What Drives My Submission or My Queen’s Super Power!

I’ve read a lot of posts lately where people are talking about things that make them feel submissive; about how they reach sub space! Now I’m coming at this from a male perspective. In my day to day life away from my Queen, I am an alpha male. I run a dept. I am not shy about sharing ideas nor about arguing their merits. The only time I am submissive is when I’m with my Queen. But sometimes coming home from work it may take a bit for me to return to the submissive state. How can/does my Queen help me get there?

For me, the best way to return to the submissive mind space is to perform a service for my Queen! So I will often look to do something for her unbidden by her.  She may say something–really more of a comment to herself, and I will act on it.

If she tells me to do something then I am there! If she asks me to do something I will get there but the process is slower!

And there’s the crux! My Queen is a very nice person. She is kind and generous.  She often feels like a bitch when she is firm or “mean” to me.  So sometimes she asks me to do thing nicely.  I will comply, but I’d rather she was more brusque and demanding.  When she’s in the mood she will be demanding and that really makes me feel submissive.  I am particularly put in the mood if she adds a modicum of embarrassment to the command.  So if she tells me to clean something and then orders me to do it naked I am so “there”…

I get that she doesn’t want to speak to me in such a manner when our families and friends are around.  But I’d love for her to do it more frequently when we’re alone.  I don’t mind if she does it in front of strangers–in fact that would add to my feelings of submission.

Following her rules also helps to put me there.  Getting caught breaking a rule and the assignment and carrying out of the punishments help my submission.  I don’t actually like pain, but strangely, it excites me to know it’s coming from my Queen and it’s because I broke her rules.  I know… Weird!!

So in a nutshell, my submission  is fed by my Queen.  The cage also helps.  Being unable to erect and wearing it at work is a constant reminder of my Queen.  It all comes from her!

On the chastity side of things, we are once again having regular sex.  Yesterday I pounded her without any problem and for the first time since her surgery, she actually squirted.  She actually rode me as well and then rode me using the PalmPower vibrator. After she is completely satisfied (and Kitty was feeling a wee bit tender) she set about teasing me. She decided to use the new toy as well as her hands. She likes me to finish at the very edge… lol

We have a toy from BestVibe to test and review, so yesterday we gave it a try.  Can’t review it yet, but we’ll try it again a few times and then review it.  It is the toy my Queen is using on Angus! I’m now 279 days since my last orgasm (9 months and 4 days).  She seems quite content to let me go a while longer… lol


  1. Hey buddy…. firstly happy new year, you may remember me from my blog journey through a womans heart. Well my laziness got the better of me and I was not regular with blogging,had to deactivate the page too…. but now Im here back again and it took me a long time to search you (I had forgotten the name of your page). Give me a few days and I will go through all your post……..man a lot has happened in your life.

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  2. Hi Michael. Excellent description of how it works for us subby husbands. Hot videos too!

    I am a lot like you in what drives my submissiveness (and also arousal), but your Queen is more open to trying and doing naughty stuff than my Wife.

    Two things that can send my submissiveness (and arousal and horniness) through the roof: when She acts dominantly in presence of two of Her girlfriends or when She orders me sternly to do something and later reprimends me for not doing it well enough (not on purpose) and sends me off to do it again or punishes me in some way.

    I am nowhere near your impressive chastity figures, but my last full orgasm was in early December. Not my choice, obviously. It’s funny how I am now less desperate for release than, say, a month ago, but the denial is always madly frustrating whenever She wants to be fucked instead of eaten or fucked with a vibrator and I have to pull out before I cum.

    Regards, Tom

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  3. HI Michael,
    I can certainly agree to how I wish that my wife would be more demanding. I don’t imagine that most husbands would feel that way!
    However, when she asks me to “do a favor”, I can’t help but think that I would very gladly respond to her telling me to do the same simple thing. I can only dream that she would order me to do things for her in front of certain friends and family.

    One of the ways that we often bridge into submission is for me to kneel before her and remove her shoes when she comes home. I also remove her shoes and socks before going to bed.

    Unfortunately I am not caged, but we do practice orgasm control. I am at two months now, the most I have gone is 3 months. We talked in December about how I would not orgasm until next year and joked about maybe not even for a whole year. I really don’t think she will go that far, but it is a scary/exciting thought.

    I am not desperate to orgasm now and actually would choose to be denied even though my body really wants to cum at the time.

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  4. Those videos! Michael! I understand, sort of, how hard to is to switch from alpha male thinking…what about for your beautiful Queen? She sounds just beautiful as well as looks gorgeous! Maybe it is hard for her too?

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  5. It’s interesting how submissives generally want their partner to be firm with them, and how dominants often feel like they’re a bit too mean. I can relate to how you can be made to feel submissive and I can imagine how your chastity is a constant reminder. Honestly don’t know how you can deal with it for so long!

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  6. Those were amazing video clips! Glad to see your Queen is getting back into the groove of things. I can’t imagine switching between alpha in public to sub at home. I usually keep to myself in public, but at work I tend to want to do everything and end up butting into other people’s work. Enough about me though, you tow have a fantastic dynamic, and I don’t know if I could go that many days, but I’m getting close to the hundred day mark right now.

    I hope I’m not being weird in saying this, but your Queen’s scar is beautiful. I have a thing for scars, so I apologize if that’s going too far. Second thing: I love your cock.

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