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I follow well over two hundred people. I read every post and comment on many of them. There are times when I’m really busy and I fall several days behind but fortunately I usually can catch up in a few weeks at worst.

So I look at my Reader often over the course of the day. If I have 5-10 minutes I may try and catch up on a post. I believe that’s what you should try and do if you’re following someone. Now I’m not trying to tell you to do the same. There is no right nor wrong way to follow someone–it’s just the way I do it. It works for me.

However here’s the rub. I’m missing some people’s posts. They are not appearing in my reader. Or at least that’s the perception. But long ago I discovered something about my own posts–they weren’t always showing in my reader either! I couldn’t figure it out. They were showing on my blog but not in my reader. I follow myself just to ensure my posts are showing properly and I have no issues with them, so why weren’t they showing in my reader?? Here’s the answer.

When you start a post, the day and time is recorded. Now many of us will start a post and perhaps take several days or longer to finish it. This isn’t an issue, as we don’t have deadlines or other considerations with most of our writing. So we take our time and when it’s finished we hit “Post”. The draft disappears and turns up in our feed. We look and it’s all good. After all it shows in our feed.

However I don’t think most of us follow ourselves. So we may not notice that our posts don’t appear to enter our reader.

The truth is that our posts always would enter our stream but they won’t appear when we hit publish necessarily. Instead they will enter our reader at the time and date where we started them. Thus if you start a post on February 1st, but don’t finish it until February 10th and then hit “Publish” it will show up in everyone’s streams back at February 1st. For me that could be 60 or more posts earlier. And once I’ve read all the posts I follow, I don’t go back days later to see if any new posts have turned up.

The secret then is to change the date written before you publish. I usually use my phone to make posts. The last thing I do before publishing is to go into post settings. Once there I go to the publish section. It tells you when you published the post (or rather when you started the post and the date of record for it). Simply adjust this to the current day and time before publishing and it shows up in your stream where you want it. Now no one who follows you will miss your post as it will show up as the most recent post in their streams.

So the point of this post–adjust your date and time before hitting “publish!” And your followers will never have to hunt for your posts!

For those of you following my incredibly high orgasm totals, I am now at 288 days since my last orgasm. My Queen and I were playing a couple of days ago and she told me she wanted me to cum on her ass and then lick it off. But she wanted me to wait until she told me. So here I was dangling on the edge waiting while she asked how long since I had cum. I’m telling her it’s over 9 months and she changes her mind and tells me I may have to wait till my birthday! Still, she wanted me to be as close to cumming as possible. So more teasing of me happened before we stopped but no orgasm for me. We did try the BestVibe toy again. Review to come as soon as we have come to a conclusion about it.


  1. O Michael. Thank you for that technical advice. We will check the date before posting. How do you and your Queen do it? Holding on? When is your birthday…not too far away I hope?
    Your posts and photos bring us right there!
    Love from us 2

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  2. Funny you mention this as it didn’t show up in my reader today 😕. I noticed this when I went from the classic editor to the Gutenberg (block) editor. Every post I have to double check to be sure it shows up. Thanks for putting this out there! ❤️

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    • I hope it helps. I don’t like to miss posts from friends. Now one can always go and visit their streams, but that takes time and effort. And usually it occurs after you realize you haven’t seen any posts from them in a while. Then when you get there, you have a great many to catch up on.

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  3. First of all, I don’t know how you manage to do it, following over 200 people, reading and often commenting on all posts! I barely manage with the ones I follow now!

    Also, I had no idea about this and I’m sure most people don’t, so thank you for sharing it, and figuring it out haha. This also means that scheduling posts kind of doesn’t work then, if you have to change the date when it was created manually on the day. @Wordpress fix this please

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  4. I noticed that a while ago; sometimes, when I have a delayed post, I’ll change the date but most of the time, I just leave it alone; sometimes it’s easier for me to put my own date stamp in the blog if one is hanging out in Drafts for a day or more so that whoever is reading it knows that I picked it up later.

    It doesn’t mean that WordPress is “broken” – it’s just how it’s supposed to behave when a file is being created; every file – post – gets time and date stamped – and unless you change it, no matter when you hit Publish, the original create date and time will be the day you started writing it – not the day you publish it but WordPress does allow you to change that date, schedule a post, etc.. It also keeps track of the date and time when you go back and edit a post that’s already been published.

    As for the Reader, I want you to know that when I got to my reader, I didn’t see this post listed – I came directly to your site so I could write this comment.

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      • Normally, yes. Had I not seen the email about your post, I probably wouldn’t have known that you wrote it and, if anything, that’s the real issue with the reader; I get an email when someone I follow posts something but there are a lot of times when I’ll open WordPress and not see the post it notified me about… until later. Occasionally someone will ask me if I saw their latest post and, nope, didn’t see it, didn’t get the email notifying me of their post.

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      • I find that posts from the people I follow that send emails don’t show in my reader. It’s like the email cancels out the appearance in my reader. I do think there are occasional glitches though.


      • Lots of glitches and I almost expect them given the amount of data being processed by the WordPress servers. Like another glitch I saw: I’m an administrator on another blog, got an email that someone liked a blog on that site but when I went to the site, there was no mention of the “like” anywhere to be found. It’s possible that whoever liked it “unliked” it… but it still should have notified me – on the site itself – that it was liked. Nine out of ten times, when I get the email that someone I follow has posted something, I see it in the Reader but I’ve been victimized by WordPress enough times to know that it can get rather glitchy and the folks running things have no idea why it glitched.

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  5. This is good advice about the date thing.
    I have many bloggers, including u, on email notification. So when i check my email i see if you have posted or not.
    I very much appreciate your interaction with my blog 😉

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  6. We never just publish our posts. We schedule them. I believe that gets over the problem with the readers. Most days, for example, I write the next morning’s post the afternoon before it publishes. I schedule the post for the same time every morning. Some of the stuff I write sits in my draft folder for days and days. However, I always schedule when I’m ready for it to go. You may want to try that.

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  7. Thanks for the reminder. I keep forgetting to hit Publish on my blog posts and by the time I remember, it’s pretty much stale so I leave them in the dashboard. My issue with WordPress right now is that I’m always logged out of browser when I’m on my phone for some reason and so I can’t comment. I can like a post but not comment because none of my sign-in stuff works and by the time I try to remember what password to write down, I figure I’ll wait until I get to my Macbook and comment there.

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