despite his caging.

Now I’ve read about guys who were able to masturbate while caged. When I read that I gave it a try–no way. It was just rubbing steel for me. I’ve also read about guys using vibrators on their cages and getting off–I tried that too without any success. So it was hugely surprising to me for me to feel so good when my Queen started this. It felt AMAZING!! She wouldn’t let me go down on her, but she asked me to use my fingers. So we mutually masturbated each other in the dark. She brought me right to the edge numerous times. I couldn’t believe it as I was still caged, but hot damn it felt good! She had a nice orgasm after which I licked my fingers clean. I just love her taste and if I can’t go down on her, that’s the next best thing! We then pulled out the Palm Power vibrator because it’s quiet and she attempted a second orgasm while still masturbating me. I eventually begged her to stop because I was so close to having an unauthorized orgasm. She complied (luckily) but unfortunately she was unable to have that second orgasm–then!! We both eventually went back to sleep!

When we awoke, our son was out working–he was supposed to be out for the entire day! We had a leisurely morning and then my Queen decided we would get busy. So we cleaned up and she unlocked Angus! I couldn’t remove the ring because Angus was too excited so it would have to serve as a cock ring. We watched an episode of “Gigolos” while I gently stroked her body and then started to get busy. I had just started to go down on her when we heard someone at the front door! Our son was home!! He yelled a greeting and then moved into the garage. Quickly we were up and out of bed. My Queen threw on her clothes and went downstairs! I made the bed and with great difficulty managed to squeeze Angus back into his cage–it wasn’t easy but he relaxed some in the excitement. Then I dressed and came down stairs. We couldn’t find our son! He wasn’t anywhere in the house or on the property. So I texted him and then phoned him. A few minutes later he responded saying he wouldn’t be home for a few hours. He must have needed something from the garage and had come to get it. So my Queen and I went back upstairs and got naked again. She again undid the lock and Angus sprang forth! We climbed back into bed and tried to start again. It was wonderful. My Queen was able to relax. We went through it all!

We used the Palm Power & Magic Wand Vibrators. We pulled out our newest toy just purchased at the Stag Shop and ran it through its paces.

(The pictures above and below show my Queen holding Angus against her mons as I use Tricky Dick on her.  Then Angus is pushed out of the way and you can see Tricky Dick having fun.)

It was weird using the strap on with Angus uncaged. She actually held Angus against her mons as I pumped with Tricky Dick (the Strap On) so that she was getting additional stimulation and Angus was too! Then after a bit she’d tell me to remove Tricky Dick and put Angus inside.

(The picture above shows Angus having fun with Tricky Dick merely watching)

Finally she told me to stop and move beside her. She then used the Womanizer Pro II and finished with that. I was so horny but she was adamant that we were done. All told she had had 7 orgasms. And I had my usual none.

Afterwards I waited and then struggled to get Angus back in his cage. I made the bed again and we went on about our day. But I couldn’t stop thinking about our middle of the night tryst!! I found that sooo hot!!

(This illustration shows Angus after he has been recaged but before he is completely relaxed.  He is still pushing hard against his bars!)

Incidentally as of today, I am 126 days since my last orgasm. I am so horny! …and loving it! I’m an incredibly lucky guy!


  1. Excellent and arousing story Michael, you describe and illustrate it so well! I have to say it again (boring, I know), your dear Wife and Queen looks stunning and super hot. And Angus so clearly pushing against the bars… it makes me want to be kept locked like that! For a really long time, with no parole. I think it would open a new dimension in our sex life if I could only convince my Wife to give it a try. She is very much against it. As it is, I am expressly forbidden to buy a cage! I am honestly 100% chaste unless I am allowed to cum or penetrate Her but my chastity is honor-based, so it somehow feels less “real”. Oh well…

    How does it feel for your Queen to ride the big dildo? Does She compare it to the real thing? My Wife says that overall my small penis still feels better than the artificial one (ten days ago She finally asked to ride me again and it was heavenly), She comes easier and faster from fucking me. The orgasms produced with the big vibrating dildo take more time to induce in Her but are obviously more powerful and longer lasting (and exhausting for Her).

    BTW, just like you, I am also sometimes taken advantage of in the middle of the night if She cannot sleep (I may never do the same to Her). Once She cums She falls asleep easily afterwards; being denied my own release, it’s just the opposite with me. But I absoltely love these midnight or early morning escapades, if only I manage to make Her cum.

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    • Your chastity is real but I understand your desire to be caged. It is comforting to me to be caged. It tells me my Queen cares about and loves me. It constantly reminds me of her presence and importance in my life. It has taken a while to get here, but I’m glad we’re here now. My Queen prefers Angus to any toy. I guess I have two stepsons I could use on her. One is a little too slim. And the other more recent purchase is also not quite right. It is closer though to me. I think in time she may come to appreciate it—though we won’t be using it often.

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      • Thanks for understanding. I would like to be in position where I trully cannot touch myself erotically at all. I don’t masturbate and don’t cum unless told to (or rarely by accident), but I cannot prevent touching and arousing myself to erection sometimes, even though I am forbidden to do so as well. This could be so easily taken care of by caging me.

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      • That lack of control is the very arousing part of this. It’s hard for women to understand this need and desire. Perhaps someday Tom. By the way thanks for your kind words about this post. I think I missed the mark with it as there are very few likes or comments.
        Does your wife read any chastity blogs? Would she read them if you asked her to? If so look to find blogs that talk about the desire to be caged for her to read. There are some really good ones out there.

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      • Thanks. I even have a couple of suitable texts on my Kindle for exactly this purpose. I mentioned it, She’s not interested. From experience I know that I can spook Her away by being too persistant about it. And since I am Her sub, I cannot and don’t want to force it on Her. I am waiting patiently, it wouldn’t be the first time if She changed Her mind.

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      • No you don’t want to be too persistent. I know exactly what you mean on that. I stopped journaling because it was so difficult to get my Queen to read it. She had to be in the right mood and that mood came so infrequently. I still have journal entries she hasn’t read that are over a year old. Now I merely keep track of orgasms, my punishment number and a few other things. She may not read it, but she’ll ask about things every so often!

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  2. You are lucky man. As I commented on another blog 2 min ago, last time I let my hubby enter was his birthday some months ago :-). Vibrators and el devices I keep locked in a safe.. my hubby has managed to cum a couple of times in the cage by Anal only. And he did cum one time after I just shaked it..but then he had been locked up for long time and had my pussy with smell of my lover on his face. I have let him shake it many times after that but never managed to cum. :-).

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  3. This is great. I have told my wife the same thing… by all means wake me up and have sex or dont wake me and just get started while i’m still sleeping. I find it highly erotic to come out of sleep being sexually stimulated.
    Great post.

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  4. Great post Michael! I loved the interruption part. The fear we all have if getting “caught!” That only happens when were in public or staying with others. Naomi enjoyed the video clip! “She has gorgeous breasts” she said. And “his willy look like yours Rex!!!” 😄😄

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  5. Not sure how I missed this one! Maybe because my online time has dropped.
    I also wanted to review it because word-press just suspended my site 😦 . I have a request in to see if there is anything I can change but it is very disappointing to be censored like that. 😦 😦 😦


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