This is What It’s All About!

I’ve been thinking a lot about songs–about Music as Muse…  But this is a blog about my chastity and caged living–about my sex life in short–or lack there-of!  lol

The other day we had some time alone.  We don’t get a lot of that, unfortunately with my Queen working 7 days a week, even when my son is out, we often don’t have any time together.  But we did this past Monday.  It was brief but oh so needed.  When we have sex, it reconnects us to our deepest level.  I enjoy giving my Queen pleasure.

This particular session started with my Queen performing orally on Angus.



I was in heaven!  It lasted until I was at the edge, and then I was allowed to go down on her!  She was already very wet and I enjoyed the taste of her moisture.  She was so excited from teasing me, that it didn’t take long before she flooded my mouth with her delicious juices as she came.  I drank as much as I could and continued to stimulate her.  She had a few more orgasms and then I penetrated her with Angus.  I had recovered and was able to pump vigorously!  During this time she again approached orgasm and I pulled Angus out to drink her–unfortunately that was a bit early and she lost the edge she was approaching.  So we did it again.  This time she reached and passed the edge and then I was able to drink from her.  It was a wonderful time of reconnection.  Towards the end when she was satiated, she again teased Angus till I was just about there.  Then she stopped and just lay beside me!  Angus was very ready, but was done for the day.

Oh well!


At the moment I’m 142 days since my last orgasm.  I’m awaiting The Vice chastity cage to try out and review!  Justin at The Vice, contacted me and offered me one as long as I would review it.  I’m excited to try this cage.  It would be great if I could wear this comfortably without issue as I believe it is a plastic cage.  This would allow me to wear it when flying, or going to events where they test for metal objects.  It would also be nice to have some variety in the cages I wear–I do know my Queen likes variety!  In the meantime, sex between two lovers is what it’s all about!  I love my Queen to pieces and giving her pleasure is the best thing!



  1. Wonderful Michael and good job! We are on the same wavelength regarding the denial and the excuisite (masochistic?) pleasure that it brings. I admire your self-control that allows you to pleasure your Queen to Her orgasm without spilling… I am absolutely not able to do it when I am denied for more than a couple of weeks.

    Your great-looking package looks ready to burst though. I bet that’s how it felt in the end, lol. Any aching blue balls?

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      • Well, you are able to settle down enough to continue. I simply cannot. A couple of thrusts and I am on the edge again. In such state my penis is really of no use to my Wife.

        Three weeks ago my Wife finally allowed me to enter Her pussy with my dick again (three months since the previous vaginal sex and about two weeks since my last orgasm, and 10 minutes after lots of teasing, a wonderful sex and Her orgasm). I thought I was in heaven and I lost control literally within seconds (She allowed it and made me lick it all up). Next morning She woke me up very early and against my protests quickly masturbated me to another orgasm (2 full orgasms for me within 12 hours, more than a year since the last time). Then we slept some more and two hours later She mounted me and I was finally able to last… She came like in good old days. I cannot tell you how proud I felt, after all these months of denied vaginal sex I could still easily make Her cum in the old fashioned way and She loved it. We repeated this on the previous weekend. Since then I am “starving” again (not Her, obviously).

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  2. Is there anything better than the taste of a woman’s juices, and the knowledge that you contributed to the making of it?

    Awesome news on the Vice. They look amazing, and we’ve been thinking about trying one, but they’re rather pricey and we’re still struggling to figure out sizing. Look forward to your review!

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  3. We have been strugglin byg with my submission. She doesnt understand what is means fully. But she does enjoy my attention. She also enjoys my cum, I have a hard time ejaculating. When I do the volume is amazing. Last night for the first time in our 30 years I came on her face. Then I got to suck it off and clean her face. Life is good

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  4. I can imagine it must be so nice and a relief to reconnect when there’s usually so little time to get to that! You have some alluring writing in there too 😉

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  5. Plastic fantastic.. you tried your new cage? Im not going to try a new cage on my dog, I did a couple of times and everything went to shit each time.. swellings, skin problems.. My advice is: if your loved one have something functioning then dont fuck it up 🙂 And yes my husband goes on business trips now and then, and we are going to Budapest next month.. and South America after that.. I would love to have a cage to use on the flights.. but risk is that that he cannot be caged for days after a new cage.. been there done that.. so I dont change the formula.. but tell us how it went..Anyway, going out now to meet a new potential dog, so if that is a success I need to find a working cage for him.. Guess he will run when I requre a PA.. 🙂

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