Christmas Greetings!

I have always found Christmas to be a special time of year. It’s a time for families to meet and friends to share quality time with. It’s a chance to touch those you love either physically or long distance with words and images. My second daughter is 3000 miles from me this Christmas but my oldest daughter who loves 15000 miles away is home. So it is a mixed blessing. 5 of us will be in the house tomorrow.

With respect to the blogging world, I wish all those I follow and those who follow me the best possible time this holiday season. Not all of you will celebrate Christmas, but regardless of your faith or nationality, most will have some break at this time of year. May you and yours have a warm and happy time together! Hug those you cherish. Tell those who you love that you love them! Smile often and be kind to strangers. Be a beacon of light in this increasingly turbulent world!

My most sincere thanks to those who religiously read and comment on my blog. I truly appreciate you.

All the best!!


  1. Dear Michael and your Queen, I understand the whole family thing. It’s tough when you’re apart especially at this time of year. May your family time be filled with love and laughter! Ours has been just wonderful.
    Love from Naomi and Rex

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