Valentine’s Day or The Middle of the Month!

February is always a busy month for me. So I always fall behind in keeping up with reading those blogs I follow–but I do promise to catch up ASAP.

Valentine’s Day is a special day. Now I love my Queen. I dream and fantasize about her. We share our hopes and plans for the future. We laugh and at times even cry together! I try to show this every day–in effect I try to make every day a bit of Valentine’s Day!

So throughout the year, I will sometimes buy flowers and little gifts, send cards, arrange special time’s–basically just do little things to show her how much I love and appreciate her.

So Valentine’s Day isn’t really super important but I don’t like to miss it. This has been a very long week. I have had some tumultuous days at work. I have worked long hours. So yesterday being Valentine’s Day, and not having had the time to purchase anything earlier in the week, I planned on stopping on my way home to get something for her. I had the best intentions. But I forgot.

Now yesterday I was to have interviewed for my job again. Every three years my job comes up for renewal. At this time virtually anyone can apply for it. Knowing this I submitted my application back in December. The individual I gave my application too indicated it was too early but that she would hold it and give it to my boss at the appropriate time. Wednesday I had gone to speak with my boss about an issue when someone I know left a nearby office. When I greeted this person and asked why they were there, they indicated that they had just finished an interview for my job. I walked them out of the building and then returned to ask my boss why I hadn’t heard about an interview. Apparently the individual to whom I had given my application had forgotten about it and hadn’t submitted it for me. Consequently I wasn’t on the list of interviewees. Thankfully we got that corrected and I was to have been interviewed yesterday (Valentine’s Day). Then some s@*t hit the fan and my boss had to attend to some problem so my interview was postponed until next week. This was late in the day and then I ended up dealing with some problems. When I left work I had forgotten all about my plans. I went home and sat down on the couch. My Queen arrived shortly thereafter and we sat together on the couch. Hours later I realized I had forgotten to purchase anything for her. Angry with myself I could only hope that she hadn’t gotten anything for me–that would make my lapse far more obvious. Of course she had remembered.

So today after dropping her off at work I stopped and picked something up for her. Better late than never but I am angry with myself!

To everyone out there I hope you’ve had a good week. Remember to appreciate your loved ones and to let them know you do! To those of you searching for love, don’t despair. You will find someone.


  1. First things first good luck at your interview. Second I think your love will understand especially with the day you had already had. Me being a SAHM I couldn’t get my husband anything(Because I’m broke) when I normally do so I understand the embarrassment and frustration in yourself because you want to show that love.

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  2. Firstly Happy Valentines’s Day. You are a good man and a good lover. My best wishes always. Hope the job interview goes in your favour, will keep you in my prayers. I’m curious to know what you got your wife and what did she give you ???

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  3. Oh my goodness. – the job thing must have been so stressful for you. It does seem weird that you have to reapply for a job you obviously do well or u would not be doing it. Please keep us informed as to how u get on. And I am sure your queen understood
    May x

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  4. Oof. I can understand feeling disappointed and upset with yourself, but the brain can only process so much at a time, and it tends to focus on the stressors occurring at the time because it wants to find solutions. Forgetting when you’re dealing with that level of frustration is understandable. I think, like the other commenters on here, that you deserve some slack. 🙂 Besides, Valentine’s has become so commercialized anymore, it’s kinda fun to celebrate on a day -other- than the official one. Then it feels more like a celebration of love instead of a celebration of commercialized love (in my experience).

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  5. Good luck on the job interview! That’s such a strange protocol to have to re-interview for the same position every few years, but it’s also been years since I’ve worked for someone. Still, I’d be a nervous wreck.

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  6. Tough job (no pun intended) keeping the job. But honestly, if your boss would be crazy to risk hiring somebody new that if he was at least moderately satisfied with your performance. And I am sure you are more than good at what you do. I hope all goes well for you Michael.

    I managed NOT to forget about the Velentine’s. 🙂

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  7. Aw man, don’t be angry with yourself! This sounds like such a stressful situation and I doubt anyone would have been able to keep their mind with other things. When things like this happen, days and dates just disappear out of mind. You’re taken by the emotions and the moments until they are resolved. Plus, it sounds like you do little special gestures throughout the year but I hope she liked what you picked up for her 😉

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