The Chastity / Denial Matrix

The Chastity / Denial Matrix
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This is a very interesting look at how to classify caged males and denial. If I use his matrix, I come out with a 7, 7. If you’re interested in caging a male, you might find this interesting.

Reposted with permission!


  1. I’m definitely a zero for chastity, but denial is more complicated- if we had sex, there’s a likely chance I’d climax. If I climax before She does, I lick it clean out of Her, and continue until She cums. Sometimes I go soft before I can do anything, so She will grind my limpness while holding a vibrator there (I really enjoy that, but never climaxed). I’ve been edged several times, and had a ruined orgasm once during intercourse, and a couple times during foreplay. This matrix is pretty cool though. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. Interesting. Puts me at a 4,4 for now, at least. She’s getting more and more accustomed to it and has hinted that we may go longer between unlocks or releases in the near future.

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  3. I am clearly a 0,7.

    We don’t own a cage, but now we at least talk about it and I think my Wife is slowly warming to the idea. I want Her convinced to the point where She will tell me to go and get one before I buy it. Until not so recently She was very much against it, even though She denies me orgasms most of the time. I have zero say in when or how I cum (when I cum). She clearly enjoys the power and control over my sexuality and the effects this has on me. No regrets for Her or for me.

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