The Everything To Do With Sex Show!! Or Second Date

So my last post chronicles how I met my Queen. There was no sex that first night though we did kiss before leaving each other. Every night after that meeting we were on the phone to each other usually for hours. That excitement of a new person was flowing through our veins and with us each day as we went about our day jobs. At night we would talk about our days, dreams, colleagues, the world–virtually anything that took our fancy. The conversation flowed and our “like” and attraction grew. We decided we wanted to see each other the next Saturday. My Queen had to ensure she had a babysitter as her two children were very young. That accomplished we decided to go to see the “Everything To Do With Sex Show”. To this day, it’s the only time I’ve gone to one of these shows.

So I went to her home for the first time. I arrived early so I could meet her kids. Her son was just 2 and her daughter a little older. I played a game of foozeball with her daughter and shortly afterwards we were on our way. Now I don’t remember what either of us was wearing–those are details my Queen might remember but not me! I do remember thinking she looked great though.

We drove to the “sex” show. It was so much fun. The title of the show was very accurate. We saw some shows illustrating various sexual tools. We saw dancers and porn stars. We saw every type of toy you could imagine and many you couldn’t. There was a fashion show with beautiful male and female models. All wearing what most would consider S/M types of outfits–though there were women in lingerie too.

We wandered the place taking in some of the shows/seminars and wandering through the booths. We came to a booth and I wanted to buy her a sexy outfit. We wanted to make sure it fit though. They had a make shift change room! It was two large hoola hoops that were connected to each other by a cloth tube. A rope pulled the lower hoop up so a person could get inside. Then the lower hoop was lowered and the individual inside was totally out of view. There was a cloth window that could be opened by the inside person. It blew me away that my Queen was willing to use this thing to try on the outfit. When she had it on, she allowed me to see her in it through the window opening. Remember I wasn’t caged at the time–I had no idea cages existed–so Angus was immediately at full force. She looked fabulous and the outfit was incredibly sexy. She dressed and the hoop was pulled up so she could get out. I purchased the outfit. There was so much sexual tension in the air!

At any rate we left the show after 3-4 hours and went to a bar where a live band was playing. All through this night we were talking and touching and getting to know each other better. Some of our talk was quite intimate while in other cases we were just speaking about generalities (music, hobbies etc). We closed the bar, and I drove her home. But our date wasn’t over yet!

Her bedroom was in the basement and the kids were sound asleep. We went downstairs and started to neck. Slowly (??–I can’t actually remember if it was slow or fast) we undressed each other and then we made love. It seemed like I had known this woman for my whole life. We played with each other for a couple of hours and then finally went to sleep. It was a long night and very late when we turned out the lights but I remember thinking that it just couldn’t get any better.

On the healing front, my Queen is virtually back to normal. We have had full penetration, though I have to be gentle and my movements can’t be too quick. Still sex is once again happening. At some point soon I hope to be able to test the BestVibe toy and review it. I’m not sure she is up to that yet. However, my review is still to come.

On the chastity front, I’m at 266 days. My Queen is actually at 17 days–which is very unusual for her. But due to a house that is never empty and some illness (flu) we haven’t really had sex this decade yet! We almost did a couple of times but then my son walked in the door. That was an immediate “stop all activity NOW!” So hopefully we will find time to get busy this weekend!


  1. I don’t want to repeat what the others have already said. I always like reading your stories and I know that the two of you are in an amazing relationship. And I am glad that your Queen is recovering nicely.

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  2. That’s so sweet Michael! People always love to hear how we all meet! What a great way to start! A sex show! God! If Rex had taken me to something like that then I would have run a mile from him! lol. I know the type of changing hoops! They’re pretty small though! You know, somehow if a person is the right fit though, don’t you? You two are for sure!

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