Nipple Play—Ouch!!

I have small nipples. However they have always been and continue to be an erogenous zone on my body. I get very excited when they are stimulated. I’m not sure I could orgasm from nipple stimulation alone, but I likely could come very close.

Of course along with pleasure, my nipples are also highly susceptible to pain and therefore highly suited to punishment! My Queen knows this of course and more often than I like uses my nipples for immediate correction of behaviours she doesn’t like.

She will have me lift my shirt and then pinch and twist my nipples! I hate it ( but love it too) and I always make some sort of noise and try and twist away. I hate the feeling, but I love that she is exerting herself and having me do something I don’t like!

We have several types of nipple clamps. I actually took them out of our toy collection some time ago–because out of sight is out of mind right??

This actually worked for a while but recently my Queen thought of them. I honestly can’t remember where most of them are, but I did find one set and had to wear them for about 30 minutes. It seemed much longer!!

She had me lift my shirt and drop my pants for this very picture–intending me to post it on my blog. While she isn’t contributing any comments at this point, she is well aware of my writings and we are slowly reading all my posts from the very beginning.

So I wore these clamps for 30 minutes or so and finally she allowed me to remove them. Well anyone who has had a clamp on some part of their body will tell you: “it hurts like blazes when you remove the clamp and blood rushes back into the area!” I’ll say this, “you know you’re alive after removing any clamp!”

I don’t think I’ve spoken about this nipple play before. I’m not sure why, but it is definitely a favourite form of punishment for my Queen. And it is very effective!!

On the chastity front, I am now 149 days since orgasm. I’m very horny and loving it! That is almost 5 months. However I’m not really expecting another orgasm this year. Not my decision of course, but I’m trying to read my Queen and if I’m understanding her properly, she is content to let me wait a while longer. Still working on getting that Vice chastity device too. I hope it comes fairly soon. I’m excited to try it out.


  1. Lol, those Orangs are hilarious. How do you find these photos, you seem to always find one that fits your post perfectly and is funny to boot.

    Nipples: my Wife likes to stimulate and overstimulate mine a lot, but without clamps. Hers are very sensitive and I must always play very gently with them and never pinch, pull or anything rough.
    My nipples are extremely erogenous and can take a lot of painful abuse. In fact, they are the only part of my body where I can be punished to begging and tears and still maintain erection. I am quite a nipple pain slut (blush). Sometimes it takes days after a merciless rough teasing session before my nipples fully recover. I don’t cum from nipple stimulation alone. However if I am brought to the edge by penile stimulation, I can be forced into a ruined orgasm by nipple abuse alone with no further touching of my dick. I can also be brought very close to orgasm just by teasing my nipples. The same for tickling the inside of my earlobes, oh how that makes me crazy with lust…

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    • I think many men have sensitive nipples but most of the prevailing beliefs seem to be the opposite. Yeah, I lucked into that photo. It was indeed perfect—even down to the caption. I wish I could credit the creative genius behind it, but alas I have no idea who it is!

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      • I cannot imagine not having sensitive nipples. A big part of sexual excitement would be missing without them. A tiny but great source of pleasure/pain/erection.

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  2. 30 mins is a long time especially if there is no distraction. HL’s trick is to play with me until I forget they are there but you are right about their removal. I can relate to the love hate relationship with the clamps 😊

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  3. Hahaha! Can’t believe you low key tried to hide them for a while 😂 of course she was going to think of them at some point!
    It’s honestly relatable though. I think I struggle most with nipple pain bc my nipples are so sensitive but then I also like when a Mistress makes me do stuff I dislike
    Has she ever made you pull clamps off your nipples rather than taking them off?

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  4. My nipples have always been sensitive, but in the last 3 years they have grown in size and sensitivity. I can’t imagine putting a clamp on them lol! Pleasure wise, I haven’t gotten to the O, but I’ve gotten to the edge and just hung out there. Kinda like trying for an O with anal, almost but not quite.

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  5. Here’s me worried about my pictures! That does look painful! I used bulldog clips on Rex’s just the other day. He wasn’t allowed to utter a sound! Or I slapped his balls with a wooden spoon! It was so funny him trying to keep quiet!

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