The First Time—or Can You Ever Return to a Virgin State?

So regular readers will know that my Queen had an hysterectomy in early October. So the last time we played was prior to that surgery. On that first weekend in October, she had 3 orgasms. Since then because of the surgery we hadn’t played. She had felt frisky likely as soon as 4 weeks post surgery, but was craving penetration and wouldn’t allow oral or toys to be used and thus didn’t have any more orgasm for 66 days! But last week she saw the surgeon for the final time and he gave her the green light to once again indulge in sexual intercourse.

Then my son decided to go away for the weekend and as two of my daughters are thousands of miles away and the third lives 50 miles away and works weekends, we were alone!

So Sunday we were finally skin to skin! It was lovely just to be able to touch and feel her! But I had no illusions. I knew it was going to be tricky having full penetration and that any thrusting I did would have to be gentle.

So we just lay beside each other to start. Our hands running over each other’s bodies. Our kisses building up slowly until I had to taste her. I moved down her body and started to caress her kitty with my tongue. She started to move involuntarily and make those noises I love to hear! Then as she got to the edge, she pulled me up and took Angus into her mouth. After a bit she asked for the Palm Power vibrator and used that while sucking on Angus.

It was a wonderful feeling of being desired and wanted–of being pleasured by the one you love. She had her first orgasm in 66 days this way. It was so nice to see, hear and feel her cum!

Afterwards I went down on her again. It really felt like it had been forever since I’d had an opportunity to please her with my mouth and that is one of my favourite things!! But she wanted penetration.

So I pulled away and while positioned between her legs, I applied lube. She was already quite wet, but I expected her to be much tighter after the surgery and wanted this to go as easily as possible.

With Angus lubed, I slowly started to enter her. It was uncomfortable for her and I paused with only the head of Angus inside her. When she had adjusted, I moved into her a little more. We continued this way for some time but eventually I stopped. I had only managed to get Angus about halfway in. I then thrust very gently careful not to push in much further. I was kneeling while she lay on her back. When I attempted full missionary position so that I might kiss her, the angle of Angus changed and it caused her pain so I had to kneel again.

We decided to try doggie style but again that wasn’t working at this time. So back to me kneeling in front of her. She was enjoying the penetration despite how little it was and despite the slow and minimal movement I was doing. We will have to take our time to reopen Kitty fully. Eventually I’m certain we’ll be back at it like rabbits again. Or at least I hope so!

In this session we tried a few different things. She had no trouble accepting skinny length, but Angus has some girth. That was the issue. Still it was nice to be together again and over our session, my Queen had three orgasms. I did feel like I was with a virgin again. I was so conscious of not hurting her and halting her have a good time. But the girth of Angus was an issue!

Still we will continue to enjoy each other as she regains her full health and sexual prowess! We also have a toy to test from BestVibe. So a review will happen sometime in the next month I hope!

There’s an insertion component to this toy so we will have to wait until that is possible.

Christmas is fast approaching. I expect to post again before then, but just in case want to wish everyone a wonderful holiday season.

I expect to fly through this holiday season without orgasm as I’m now thinking my Queen will make me wait a year again. It is already 232 days since my last orgasm and she had indicated that she might make me wait that long (a year). To be honest the only thing she said definitively was that I wouldn’t cum again this year–and that she might make me wait a year. So I suppose I might get lucky in January. But I don’t think so. Still I’m living the dream! lol


    • She does have a cream that has progesterone in it (I think). She applies that twice a week and has since the procedure. Now she also applies it internally. She is supposed to stop taking it in 2-3 weeks. It is likely similar or the same as what you used. Thanks.


  1. I’m so happy for you both! Any surgery on female anatomy always takes time and relearning after healing. I have no doubt that you both with find your rhythm again soon. P.S. the video was hot!

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  2. It’s all good news it seems, the previous post included. I am cheering for you guys, you are an awesome couple. Happy holidays to you and your beautiful Queen!

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  3. That’s wonderful Michael! So glad you can be intimate again. Enjoy the slow journey…it sounds lovely.
    Naomi and Rex! All the very best for the Christmas season!

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  4. Nadolig Llawen, I have been neglecting my reading of various blogs of late as an looking after an elderly relative with dementia which is proving troubling to say the least. I’m sure everything will settle down in time for you both – look forward to reading about it. X

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