The Vice!! Or It’s Here!!

So Justin at Locked in Lust contacted me and said some nice things about my blog. He then asked if I would be interested in reviewing some of their stuff–in particular The Vice chastity cage. Now if you know anyone who wears a cage, you know that we are always up for trying a new cage so I said yes! The cage arrived just over a week ago. I wore it 4.5 days nonstop after putting it on the first time. At that point the aroma required me to remove it for cleaning.  I then wore it another couple of days.  So here are my initial feelings about it! I may write more about it later, but I think I have a good take on it now.

So The Vice comes in certain colours and three distinct sizes. Each one has four base rings and three differently sized anti-pullout rings. There is also one attachment to wear if you don’t want to use the anti-pullout option. It also comes with a nice velvet bag for storage. The finish is excellent! I could find no areas that might cause chafing because of roughness or poor design.  It came to me in a plain box that was labelled “plastic parts”.

The box (shown above) is is a discrete way of sending “penis jewelry”. lol. The available colours for The Vice are pink, purple, black, clear, and chrome. I asked my Queen what colour I should request and she said clear or chrome. Personally I likely would have ordered black! The first thing I saw when I opened the box was a guarantee. I liked that!

So on the day The Vice arrived, I had a look at it and tried to put it together just to see how it worked.  Before I put anything on me, I like to put it together first.  Trying to do this with the Vice, I couldn’t get the anti-pullout piece to attach. So I emailed Justin and he sent me a video showing a fellow putting the device on himself. The anti-pullout piece went on easily for him.

So the next morning I tried again to put it together–and this time there were no problems. However I was at work when I tried this and was wearing my Jailbird. (I get to work very early–long before most others). Not having a key for the Jailbird, I had to wait until I arrived home from work and asked permission of my Queen before exchanging cages.  The cage went on easily and unlike the dry run, the anti-pullout feature also attached easily as it was supposed to.

When I came downstairs, my Queen asked if I was wearing the new cage.  “Show me” she asked.  She found it a little bit “science fiction” like and tapped on it with her fingers.  She was surprised that it was plastic, but kind of liked the way it looked.  So I’ve been wearing The Vice ever since non-stop–most of six days and five sleeps.

The Vice is plastic and so is much lighter than my Jailbird.  I haven’t had any real issues with it–it’s very comfortable.  I’m certain I’ve tried to erect in the night, but it hasn’t disturbed my sleep in the slightest.  My Queen likes the look.  She does find that the holes in the tube don’t really allow her to tease Angus as well as she can with the Jailbird.  She does miss that ability as for the most part, all she can feel is plastic cage.

I have managed to get really sexually excited while wearing it.   My Queen helped with that.  It was very different than getting excited with the Jailbird on.  In the Jailbird, Angus still points downward–also pushing out from my body.  In the Vice, Angus pushed upwards and didn’t want to point downwards.   Angus still couldn’t manage to really enlarge very much and The Vice was still comfortable, but it would have been interesting to be dressed and see how clothing effected the excited Angus.

My slight issues are as follows.  This version of The Vice has a slight funnel shape in its tube.  I find the tip of the tube is smaller than the head of my penis.  I therefore have some difficulty getting Angus all the way in! lol  After 4.5 days, when I removed the cage for cleaning, Angus looked like it had been wearing a very tight hat.  There was some definite compression of the head of my penis.  I found that shape made fitting the cage difficult.  The other two sized cages don’t have this shape and may fit Angus better.

The other issue is cleanliness–the inability to access Angus from the outside also means it is harder to clean Angus when the cage is on.  This likely means the cage should come off every few days so that Angus and the cage can get a really thorough cleaning.  Despite showering every day, by the fourth day, there was a clear aroma coming from Angus and The Vice.  I had to remove the cage and clean both Angus and the cage.  There are a lot of complexity to the plastic parts of The Vice.  It was tricky getting into all the small corners for cleaning.  My Jailbird is so easy to clean–this was an annoying issue with The Vice.  A toothbrush would be a great help in cleaning this cage.

On the fourth morning I found there was some very slight irritation around the base ring.  So I took a little bit of Vaseline and lubed under the ring.  Problem solved and it hasn’t recurred since at all.


Conclusion:  I like The Vice.  I think I’d like to try The Vice Mini–the tube in that cage isn’t funnel shaped and might fit me a bit better.  I find girth is harder to play with than length.  Perhaps in the future, Justin might send me one of those.  The Vice is very comfortable and while I didn’t try to escape, I think it would be very difficult with the anti-pullout feature installed.  There are several available colours which adds to the personalization for each male wearer.  Because it is plastic, I would think it is easy to go through metal detectors at airports and sporting events.  The lock they supply is metal, but is very small and if you are worried, you can always put a plastic lock on.

Overall, this would be a great beginner cage–that might be worn for an extended period of time.  The variety in: base rings; the distance the tube attaches to the base ring; and the anti-pullout devices, make the one cage very adaptable for most wearers.  I would recommend daily removal for cleaning–though you could go two days if desired between cleanings.  Cost wise, it isn’t too expensive.  Certainly it is far cheaper than most custom devices!

So my Thanks to Justin at   This is a cage I will definitely wear again.  I still like my Jailbird, but it’s nice to have options.


On my personal chastity front, I am now at 165 days since my last orgasm.  I’m so very horny, but I’m certainly enjoying it.  My Queen has her hysterectomy in two days, so I think it’s almost a lock for me to easily reach 200 days…lol



    • Thanks. The basic premise for most chastity cages is the same. But then the interpretation is wholly different. Always nice to try another version. The Vice is pretty well thought out. So that’s a bonus!


  1. Thank you for the review Michael. Several things you mentioned (especially the cleaning issues) tell me it’s not for me. I was considering the mini. You ask why? A few days ago my Wife for the first time expressed some mild interest in the concept of these devices (after She caught me fondling myself while I was licking Her). It’s too early to celebrate this change, but maybe it is the first step…

    My best wishes to your Wife. May She recover speedily.

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    • A tooth brush would make. Leaning the device pretty easy. The smell only started on the third day. Removing it for cleaning really isn’t that onerous. Thanks for your comment. Good luck with your possible caging!

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  2. Hmm, great review – answered all the questions I would have had. That head does look a little tight, and I can’t say I’m excited by the smell/cleanliness issue. Having to remove it daily kind of defeats the purpose.

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    • I believe that removal is necessary for many devices. Any kind of tube will not let enough water through and will require removal for proper cleaning. This need only take 5-10 minutes though. And from my experience, I think you could easily get away with every two days!


  3. My wife’s hysterectomy surgery was a turning point in our FLR. Prior to that we had been practicing orgasm control and chastity, but not really service and submission.
    Immediately after the surgery I was very dedicated to serving her in every way. This level of service carried on to a lesser extent after she recovered.
    For a while I was doing all the housework including cooking, dishwashing, laundry, cleaning.
    As she felt better she began doing some of those things again. She mainly does the laundry now because she is particular about how it is done. I do all the dishes and most of the cleaning. I am very willing to serve her and have gently reminded her that she does not have to ask if I will do something for her, she can just tell me to do it.
    I have also accumulated chastity devices and now have 5 different ones. My wife is not too keen on them, so I usually lock myself and present her with the key. I told her about Locktober and have tried to keep myself locked as much as possible so far this month.

    Best wishes to your Queen in her surgery and recovery.

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  4. Great review, I found it really fascinating to learn more about how male chastity devices work. Good luck to your Queen, I hope her op goes well and wish her a speedy recovery. I know you’ll take very good care of her. 💐

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  5. Apparently I’m VERY behind in reading but I marked yours to come back to! 😉 I am still interested in caging pet and this was a fabulous review! I think for a beginner this might be a good option then we can play around with a custom one.

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