Inspired by Steeled Snake and Charmer

A couple that I follow are Steeled Snake and Charmer!  I love their chosen names and really enjoy their blog.  At the moment I’m very busy and I’m behind on my reading, but while I was trying to catch up, I read their post, “Sit back, relax, show me“.  In doing so it brought back a memory to me.  The story I’m about to share actually happened–though I won’t be able to tell everything about it because memories fade–even about very exciting events!

My first marriage had broken up.  I found a dating site on the internet and found it was an easy way to meet women.  There were a lot of women looking for a man to be with–likely because there were few single men around their ages.  Regardless, I met a dominant lady.  I knew that this was what I wanted because my fantasies for years had been about this and I had never been able to convince my ex-wife to give it a try.  I hadn’t yet met my Queen.

Strangely, I can’t really remember this girls name (I’m going to call her Dianne–might even be the correct name).  We saw each other exclusively for about 4-5 months and had some fun times.  She always wanted me to get things for her, and as I had children and was going through a divorce money wasn’t easily come by.  Eventually I broke it off because I was beginning to feel like a bank machine.  Still we did have some good times.

In Steeled Snake’s post, he tells of a time he masturbated under direction and scrutiny.  That brought a memory to mind–a memory that I will now recount to you.  Dianne and I exchanged fantasies over the few months we saw each other and discovered we had many in common.  In particular, we had one of my favourite fantasies in common.  I wanted to be used and abused by a group of women–humiliated erotically if you will.  She wanted to have a group of friends over and be served by a naked man.  Further she wanted her friends to play games with this man under her instruction.  It was a match made in heaven.img_3641

We started to plan–well actually she started to plan things.  She would tell me some of what she wanted and make sure it was ok with me, but as time went on, she stopped informing me as I was always agreeable.  She came up with a group of 6 friends to invite.  I had met three of them, but 6 was the magic number because I had a van and would be able to carry everyone in it.   We decided it would happen on a Saturday when I didn’t have my kids.  As the day approached I was beyond excited.

Finally the day came.  I did my errands around home and then went to Dianne’s home.  On arrival, she told me to strip and then clean the apartment.  I did the house cleaning and started to prepare dinner.  Two of her friends were coming over at 5:00 to help with dinner prep, while Dianne and I went to pick up the rest of the girls from their homes.  At 4:30 there was a knock on the door.  Dianne told me to answer it and with my heart in my throat, I went to the door and opened it to allow the first of her friends (Noor) to come in.  Angus responded to the situation and she entered the apartment to an erect member.  I had met this girl before and she just reached out and stroked Angus once before passing me her coat. I took the coat to the bedroom as she commented on my ass.

I had been making spaghetti sauce and it was slowly cooking on the stove.  I had a salad ready to go (just needed the dressing to go on it), a loaf of home made garlic bread wrapped in foil and waiting to be warmed up.  There was a large pot on the stove with warm water in it for the noodles and a couple of the girls were bringing dessert.

I served Dianne and her friend a drink and then knelt on the floor between them.  About 20-25 minutes later, there was another knock and I opened it to a girl (Sandy)I had never met.  She made a few comments about being met by a naked man and as I put her coat away, she also asked for a drink.  Serving her, I again sat on the floor.  Dianne asked me to get on all fours and she and her first friend used me as a footstool while the three ladies spoke.

At about 5:10, Dianne decided it was time to pick up the rest of the girls and so I grabbed my coat (it was a dress coat that came to just below my knees) and my large winter boots that almost came up to my knees.  A scarf around my neck was my third item of clothing.  It was January and cold–things would be a bit drafty!  Sandy and Noor would handle the finishing of the meal so that when we returned I would be able to serve dinner.

In the van, Dianne indicated that 2 of the girls didn’t really believe I would be naked and serving them.  She had told them, but they thought she was joking.  Dianne instructed me on how to get to each of the girls.  At the first house, I had to park and go out and knock on the door, but at the others, they were all ready and waiting.  I brought them back to the apartment, opened the doors of the van and escorted them upstairs to the apartment.

When we stepped inside I was a bit shy about removing my coat, but Dianne offered to help me and stripped me quickly.  Angus responded again and the two girls who hadn’t really believed it made some flippant comments to Dianne.

Nude once again, I took the girls coats and put them with the others in the bedroom.  Then I came out, took drink orders and served all of them their drinks.  Dinner was just about ready, so they moved to the table and I served them their food.  Dianne sat at one end of the table and she had me stand beside her.  Periodically she would stroke Angus to encourage him and keep him stiff.

The meal went well and all too soon it was over.  I was to take all 7 girls to a dance club and pick them up later in the evening.  While they were there, I was to wash the dishes and clean up the supper mess, put food away etc.  So once again I grabbed my coat, scarf and boots and went down to the van.  I drove them to this dance hall and returned to the apartment to clean up and make sure everything was ready for later.

At about 10:30, my cell rang and I was asked to pick them up for 11:00.  If they weren’t outside the club, I was to come inside to find them.  I put on my coat and drove to the club.  It was about 15 minutes away from the apartment.

When we had arrived earlier, it was a little past 8:00 and there weren’t many people there.  As I arrived this time, the parking lot was almost full and there were lots of people milling about the front door.  I parked and checked the time.  I knew they wouldn’t come out, but I wasn’t too anxious to go in dressed as I was.  My scarf hid the fact that I wasn’t wearing a shirt.  The gap between my coat and my boots was small–maybe 3 inches, but showed my bare legs and the coat only buttoned down to the waist. So it could flare open and show an awful lot of me.  On the plus side it was a very dark night and the club would be pretty dark inside.  I waited until just before 11:00 and then gathered myself and left the van.  I was parked at the back of the lot and it was a longish walk to the front doors.  I held my coat closed and entered the club.  There was a coat check room and the girl inside of it offered to take my coat.  I told her I was just picking up my girlfriend and wouldn’t be staying.  She was ok with that and I entered the darker section of the club.

The girls were at a table in the back and told me they’d be out in a minute. They wanted me to wait and it is a distinctly weird feeling to be naked under an overcoat with huge snow boots on while everyone else is dressed in nightclub finery. The girls finished their drinks and then we went to get their coats. We returned to the apartment!


It’s kind of funny but I remember so much about this night and I also have forgotten a great deal. This has become at least a two part post.

To all of you who have expressed concern for my Queen, she is healing nicely. While we haven’t had sex since just before her surgery, she has edged me quite a few times. On the chastity front I’m 201 days since orgasm.



    • Thank you. Having trouble responding to this but trying again. It was a lot of fun thanks!
      My Queen is doing much better and is beginning to feel frisky! But she wants penetration and we are at least 4 weeks away from that.

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  1. Wow! That is a great experience. Have you ever done it again? Not sure I could. I love being naked, and I don’t have a problem in public…but not the humiliation side.

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  2. What an incredibly hot experience Michael! I wish I was there, LOL.

    Isn’t it amazing how the general feelings and certain details remain vividly imprinted in our memory for life, while most details sadly (also luckily, it all depends…) vanish? And it’s frequently not the same details my Wife and I remember about the same event!

    Did anything else juicy apart from you sporting the wood and serving the Ladies in the Adam’s clothing happen on that night? 😀

    I had a couple of thinly veiled exposures of my submission to a couple of my Wife’s girlfriends (crazy feeling…), but nothing like this. My Wife won’t’tell me anything, but at least two of them must know a thing or two unless they turned a blind eye. 😋

    I am glad to hear about your Queen’s recovery. Keep spoiling Her, both our Wives are treasures.

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    • I’m working on part two Tom. That’s where most of the evening “happened” but it’s also where my memories are weakest—until the end! lol The end is what Steeled Snake reminded me of!!


  3. O my god, I can only imagine the feeling of dread/nerves/anxiety you must have felt sitting in the van, knowing they wouldn’t come out and that you’d have to go in dressed like that! And I had to laugh when reading the person inside asked to take your coat haha.

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    • It was a dress coat that went just below my knees. But the buttons stopped at about waist level. So the bottom of the coat would flare outwards in the wind. Thankfully on the might in question it wasn’t windy. When she asked if she could take my coat I was flummoxed and embarrassed. I’m sure she saw the bare skin between my coat and my boots.

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