Slowly We Return to Normal

We haven’t had a lot of sex since my Queen’s hysterectomy. It is something we are slowly progressing at. In many ways it is as if she is once again a virgin. She is much tighter than she was before and I have to be very gentle. Angus hasn’t been fully inside Kitty very much. In fact that just happened today. But I couldn’t keep it there. I had to pull back and gently move in and out with only a portion of Angus’ length. I admit Angus isn’t the largest penis on the planet but he does have good girth. That girth currently gives my Queen some difficulty. I also have to watch the angle of my penetration. Some angles cause her pain while others are ok.

But we are progressing and I hope she will get to the point where she enjoys things from all angles and with full penetration. Till then, I will continue to be careful. I love giving pleasure, not pain.

On my orgasm front, I am 248 days since my last orgasm. Will I end up waiting a year? Only my Queen knows for sure. But it does seem highly unlikely I’ll have another this calendar year.


  1. It really does take a while for the area where internal stitches were and subsequent scarring to heal and then be able to stretch without pain xx I hope you both have a nice new year ☺️☺️

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  2. I love reading about your relationship on here. You two have such a beautiful, loving relationship and that really resonates through your writing. Happy New Year’s to you both! 🙂

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  3. This has been such a major event in your lives… I am glad to hear that she continues to heal, and hope that you two are back at it like rabbits when she is ready! Going on a year without an orgasm… I know it is one of your desires….here’s to a wonderful 2020!!!

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  4. I’m very happy that things are getting better. Be patient and things will get back to normal soon. I’m very glad that your queen is getting better and that you are getting closer and closer to enjoying a full sex life. Have a very happy new year and may 2020 bring you lots of happiness and good health.

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  5. Good to hear that things are going steady, yet slowly.
    I just viewed your video from the “virgin” first session. That was very exciting to watch and I don’t know how on earth you managed to not orgasm during that!
    My wife told me earlier this month that I would not orgasm again this year. She did joke about not letting me for all of next year. I have to admit that the concept of not being allowed to orgasm for a full year has enticed me for a while now. Scary, but exciting in a way that some of us can appreciate.
    Happy New Year!

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    • I’m glad you enjoyed the video. My first extended period without orgasm sort of started with a joke and then became part of a bet. The year actually became two years, but my Queen changed her mind after 485 days. So that’s the longest I’ve gone between orgasms. Currently I’m a little over 8 months since my last orgasm. It’s easy to imagine going the full year again now. It is fun to experience because I get edged often and am allowed to please my Queen. It wouldn’t be fun if I was forgotten about for that period of time.

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  6. I remember when, first, my wife – then our girlfriend – had hysterectomies. I felt so bad for them while they recovered from the surgery and I knew I had to wait to see if they were going to want to get back to having sex, even after their doctors cleared them for it. It took a while but eventually they felt okay enough to have sex and the sexual merry-go-round started and picked up speed once more.

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  7. I can imagine how sensitive it must be and possibly painful, as I still get that with insertion too. But it must be quite a shock to get used to compared to before the hysterectomy. I hope it will continue to heal good as it has been and that she’ll get to enjoy insertion from all angles again!

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