100 Things about Me!! Inspired by Naughty Nora who was inspired by Penny Berry who was inspired by…

I’ve seen these types of lists before and they’re fun to read. Not sure how well I’ll do, but I have to get to at least 62 to beat Naughty Nora!! She’s a sweetheart but this is competition!! (Oh and here’s the link to Penny Berry)

So 100 things about me: Hmmmm. I hope you find them interesting.

1. I knew I was going to marry my Queen after our very first meeting. I told a co-worker that the next day!

2. I have always been athletic. I played many sports fairly well in high school being on 6-7 teams every year.

3. I don’t like cold water for swimming. (That’s why it’s an excellent punishment!)

4. I play the piano.

5. I also play the guitar.

6. I have played the guitar and sung in front of people numerous times–including one wedding (no accounting for taste).

7. I once went to a nudist wedding.

8. I am an exhibitionist.

9. I like drawing and painting.

10. I have sold several paintings to people who don’t understand art.

11. I love to travel.

12. I’m a great reader–mostly thrillers but occasionally other more serious types of fiction.

13. Some of my all time favourite authors would be James Clavell, Herman Wouk, Leon Uris, J.R.R. Tolkien, and Jeffrey Deaver.

14. I love to drive.

15. I try to buy vehicles that have a manual transmission because they’re more fun to drive. (Stop and go traffic excepted)

16. I have an eclectic taste in music.

17. My favourite type of music is probably folk or traditional music.

18. I also love rock music with bands like Led Zeppelin and Rush.

19. My favourite classical composer is Beethoven. My favourite pieces of his are the Emperor piano concerto and his ninth symphony.

20. I love photography.

21. I own a fish tank filled with African Cichlid fish.

22. A perfect date with my Queen would involve us going somewhere quiet and alone so we could enjoy each other outdoors without fear of arrest.

23. I’m good at games–card games and board games.

24. I can be impatient with incompetence. This is something I have to work on.

25. I am a good cook.

26. I work out regularly getting up at 4:00 am to find the time to work out.

27. While most who read this will know I am caged most of the time, I fantasize about being made to go to a nude beach and not allowed to take the cage off.

28. So I guess I’m into erotic humiliation.

29. I don’t watch much pornography.

30. I will read books that are pornographic. At times they cause Angus to push against the bars of his cage.

31. I am so grateful for the followers of my blog. They make the writing fun! I consider a great many of them to be friends.

32 I used to work in leathercraft. I would carve pictures and make things out of leather.

33. Whew, Naughty Nora was right! This is hard work… so… I have done bicycle camping.

34. The farthest bicycle camping trip I’ve done covered 1550 miles.

35. I only speak English. I have a small amount of French but not enough to matter. I would also like to be able to speak Spanish.

36. I was once thrown from a horse. Luckily no real damage.

37. I have had many sports injuries.

38. I have broken my thumb, ribs, wrist, ankle (3 times), big toe, big toe and second toe, foot, hand, a finger, and my nose (twice).

39. I have had surgeries on both my knees.

40. I have dislocated my left shoulder and also a finger.

42. I separated my left shoulder so that my clavicle was sticking out of my body–three surgeries later I am good.

43. I went to graduate school.

44. I have one tattoo. But might one day have more.

45. I’m frightened of a Prince Arthur piercing but have offered to get one if my Queen would like me to. She doesn’t.

46. I am incredibly turned on by a clean shaven pussy. Have been all my life. My Queen gave me this about 6 months ago.

47. I have organized many Terry Fox events and raised over $60 000 for the fight against cancer!

48. I have participated in 10 MS bicycling events and raised over $14 000 towards MS.

49. I didn’t lose my virginity until I was 19 (I think). But it was a fabulous experience with a cougar!

50. My first three sexual partners were much older than me.

51. My favourite foods are pizza, hamburgers and steak. But I eat pizza and hamburgers infrequently now. They are foods that pile on the fat.

52. The best concert I ever attended was the first Bruce Springsteen concert I went to. He played over four hours that night and continued after the stadium people had turned on the lights.

53. The artist I’ve seen perform the most often is Bruce Cockburn.

54. I used to write on Literotica! I’d have to go there to remember the name I used.

55. My stories on Literotica were fairly well received. They averaged around 4.5 stars.

56. I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have met my wonderful Queen! I look forward to a long and happy life together with her.

57. I once worked at a prison.

58. While at the prison, I accepted a challenge to box a three minute round with one of the inmates.

59. I didn’t last the three minutes. He knocked me out after about 1:35. I awoke in the corner of the gym about 18 feet from where he had hit me.

60. Blue is my favourite colour–no red–no green…. aaaahhh. I like Monty Python!

61. I enjoy going to the movies but I don’t do it very much anymore.

62. I’ll watch all genres of movies. From chick flicks to thrillers and historical dramas.

63. I participated in one drama production in my last year of high school. I was injured and couldn’t participate in sports so tried drama. I had a blast and wished I had gotten involved in earlier years.

64. I used to do duathlons (run bike run).

65. I once ran a 10 km race under 30 minutes. For my American friends that’s 6.2 miles.

66. My Queen and I love to go to the Caribbean for holidays. We always have an incredible time together.

67. I think our best vacation was when we went to the Bahamas. From memory, she had over 60 orgasms that week. I had none!! But a lot of fun!!!😜

68. I don’t drink much alcohol. When we go South, I drink rum or vodka based sweet mixed drinks so my Queen isn’t drinking alone. For the rest of the year I tend not to drink more than 4-5 beer or the odd Canadian whiskey and ginger ale!

69. I don’t like the 69 position. I find both people are really not in the best situation to please their partner.

70. The first time I drank urine, I wasn’t in a position not to. It was a total surprise to me. But I ended up finding it hot.

71. I have been sexually submissive all my life. I knew at a very early stage, though I didn’t likely know what it was called. I’d look for erotic readings that dealt with situations of humiliation and domination. They weren’t always easy to find.

72. However for the rest of my life I tend to be an alpha male. It’s only to my Queen that I defer.

73. I coach young athletes.

74. My main sport that I coach is basketball.

75. I once led a league in scoring in masters basketball.

76. While I no longer do camping, I have camped during the winter in temperatures well below zero. While it offers unique challenges (just staying warm), it also is nice as there aren’t any bugs to worry about.

77. Twenty-three more “things”. Hmmmm. I once performed as a male stripper at a club. I think I had lost a bet. My act was well received. lol

78. We’re less than two weeks until my Queen’s hysterectomy. She won’t be allowed to have penetration for eight weeks. She likely won’t feel like it for the first 4-5. But she is thinking that eight weeks is too long a time and expects to become quite cranky. I may end up receiving a lot of punishment over the end of those 8 weeks.

79. Four musical performers whose deaths really hit me hard are John Lennon, Stan Rogers, Warren Zevon and John Denver.

80. Many of the spots we go to regularly for vacation are beach destinations. My Queen and I love to sit and read on the beach.

81. We also like to take long walks down the beach.

82. I work out most mornings of the week. Usually 4-5 days but I go through stretches where I will work out 6 days a week.

83. My Queen and I share our fantasies with each other regularly.

84. We would like to visit New Zealand.

85. I would like to have a ceremony to renew our vows.

86. But I’d like it to be a BDSM wedding where I promise to obey.

87. I would like to get another tattoo. But I am not sure what to get.

88. Only 12 more Nora!! There is a town in France that is nudist. I would love to visit there.

89. I have modelled nude for figure drawing classes.

90. I have shaved my head for cancer.

91. I have eaten 6 live earth worms for cancer.

92. I have had my legs waxed for cancer–twice!

93. I love to cuddle with my beloved. But I do have roaming hands.

94. We have four kids but we are almost empty nesters! Most of the time. lol

95. While I love penetration, I think I like oral most!

96. Longtime followers will know this, but I have gone 485 days without orgasm.

99. I might be on my way to a second year without an orgasm–but that is up to my Queen.

100. This has been difficult, but now for number 100…    I’ve been to nine provinces and 23 States.

It’s funny how difficult this was to do. But in some ways it was also very fun!

On the chastity front, I’m now 155 days since orgasm. And I’m excited as The Vice Chastity Cage is now enroute to me.


  1. Great list, Michael!!! 🙂 Ah…hysterectomy. I had mine 2 years ago. It absolutely WILL take the full 8 weeks if they’re removing her cervix, too. I think I had pain during intercourse pretty regularly for the first couple months after I started again and it was intermittant for over a year. It’s a major proceedure. I can sure tell ya, my ex got more Bj’s than even before!!!! LOL I also dicovered the absolute sexiest thing… a huge turn on still. Giving a BJ while I masturbate. HOLY FUCKING HELL!!!! I couldn’t go 8 weeks without any form of satisfaction. 😉

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Thanks for sharing that. Very courageous. Nothing frightens me much physically with other guys in sports etc… but I gained a massive appreciation for the courage required to write and share. I believe the Irish Fianna recognized that
    Enjoy this new moon right now

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m going to add on to Succulent’s comment, at first she will be so sore, I had abdominal surgery and I found tying a wide scarf or pashmina around my hips very comforting, but after about 4 week I was soooooo horny, now some sex play is ok but nothing can be put into the vagina… and you’ll need to be gentle and she’ll need to listen to her body ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I loved reading this list, Michael!! And thank you for the shout out. ❤ That's so sweet of you. I loved learning more about you, and can't wait to read more future posts! *hugs* and have an awesome weekend! xx 🙂

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  5. You had me at 25, lost me at 26, and absolutely, completely, and for always had me back at 28. I confess, after that, I didn’t want to go through another roller coaster. Great list!😘

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  6. I love pizza too! I told my hubby recently, “I think my primary love language is pizza.”

    This was a fun list to read. I’ve never been to a nudist wedding, but I once locked my keys in my car at a nudist resort! 😱 And I’ve not been to New Zealand — I know very little about the country, really — but having travelled to Australia when I was young, I can understand the appeal of seeing that part of the world.

    I wish your wife a safe surgery and a speedy recovery.

    Thank you for sharing!

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  7. Great list, Michael. I really enjoyed reading this and getting to know more about you. I’m astounded by the amount you have done for charity, particularly all the money you raised for MS. Bravo to you! 💖

    Liked by 1 person

  8. You’re a very cool person Michael. I knew this before, but it was fun getting to know more about you and your life. We have plenty in common, are different in quite a few areas as well, but our sexual preferences and the attitude towards our Wives and Women are very much alike.

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  9. Can relate to the disliking cold water (and water for me generally for that matter haha)
    Can I ask what you have a tattoo of?
    And since you’re coaching basketball, was that your favourite sport to play? Which others did you do?

    Liked by 1 person

    • I was a good athlete generally. I played volleyball, tennis, basketball, badminton, rugby, ran cross country and ran track! I once ran a 10 km race in 29 minutes and 34 seconds (it might have been a little faster but I forget—somewhere I have it written down). I also ran a 400 m in a PB of 49.1 seconds and a 200 m in 21.4 seconds. I also was very successful in the triple jump. I represented my school in all those sports but was likely most successful in track. I just didn’t really like track. Basketball was my favourite sport followed closely by Tennis.

      Liked by 1 person

      • 10km in 29 minutes??? I can do just about 5km in that time hahaha
        It’s really cool you’re an atlethe! I don’t often meet people outside of my football team that are into sports. In fact, all my friends are not into sport at all! But I play football, tennis, rugby 7s and basketball (Although mostly football right now as it’s impossible to competitively play more than one sport at uni.) (And rugby 7s is more of a may/june thing) but I do regularly play tennis with some people.

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      • Oh yeah. I still play a little basketball but not competitively anymore. I still play tennis and I work out 5-6 times at the gym each week. Occasionally I play ice hockey. So I still do things. Just wouldn’t classify myself as an athlete any longer. lol


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