Our Chastity Contract—or How We Started—Sort-of

I’ve had a few requests recently on or about our contract. I thought it would be easy to include it in a post, but was surprised to discover this wouldn’t be the case!! It seems the digital document is in the memory of my old computer–the computer where the hard drive died. One of these days I may buy an external memory box and move the memory fro the old computer to the box–thus allowing me to access things again. But at the moment I have no way of accessing those memories.

Then I thought, “what about our hard copy?” So I went exactly where I thought it was–yup, it wasn’t there. So I have been looking and I finally found our signed copy. It isn’t a short document but I will photograph all the pages and post them on here.

I haven’t looked at the contract recently. I’m not sure we follow it anymore in reality. Aspects of it are definitely followed, but I no longer journal and I’m certain there are other things we no longer do.

But this contract allowed me to broach the topic of chastity cages to my Queen. She didn’t have any idea about them before and she had no idea what I was looking for. The detail in this contract allowed her to understand what I was asking for. In effect the contract was our way of opening up a conversation about male chastity and cages. If only for that reason, I have a sentimental appreciation for this piece of paper.

I’d like to give credit to the couple who allowed me this contract–but I have forgotten who they were, and they had used aliases anyways. I also changed the contract to better suit us. I hope you find it useful! Or at least interesting.

The only way I can figure out how to include this contract is to do so as photos added to this post. I’m sorry that there are 18 pages. But hopefully they are readable.

Now I hope this helps. I retyped this from the original I was given, making changes as I went. And while we sort of follow it, in reality it was just the mechanism I used to approach my wife with this idea and also the method of teaching her a little about male chastity and cages. It wasn’t an easy conversation. I was embarrassed!

Good luck to all of you looking to move into this lifestyle. And if you feel you need a contract it can be as simple as two sentences or as complex as this one. Do what feels good and right for you and your partner!!


  1. Wow! Our agreement was very simple compared to yours.All it said was that Mrs. Lion would keep me locked in a chastity device for six months. She agreed to unlock me at least every other day. She would tease me and would let me ejaculate when she decided to let me. We agreed to reevaluate after six months and either continue or end it at that point. That’s it. We made up the rest as we went along.

    Obviously, the agreement was renewed…for life.

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    • Ours was detailed but I felt it necessary at the beginning as my Queen knew nothing about caging a male and the like. This showed her what I fantasied about. And gave her guidelines to follow—if she wished.


  2. I have always been fascinated by contracts couples use. It’s a great insight into the formulation of the dynamic between you and your Queen. HD and I never did a formal contract and some of the rules we had in the beginning have fallen by the wayside now anyway.

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  3. Thanks for sharing the basis for your contract!!! 🙂 I’ve never seen one before. Daddy and i didn’t do a formal contract.

    Just a side thought on chastity devices. My very first day on Fet , a guy in San Francisco (about an hour away) inboxed me asking if I’d hold his key. I had no idea what a chastity device was for men, that they existed or even what it meant to be a key holder. He tried to tell me it’s a totally non sexual role. Being brand new to the kink world and the idea, I said no with no idea what I’d really been asked. A while later, I was in a LDR D/s relationship and happened to mention to my dom. He explained it to me and was quite upset. Not long before Daddy and i left Fet, i was asked again by another guy that was a mutual friend to Daddy and me. It’s actually one of the kinks I have. Perhaps not a full locking device, but certainly penis bondage and the such. It’s an area I played in while I was switching with a partner prior to meeting Daddy. Totally off limits these days as an owned and collared sub. These days, I enjoy reading about it. 😀

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      • I don’t think my partner would compose a contract for us, but I’m sure somewhere down the road, I’ll be in a chastity device. I’ve told Her I would like that eventually. We already have an understanding that I am not allowed to cum without her permission.

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      • Honestly, now I would have a very simple contract! It would say she is the boss and I have to do as I am told. Failure to do as I am told would result in punishment of her choice. She would have total control of Angus and whether I get to orgasm. The words might be more flowery but that would essentially be it. As the “boss”, she could and would be expected to make rules which I would have to follow. Done. A simple contract that would guide us in our journey.

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  4. Wow, that are a lot of pages! So much work must have gone into writing this up and figuring it all out exactly. I never liked the idea of contracts because it seems so formal to me, but it is a great way to open up a conversation that way. My ex and I didn’t do that through a contract but we did have punishment cards and just a set list of rules somewhere, which you know essentially is the same as a contract, just less expansive. So there’s honestly no reason for me to dislike the idea of contracts! This was a very interesting read, thank you for sharing it

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  5. That’s one hell of a contract Michael! I think it’s a great template for any kind of contract between a Dom and a sub.

    I would like to have a simpler but formal contract, especially about the discipline and the punishments. As it is, when I suggest it to my Wife She says that She has no need for it since the rules are very straight forward: I am simply to obey Her, provide all expected services and She will discipline me appropriately when I deserve it. She of course owns my genitals and completely rules our sex life.

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