Inspired by Steeled Snake and Charmer part 2

In part one I hadn’t reached the spot in my memory that Steeled Snake and Charmer had prodded. Hopefully I’ll get there this time! This story happened in the winter of 2002–likely in February though the exact dates are far from my mind! It also was likely the inspiration to my four part CFnm fantasy that I wrote some time ago. At any rate here is part two! We’ll pick it up at the club.


As all the girls had checked their coats, we had to go to the coat check girl to retrieve them. Dianne was there first and asked for her coat and then said “wait a minute–maybe we should stay a little longer and have Michael turn in his coat!” I went beet red and Angus started to grow. This was a little concerning as Angus could easily push through the gap between the coat flaps. Dianne knew this and after a moment reversed herself and gathered her coat. As the rest of the girls got theirs, Dianne took my arm and we started to walk to the van. Angus was rock hard and tenting the coat and as we left the club, Dianne reached into my coat and took Angus in hand. She then led me to the van by holding Angus. I frantically watched to see if anyone else was in the parking lot.

The drive home was uneventful. The girls laughed a bit about my predicament at the club and then fell into a talk about the rest of the evening. Each of the girls had made a suggestion of what she wanted to do or see. Then Dianne had made the decision of whether it could/would happen. I was in the dark about it but had agreed to play as Dianne requested. She knew my limits and I trusted her. So when we returned to the apartment, I once again became nude. Y removing my coat. I then got most of the girls another drink and stood in the centre of the living room. Dianne blindfolded me.

There were a few conditions I had agreed to prior to the evening. Dianne hadn’t wanted me to orgasm so I wasn’t to allow that to happen and was supposed to warn her if it became a possibility–at the time I wasn’t into denial and had no idea of cock cages but this was Dianne’s night too and she didn’t want an orgasm on my part to ruin it. I would have agreed to almost anything to have this night so I was certain I would go to bed very horny. But I felt it was worth it.

Now here is the weird thing about the night. There were 7 “fantasies” that were enacted that night. I was blindfolded for all of them (some of the girls were shy). And indeed pictures were taken but my memories are very vague about this part of the evening. I was given two floppy disks with pictures on them but then computers stopped using floppy disks and I eventually through the disks out because I couldn’t access the pics. So it’s been years since I saw the pics and they can’t remind me of what happened.

Still here is what I remember though the order might be wrong. And the details are weak and incomplete. I was written on–I think this was closer to the end but I’m not sure. Dianne had sharpies of different colours and the girls drew and wrote on me. Someone was always stroking Angus if he started to droop. They wanted him standing tall. I was made to get on my hands and knees and play as a dog. They had me do stupid dog tricks (a la Letterman) which included me determining which one of them was Dianne. She was the only one I had been intimate with so I was supposed to pick her out of the group using scent as my only clue. The planning had been good as all the girls had waited until they had arrived earlier in the day to apply perfume–and all had used the same favourite perfume of Dianne’s.

I was spanked with a variety of implements by most (all?) of the girls. Whipped cream was applied to my body and licked/sucked off. I was made to dance and whip Angus around. There were a few other things that happened but I honestly can’t remember them. I wonder now if being blindfolded and unable to see things limited my memory of the evening.

The rapt attention as Angus was studied by the three women!

The last thing I remember of the organized part of the evening was having Angus and the boys denuded of hair. The girls used scissors, a razor and some foul smelling cream to remove all my pubic hair (I later figured out that it had been some type of depilatory cream). At this point in my life I was hairy down there. I hadn’t been this smooth since I was a boy and it felt weird. It was particularly weird because the girls were stroking me and that highlighted the feelings for me. In fact I had to ask them to stop as I was afraid of orgasming.

Still eventually the organized party of the evening was finished! It was time to take some of the girls home. Noor and Sandy were going to sleep over. So I put my coat and boots on once again and drove the rest of the girls home.

On returning to the apartment I found Dianne, Noor and Sandy laughing and drinking. I hadn’t had any alcohol that night and Dianne told me to grab a beer. So there I was naked as the day I was born, newly shorn and drinking a beer with three attractive clothed females. I was very horny. Noor was a dusky skinned beauty who I was intensely attracted to. Sandy was a beautiful blonde and Dianne was my girlfriend who was fulfilling many of my fantasies. However I was sticky from the whipped cream and asked Dianne if I might shower. She said sure but I was to be back out and with them in 5 minutes. Not wanting to add more colour to my ass, I had a very quick shower!

I returned to the living room feeling refreshed and no longer sticky. I was still horny! It was now close to 3:00 in the morning. We were all tired and so we were going to bed. Dianne and I said goodnight to Noor and Sandy and went to the bedroom. We could hear Noor and Sandy getting ready for bed. Dianne was also horny and after she had readied herself for bed, she spread her legs and pulled my face to her pussy. I set about pleasing her. It didn’t take long until she had her first and then second orgasm. She was about to go to sleep when I worked up the courage to ask if I might orgasm. I mean the agreement was I wouldn’t orgasm this night but I was so horny…

Dianne thought about it and said I could–if I masturbated, followed her instructions and then ate my cum! Damn yes!! So I rolled over and was about to start when she said wait! She got up and went into the living room. I heard some muffled speech and then some excited laughter. Dianne returned to the doorway accompanied by Noor and Sandy. Sandy was in a nightie that was pretty see through and Noor appeared to be naked and wrapped in a blanket. The threw of them stood in the doorway as Dianne turned on the overhead light in the bedroom. “Ok” she said, “masturbate and remembered to follow our instructions which include asking permission to cum!”

This is the memory that Steeled Snake prompted with his post.

I started to stroke Angus. He was as big as he could be and it was so exciting to be watched by the three girls. I started to approach orgasm and sped up only to be told to stop stroking and play with my balls. The girls spoke with each other about my technique as they watched. I started stroking again and again with pauses being enforced regularly by the girls. They started to wonder where I should cum with the options discussed being in my own face, on my stomach, on someone’s feet or breasts. The blanket around Noor slipped down and revealed her left breast. It was delightful! A gorgeous shape with a small dark areola and a very prominent nipple! I was imagining cumming on it and my hand started to move even faster. “Stop!” Came the command. I had almost reached the point of no return and I think I groaned as I halted myself. My penis shook as I held my hands away. “Where do you want to cum?” I pondered the question before answering.

Then I answered brazenly, “On someone’s tits, ass or pussy!”

“Remember you agreed to lick it all up and drink it down!” I nodded my assent. The girls put their heads together and whispered a bit. “OK, you may cum on Noor’s ass–when we say and not a second before!” Noor moved over and lay face down on the bed! She had dropped her blanket and was as naked as me. Damn she was hot!! I moved around between her legs so that Angus was over her ass. I could see the crack of her pussy below her ass.

“Go on!”

I started to stroke myself. It was as if I’d been edging all night and I knew my orgasm would be massive. The girls spoke about how fast my hand was moving! “Can I cum?” Dianne and Sandy moved closer eyes peeled on Angus. Noor turned her head a little more to see it all and I was given permission! My hand became a blur until suddenly I exploded. The first jet went to Noor’s shoulders though I was able to aim better and the remaining pulses went into and around the crack of her ass. I have to admit it was a copious load, and immediately I no longer was excited about lapping it up.  However Dianne pushed my head down and I stuck out my tongue.

I went between Noor’s butt cheeks first because it was about to drip off of her.  While it wasn’t strictly necessary, I allowed my tongue to run over her pussy getting any of the cum that had dripped that way.  I then moved up to her anus and cleaned that of cum before finishing with the rest of her butt crack.  Then I moved up and cleaned her back and shoulder before moving back to her ass to ensure I had everything.  As I had finished, the girls thanked me for masturbating for them and then moved off to bed.  Dianne wanted another orgasm though so I serviced her once again with my mouth.

In the morning I reluctantly dressed–the magic of the previous night was done!  But it was a great memory.  Despite how much I’ve forgotten, it still is a good memory.  While I’ve been watched as I masturbate both before and since, that is the only time that I was watched almost clinically–and by more than one person.  About 10.5 months later, I met my Queen.


So my Queen continues to improve in health.  She has been edging me frequently though this morning was the first time I’ve been out of the cage in 6 days.  Angus enjoyed himself though there were no orgasms.  Now I’m showered, freshly shaved, and caged again.  As of today it’s 204 days since my last orgasm.  In that time I haven’t had any ruined orgasms either.  I have produced goober regularly…especially when I’ve been edged.  But producing Goober is a natural thing when one is horny and excited.  And I do get excited when I’m with my beloved Queen!

On another note, this is my 200th post. I am nowhere near as prolific as many I follow, but this is a milestone for me.  Looking at my WordPress stats, it appears I’ve had well over 700 000 views and more than 57 000 visitors!  I thank all of you who visit–particularly the regulars!  You make it a fun experience.

Finally I’ve been sent a product to review.  It will have to wait until my Queen has fully recovered as penetration isn’t possible at the moment, but I’m looking forward to the test process!  The other great thing about this is that there is a coupon for people to use.  I’m going to share that now as I’m not sure how long it will be valid for.

The web site is:  The coupon code is bestvibe20.  It gets you a 20% discount.  Thanks to Bestvibe Stephanie for this.  The review will follow in about 5-6 weeks.  Stay well my friends!


  1. That was marvellous Michael! 😀 What a fond memory this must be. It’s quite crazy that your ex was ok with you licking the other lady’s ass and pussy even though it was just the clean-up). If you were not post-orgasmic (we all know that depressing feeling…), do you think you would be tempted to do more? Were you in a that kind of “open” relationship at the time?

    Just like boundtoserveher I wish I could do something about my “condition” in my pants. I mean, I could, but I am not allowed to as you know. Except to change my underware (too much precum). I haven’t cummed in three weeks. Nothing compared to you, but believe me, I am horny like hell. Yesterday night was yet another sex night with no release for my poor abused penis and your hot story is not helping at all! 😊

    Liked by 2 people

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