Life Changes—or Bleeding No More!

So it is Tuesday as I start this. My Queen had her hysterectomy last Thursday. She’s had a rough go these past few days but is healing well I hope. She doesn’t react well to pain meds and has therefore stopped taking any. This may be difficult but it means she has stopped vomiting–and that is something you don’t want to do after this type of surgery. We walked 1.3 km on Friday together. She wasn’t well enough on Saturday or Sunday, but we repeated our walk yesterday. I hope that’s a good sign.

I made Thanksgiving dinner yesterday. My Queen enjoyed it. I made a 16 pound Picnic Ham, a 16.5 pound turkey, mashed potatoes, turnips, green peas, roasted multicoloured carrots with red onion, dressing, and gravy. For dessert we had a lemon meringue pie that I made, a pumpkin pie my daughter made, and two store bought pies–cherry and blueberry! This feast fed 6 of us! And will continue to feed us for a while. The Picnic Ham was the smallest I could find. The Turkey was also the smallest of the turkeys on sale. So we have leftovers. We only invited my father for this meal because with my Queen’s surgery we didn’t want a full house. Turns out I could have fed the entire clan. The only one missing who I would have liked to have been there was my oldest daughter. However she’s half a world away so we won’t see her until Christmas!

At any rate my Queen is slowly improving. This morning she teased Angus in his cage before allowing me to remove it and then edging me a few times! It was the first time I’ve been uncaged in 7 days as I missed going to the gym a few days before her surgery. The teasing was totally unexpected but also very welcome. And if she is teasing me, it is also a good sign. The doctors have told her she can’t drive for four weeks. This was unexpected and makes it difficult for her to return to work. While she does work from home much of the time, she still has to go into work sometimes. And her second job is not possible from home so we hope to speak with the doctor about this. Honestly I think she has big ambitions with regards to work but I would never bet against her. She is a very determined woman!

My Queen is a very fit woman. We’re both hoping that her physical conditioning will help her heal much more rapidly than expected. But time will tell!

Still there will be no more periods and that will be welcome. Perhaps my Queen will be more willing to go without panties now. A huge fantasy for me is her wearing a dress or skirt without panties! One can dream…

On the chastity front, I’m now at 172 days since my last orgasm. As it’s hugely unlikely that any penetration or cunnilingus will occur for the next 8-10 weeks, I would expect to get past 200 days without any problems! Way past! lol

On another positive note, I have been contacted by another sex toy manufacturer about reviewing one of their toys. I’ll speak with my Queen and see what toy she decides on and move from there. It will just take a while before we can use it on her! By the way my cover photo features my latest T-shirt. Everyone reads it as a joke! But the joke is on them!


  1. I am thinking of you two and hoping that she heals quickly! I have no doubt that the excellent shape that she keeps her body in will aid in the healing process. You are so lucky to have such an incredible partner, Michael! Oh, and happy Thanksgiving! Ours isn’t for another six weeks, but it is a holiday that we look forward to 🙂

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  2. I’m a little surprised by that walk… I was told it was best to do it like this…. day 1, 2 and 3 .. walk 10m out of the house, turn around and go home.

    Day 4, 5 and 6 … walk 20m out and then turn around.

    Day 7, 8 and 9 … walk 30m…

    And so on.

    This is not a push harder recovery (as difficult as that can be) it is a REST HARDER recovery….

    Please please don’t let her do too much… it leads to complications

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  3. The only thing I can add here is that having been fit before the op will certainly help with her recovery. But I would reiterate that rest is a great healer.
    And the dinner you cooked sounds magnificent!

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  4. I’m sending positive vibes for a quick recuperation! While I haven’t had that surgery, I have had two major ones in my abdomen and took months to heal completely. Doing too much even though I felt better caused me to heal more slowly, so please talk with her about taking things easy. As others have pointed out, complications can arise from pushing oneself after a major surgery like that. Good luck!

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  5. I hope your queen feels better soon. I understand your impatience; I share it. It takes time to heal. She’s lucky you are there to take care of her. It sounds like your Thanksgiving dinner was wonderful. Our Thanksgiving is more than a month off. We will be alone and will share a turkey breast, stuffing, sweet potatoes, etc. Our best wishes to both of you and to your family.

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  6. So good to hear your Queen came through her surgery with flying colours and yes, a slow recovery is the safest path. However, it sounds like she is a go getter and someone who doesn’t rest all that easily. Also sending a belated Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to you and your family … our menu was similar except no ham and pumpkin instead of lemon pie … and today is turkey soup day … it’s the meal that keeps on giving :>)) … nj … xx

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  7. Thank you for sharing glimpses of your life with us in such an inspiring way. I wish your Wife a speedy recovery and patience with the process.
    I didn’t know that Thanksgiving was celebrated at different times in Canada and the US. In fact, I thought it was a US-only thing, lol.

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  8. Hope all is going well for you and you Queen recovers soon.
    I am battling another demon – word press has suspended my blog for violating their terms and conditions. apparently someone was on my blog and didn’t like it. instead of just moving on they felt the need to report it. I am now trying to get them to un-suspend it if I remove the offensive parts 🙂 They have been less than cooperative. This has really go under my skin and I’m not sure how I want to move forward.

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    • After noticing that your blog was gone I am relieved that you’re fine Herwish. Too bad for what happened, I cannot imagine what was so offensive that WP took such drastic measures. Good luck!

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  9. By the way… I’m not sure I will even be able to navigate as H.W. in word press in about two weeks. That is the time they gave me before my blog gets removed… I think.

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      • I would love to post them messages I received from them and the e-mail correspondence. It really gives me the feel of Moral Majority (but I’m not sure if they are majority or just in control with a minority of zealots)
        They have provided me with a link and a 2 week deadline to download my content so I can move it elsewhere. I can use their service but self host- but that does not seem constructive for me. Thanks for fucking me over, now let me use your platform to self host.
        I am floored that I offered to remove the objectionable content and the reply was “No, you may not.”

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      • No. Nothing.
        I really felt like I was on the wrong side of a witch hunt. They have not even replied to my last email asking for clarification.
        The title under the name is “Community Guardian”
        The whole thing has really turned me off. Why is someone who doesn’t like what I have to say or show even spending time there. Answer – because secretly they like it but feel guilty that they shouldn’t – or – they feel it is their mission to wade through this stuff so others do not. Either way is bullshit.

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      • I totally understand your frustration and dissappointment Herwish, it would get to me too. I hope you will eventually find the motivation to start a new blog. In any case, let it go and continue to enjoy the wonderful and fulfilling relationship with your Sweetness.

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      • Thanks Tom.
        It would seem I would need to host my own blog and I cant get my head around that.
        The other option is to try start another word press site and add my content back little by little but edited.
        However, without them letting me know exactly what was offensive, it’s hard to know what to edit.


  10. I like that you have that fantasy about her! It seems like such a given thing that she would have gone without panties in a dress to me just because I’ve heard it from other women (dominants and submissives) and it’s so normal to me nowadays, that thinking of how this is in a way unreachable for you, right now? and only a fantasy, is very interesting.

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  11. You’re such a lovely man Michael. I’m sure your Queen knows it too. Yes, the road to recovery is slow from a hysterectomy. I was lucky not ever needing one. Listen to the doctor re driving! What a huge meal you cooked. It sounds delicious. Can’t imagine my beloved achieving that level of culinary excellence lol. I love your name Angus! I might adopt it for Rex…at home anyway.
    Love to you both.
    XXX N

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