17 Years Ago Today

January 12th 2003. I met my Queen for the very first time! We had connected on an internet dating site the preceding 10 days or so. She had messaged me and we had exchanged messages on the website before quickly doing the phone thing. We had spent hours on the phone for several days in a row. My sleep was minimal at this time as I was learning about her instead of sleeping! She lived about 60 km away from me but we both wanted to meet and so it happened. I volunteered to drive out to a place near her, but she didn’t think that would be fair. So instead we both drove to a bar roughly 1/2 way between us.

We met at 8:00 and actually closed the bar before moving to her car for another couple of hours! We just clicked on so many levels. I found her very attractive and I thought she was a very nice person. She had gone through (still was) some very tough times and she had two very young children. It was a bit scary to think of becoming a dad still again–and yet I did think that. In fact I told a close friend the very next day at work that I had found the woman I was going to marry!!

In my first marriage, sex had been awful. My first wife didn’t like sex and preferred not to do it. When she fell out of love with me, it got even worse. She was not an affectionate woman at the best of times but I ended my marriage starved for any type of intimate touch–even just holding hands! So I was determined to be honest about sex with any prospective partner. My Queen said that sex was important to her–very! So that was good. We discussed things we liked sexually though I did not mention I was submissive. Somehow I thought that aspect of my sexuality would be ok. And it was a first meeting!☺️☺️

At one point in our conversation I asked if she was more like a hardwood floor (shaved pussy), an area rug (landing strip) or a shag carpet (hairy pussy). She had no idea what I was talking about and after I explained myself we both laughed and she indicated she was a small area rug! The date was fantastic and I couldn’t wait to see her again.

We went out the next weekend to the “Everything About Sex Show”. We had a blast there before leaving and going to a bar. We saw a live band and then went back to her place. There we consummated our relationship and the sex was beyond awesome!!!

She was almost clean shaven with only the tiniest of landing strips. She had a beautiful pussy that I just enjoyed going down on! She was fit and I couldn’t get enough of her.

Beyond the sex, she was a kind and really nice person. She was smart and we could talk about almost anything. Most of our viewpoints aligned well with each other so there were few disagreements. It was a match made in heaven–and I’m still in the clouds 17 years later!

We have endured some really tough times but I have never been so happy. We have so many positive memories and we continue to make them. So while our marriage anniversary is another date altogether, we look on today as our real anniversary! Happy anniversary to my beautiful Queen!! I hope to please you for the rest of your life!

On the chastity front I’m now 261 days since orgasm–about 8.5 months.


  1. Happy anniversary! It really does sound like a perfect match! Sometimes, we find the people we need at the time when we most need them, and it sounds like this is what happened with you both. The love and admiration you have for her is obvious in every post. 🙂

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