The Arrival—a Fantasy!

Finally!! I was going to meet her tonight! We had met on-line fully eight weeks ago! I had never seen her face, nor anything but her clothed body but we had spent a great deal of time messaging in the first week before graduating to phone conversations. I loved her voice. It was low and sultry and backed up with a wonderfully decadent mind. On our first phone call, she had ended the conversation by asking me if I was willing to be caged for her. Naively, I hadn’t known what she meant, but we discussed it and I agreed to try it! The next day I went out and rented a post office box before speaking with her that night. She was going to send me a cage but I wasn’t sure I wanted her to know my real address–yet! A week later the cage she sent me arrived. It was The Vice, a plastic cage that was supposedly impossible to remove. The one she sent me was pink and contained a lock but no keys. With some trepidation and a great of excitement I tried it on. At first I used a twist tie to hold it in place! I wanted to make sure the sizing rings etc were ok before I locked it onto my cock. I found it surprisingly comfortable and on our conversation a couple of days later she asked me to lock it on using the supplied lock.

Wearing the Vice Chastity Cage

If I had to remove it, I could always use bolt cutters. I was excited as I pushed the lock closed. I then sent her a short video as proof of my submission. At this point while I was certain we would meet at some time, I didn’t know when that time would be. I was taking a huge leap of faith. I only hoped it wouldn’t come back to bite me in the ass! So for the past 6 weeks we’ve spoken most nights for at least an hour at a time. I’ve grown closer to her and also become hornier and hornier. She hasn’t shown very much of herself–just her clothed body but we have had some very explicit conversations. I know exactly what she wants from her submissive and I’m aching to give her everything she desires.

Finally after 8 weeks, I’m going to meet her tonight. My instructions are simple. Go to a sex shop and purchase a pair of crotchless panties to wear under my jeans. Then come to the address she will send me. My penis is pressing hard against its cage as I finally get the message of where to go! I’m to wait in my car once I get there for further instructions.

My palms are sweaty and I feel flushed as I park the car in the long driveway. I was to go in far enough to pass the edge of the 6 ft tall hedge. My stomach is queasy as I sit there waiting for a message on my phone. My imagination runs wild and I hope I’ll finally get the chance to please her with my mouth–hell I’ll please her any way she wishes. My penis is pressing hard against the cage. It’s been almost a full 6 weeks since it’s been free to erect or touch. I’m looking forward to having an erection though I do realize it may not happen.

I feel my phone vibrate and look to see a message instructing me to get out of the car and look under the nearest tree. Whatever I find, I’m to pick it up and then I am to return to the car. I’m not to open the bag. Taking a deep breath I open the door and move to the tree. Underneath it is an opaque plastic bag. I pick it up and return to the car. Again I sit for a few minutes. I don’t open the bag, but I do attempt to determine what is inside of it. No luck–it remains a mystery.

Finally another message. I’m to strip to my panties and open the bag. I’m to put on what is in the bag and then move out of the car and wait. Immediately I do as instructed. I want to meet her desperately. The sooner I follow her commands the sooner I’ll be in her presence. The panties I bought are a pink satin material with a lot of lace trim. My pink cage is clearly visible in the open crotch but that isn’t important to me now. I just have to meet this divine woman. I need to serve her. I open the bag and find a leash with a leather collar. There is also a pair of handcuffs and a blindfold. I put on the collar and leash. I get out of the car and put on the blindfold. Then I feel for the handcuffs and cuff my hands behind my back. I’m hoping I don’t have to wait long outside the car as I shove the car door shut with my ass.

“Hello Michael” I hear the sultry voice I’ve come to know whisper in my ear! “Come with me! You weren’t to exit the car until you were ready–and you finished getting ready outside the car! I expect absolute obedience. For this failure, you will be punished!” She grabs the leash and with her help and instructions I start to stumble after her. “By the way, I do love your panties!” She says, “and my friend will too!


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