How Long is a Long Wait? Or Will I Ever Cum Again?

A few nights ago we had sex. My son works most Wednesday’s and doesn’t get home until close to midnight. That frees up some time for us and Wednesday has become a “date night” where we often get to have sex. It’s my Queen’s decision and it doesn’t always happen but it is becoming a more regular thing. So Wednesday night I was allowed to remove the cage just after 7:00. We cuddled and watched a little TV–several episodes of The Ranch on Netflix. Then we went upstairs and watched a couple of episodes of Gigolos on Crave. My Queen likes the eye candy and last night she was tired. She needed help to get in the mood. Me, I’m ready to go at the drop of a hat!! 😂🤣. However fatigue makes it difficult for my Queen to be able to relax enough to actually have sex and enjoy it. After a bit I started to caress her and warm her up. Then I slid down her body and started to use my mouth on Kitty. Angus was standing tall and Kitty was getting very wet. My Queen was starting to enjoy herself. So we had a nice but rather short time together. Somehow a lot of time had gone by and we really didn’t get going till it was almost 10:00. Still she did manage to have an awesome body quivering orgasm that ran on for several minutes. Afterwards while we lay together, she asked me how long I had gone since my last orgasm. I told her it was 299 days and she said my next wouldn’t happen until after my birthday. This would take me over the one year mark between orgasms. Then she said that would set a new record. I spoke up then and reminded her that I had gone 485 days before. She had forgotten and I pointed out that I had been supposed to go 744 days but that she had changed her mind and told me to cum after 485 days. Well she said we may just have to break that record! So I might have to wait a while longer than I had originally thought. Perversely this thought thrills me! In the mean time I will continue to please my Queen whenever I am given the chance. And this is because pleasing her turns me on!!

So as of today it is 302 days since my last orgasm. It may be another seven months before I am allowed to cum! But I will enjoy the journey.


  1. you don’t blog regularly like you used to….. I know life takes over. I impatiently wait for your blogs. I’m glad you enjoyed your date night.

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  2. Yay for a little bit of privacy! Sometimes it’s harder to get in the mood, but it sounds like you did a great job warming her up. 😀
    I can’t imagine going that long without an orgasm, but I know you love being denied. So I guess I should say congratulations on the “threat” to break your record? 😛

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    • I actually thought she wanted that this week. But then she changed her mind. As I said I am of two minds. When she’s edging me I want to cum. But I don’t want to unless she tells me too. So if she says not until your birthday and then she changes her mind I would be disappointed in one way and happy in another. Because I’m psyched up to wait that long. There is no easy answer to that question. Last May, she told me I’d have to wait a year and I’m just over 300 days. So that is a goal I’ve had for awhile. If she changes her mind, then I’ll be sad not to reach my goal and yet happy to orgasm. Does that make sense?


  3. My hat is off Michael. Incredible. Desensitizing cream or not, to keep your cock useful for your wife in spite of frequent teasings and arousals and with absolutely no releases is something, I think, only few can achieve.

    I recently had my first orgasm in 2020, two whole months after the previous one. This was the longest denial so far. When I am denied for so long my penis is more or less useless for fucking. Twice my wife attempted to ride me to her own orgasm during this period and both times she got fed up with all too frequent interruptions of the rythm to prevent the imminent premature ejaculation.

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  4. I find this fascinating. What about wet dreams? I know if I don’t have an orgasm for say a month I will have one in my sleep. And when u are playing with your Queen there must be times when you almost can’t hold back?
    May x

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    • There are definitely times when I’m right at the edge. But I don’t have wet dreams. Don’t think I ever have. I sleep caged almost every night so erections and stimulation isn’t possible. Perhaps that also helps to prevent wet dreams. The edging feels fabulous. And the horniness is really a constant presence in my life. I love that.

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      • Over time, is it just as easy to maintain an erection after released from cage?
        Or are you mostly caged when you give oral to her and intercourse isn’t the norm?
        Keep up the great work!

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  5. I’m not sure if this is too much to ask, but would you be able to say how much oral/penetration a week or month she usually gets?
    If I could get anywhere close to your goal, it would be quite an accomplishment.
    I’m not caged, which I’m not sure if helps or not. And I also wonder if more penetration consistency or less helps last longer. As Tom mentioned above, it can be difficult to last long, especially when she’s on top.
    Any recommendations would be excellent!

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  6. I have not kept track of number of days, but I have just reached my previous record of 3 months since my last orgasm. I totally agree with you that I really want one during sex, but I also don’t want her to allow me to because I want to make my goal. It is very difficult to not orgasm, but fortunately my wife does not orgasm from intercourse so she does not miss out on my account.
    Now that I have reached my goal I don’t know when she may decide to let me cum. Complicating that is the fact that our adult son just moved back in after over a year away. So much for empty nest! I am rather disappointed about this as I really was enjoying the freedom to do what we want whenever we want.
    My wife and I have joked about me not cumming for a year, but I don’t know if that is likely or if I would even want to, kind of scary thought! At my age I worry that if I go that long without we may just never have me cum again as I fade into the sunset.

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    • I use an app for keeping track of days, weeks months or years. It counts down or up. Useful for other things too.
      I know what you mean about empty nest syndrome though. That freedom is intoxicating. We are almost there.


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