Music as Muse 2


I have a very eclectic and broad taste in music.  While my favourite genres are rock and folk music, I also enjoy many other types of music.  One of my favourite songs and singers is The Mary Ellen Carter written and performed by Stan Rogers.

The Lyrics are below:

The Mary Ellen Carter

She went down last October in a pouring driving rain.
The skipper, he’d been drinking and the Mate, he felt no pain.
Too close to Three Mile Rock, and she was dealt her mortal blow
And the Mary Ellen Carter settled low.
There were just us five aboard her when she finally was awash.
We’d worked like hell to save her, all heedless of the cost.
And the groan she gave as she went down, it caused us to proclaim
That the Mary Ellen Carter would rise again.

Well, the owners wrote her off; not a nickel would they spend.
She gave twenty years of service, boys, then met her sorry end.
But insurance paid the loss to us so let her rest below.
Then they laughed at us and said we had to go.
But we talked of her all winter, some days around the clock
For she’s worth a quarter million, afloat and at the dock.
And with every jar that hit the bar, we swore we would remain
And make the Mary Ellen Carter rise again.

(Chorus 1) Rise again, rise again, that her name not be lost
To the knowledge of men.
Those who loved her best and were with her till the end
Will make the Mary Ellen Carter rise again.

All spring, now, we’ve been with her on a barge lent by a friend.                                    Three dives a day in hard hat suit and twice I’ve had the bends.
Thank God it’s only sixty feet and the currents here are slow
Or I’d never have the strength to go below.
But we’ve patched her rents, stopped her vents, dogged hatch and porthole down.
Put cables to her, ‘fore and aft and girded her around.
Tomorrow, noon, we’ll hit the air and then take up the strain.
And watch the Mary Ellen Carter Rise Again.

For we couldn’t leave her there, you see, to crumble into scale.                                         She’d saved our lives so many times, living through the gale                                               And the laughing, drunken rats who left her to a sorry grave                                              They won’t be laughing in another day                                                                                         And you to whom adversity has dealt the final blow                                                            With smiling bastards lying to you everywhere you go                                                         Turn to, and put out all your strength of arm and heart and brain                                     And like the Mary Ellen Carter rise again!

(Chorus 2) Rise again, rise again!                                                                                          Though your heart it be broken and life about to end                                                               No matter what you’ve lost be it a home, a love, a friend                                                    Then like the Mary Ellen Carter, rise again!

If you’re looking for a sexy post, avoid this one.  This is about a song that has been important to me since the first time I heard it.  I’ve always found it to be a tremendously powerful and positive song!  It talks about the importance of friendship and of never giving up!  It tells how a group of people can accomplish more together than anyone could by themselves.  It talks about overcoming great odds and succeeding.  In university, when I had an exam, I would study until the last minute and then just before I left  to write my exam, I would play this at a very loud volume to motivate and inspire me.  If I was feeling down, I might play this amongst some other positive songs to help me feel a little bit better.

I coach young people. In any athletic activity you will have situations where everything is going incredibly well for you. You will also have situations where everything is going wrong and there doesn’t seem to be anything you can do to change things. It’s important to be gracious and kind when winning big and doing well. It’s equally important to continue to work hard and still behave well when facing incredible odds and being outplayed–it is critical not to quit.   I want my teams to show class and tenacity.  I want them to play determined and always to do their best.  This song channels those values for me. As an athlete I never gave up. I always worked as hard as I could and was always trying to improve myself. I try to teach this to my teams. I try to live my life this way. Whatever I face, I always try to “Rise Again!”

Born in 1949, Stan Rogers died very young (1983)–just as his career was taking off.  In many ways this is his signature song! Stan wrote songs that told stories and had a maritime traditional flavour.  A large man, he had a personality to match.  If you like this genre of music, explore his library.

While I am not really happy with how I’ve worded this post, it’s still a great song!  I may very well revisit and rewrite this.


On the chastity front, I am now 132 days since orgasm. My Queen is approaching 200 orgasms in that same time frame (guessing about 180– but haven’t checked and done the tallying up). Thanks to Mrs Fever for this theme!


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