A Virgin Once More

So my Queen’s last orgasms were on October 5th–that’s 64 days if you’re counting. (My last orgasm was 7 months 12 days or 226 days ago) On October 10th, she had her hysterectomy! She was very fit going into the surgery and recovered quickly. She was back at one of her jobs a week later (she works from home most of the time with that job) and was back at her cashier job in less than a month. Now we are 8+ weeks post surgery. She saw the surgeon last Wednesday and he said she was good to resume her normal life which included sexual relations! She has been frisky off and on the past few weeks, but she wouldn’t allow me to use my mouth because she wanted penetration. Hopefully later today we’ll find time to play and Angus will be reintroduced to Kitty. I plan on being very patient and gentle. I expect that after the surgery and all the time gone by that she will be very tight and will require time to be able to relax and enjoy Angus!

However I’m so excited to be able to please her again! I might even be able to bend the cage… or not! lol


  1. My wife had a hysterectomy 2 years ago along with a little internal “lift”.
    Her recovery and return to sexual activity was much anticipated and went well, albeit slow and gentle.
    She has been tighter and “shorter” since which along with the infrequency of my chances for intercourse and even less of orgasm has made it very challenging yet very exciting.
    On another note is that my care for her during her recovery led to the beginning of my service to her and a whole new type of relationship for us that continues to grow and change today.

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  2. You are excited! We can’t wait to hear how you both go. So glad it is successful. Hysterectomies are very difficult to recover from.
    Love to you both from us.
    N, R

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