COVID19–A World In Change

I hope you all are safe. We live in scary times. This pandemic has the world on edge. The markets are down, people are panic buying merchandise, all sorts of work places and events have been cancelled. Life is indeed changing right before our eyes. The other day my wife, daughter and myself watched Contagion. The aspect that struck me is the fear that the movie chronicled. Many of the issues we are facing today are due to people’s response to their fears.

I suspect it is too late to stop this virus. And any vaccine will take time to find and then manufacture. So people will get sick and some will die. It is scary.

That being said, I refuse to panic buy. I haven’t gone out and purchased years worth of toilet paper or pasta. I haven’t bought any more groceries than we would use in a week. I remain pleasant when dealing with fellow customers and salespeople.

My job has told me to work from home. My daughter’s job has closed. Many businesses have closed–all restaurants and bars amongst them. My gym closed this morning while I was in mid-workout. There were only six of us there. So we were practicing social distancing perfectly. But no more gym in the foreseeable future. My wife has two jobs. In the one she works from home. She used to go in two days each week, but that has stopped. Now she is at home all four days. In her other job, she now wears safety equipment as she is in contact with the public.

My investments are down 25-30%. It likely is a good time to invest as eventually they should recover to where they were thus a dollar invested today could soon be worth $1.30 which is a pretty good return.

My sister and her family are in self-isolation. So all the running around for my father has fallen on my shoulders. Were he to develop this virus, I’m certain it would be fatal. So as much as I can, I’m hoping to keep him from interacting with others.

My Queen has suggested that the experts suggest we should sleep in separate beds and that we should avoid sex. She hasn’t made me move out of the bed, but who knows what the future holds. As to sex? I will also be interested whenever she desires and that isn’t a change from where we are now! I just hope she doesn’t listen to the experts too much!

Practice social distancing. Clean your door knobs, steering wheels, and gear shifters. Wash your hands thoroughly–particularly after you’ve been out and about. Try not to touch your face! And most importantly, don’t give into fear!

On my chastity front, I am currently at 326 days since orgasm. So I am approaching a year of denial again.

This post is mostly me just rambling because of this moment. It’s historical but I’m hoping we all live to tell the tale. Stay safe everyone!


  1. I am going to pretend that I didn’t read the part about the separate beds and no sex. Surely that can’t be good for mental health? Lol. I like you message – don’t give in to the fear. I am trying 😊

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  2. Good luck to you and your family!

    My mom is 70 with high blood pressure so she’s staying home as much as she can, and when she does go out she takes her own bleach wipes and cleans everything, even the items she’s purchasing. My sister has diabetes which makes her more vulnerable, and she’s doing the same thing. HD is concerned about possibly spreading something to me (despite not having any symptoms) because he came home from a high risk area, so we are sleeping in separate bed and having no physical contact. I sanitize the surfaces after he uses them and before I do, just in case. It’s been awful. But I know he would never forgive himself if I got sick, so I am trying not to be -too- petulant.

    Stay safe!

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    • My father is almost 90. He recently fell and has been several months in hospital/care. He was just discharged last week but is far less mobile than he was. Hopefully he will regain his mobility and full autonomy. But we are thinking it might be time for him to move into an assisted care facility.
      You and HD are smart though I get the regret and dislike of the situation. But better safe than sorry! People with diabetes and high blood pressure are often on meds that are ACE2 inhibitors. For whatever reason, this virus seems to target those individuals more easily and more virulently. I take such medication myself. If I begin to feel symptoms, I am planning to cease taking my meds. I don’t need to help the disease. Thank you for tour good wishes. They are returned to you.

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      • Oh wow, that is dangerous. HD’s grandmother is 96 and lives in an assisted facility, she loves it. She has a little apartment and (pre-Covid-19) rides the bus to the shopping center nearby.

        The main issue with HD and I being so separated is the fertility treatment. The doc said it’s up to us, but since I have already been taking the meds this month, it doesn’t make sense to waste the opportunity. Except that HD is worried that I will get sick even though he doesn’t have any symptoms. Plus he’s only home for 17 days, so if we avoid contact for 14, we only have three where we can touch. Rinse and repeat each month until this thing is contained.

        I don’t know if Mom can go off her meds or not, but she’s being ultra careful so hopefully she won’t have to make a choice like that. It’s scary! I’m glad you have a plan in place in case you do come down with something.

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      • It’s likely not in my best interest to quit them, but I think I can get away without them for a couple of weeks! I would likely risk the fertility efforts. If only because I’d spent money and time for this opportunity. Good luck!

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  3. Watched Contagion on Sunday. It was like watching the news. You’re right, some will be fine some will die but it’s nature. This is just faster from what we are used too. We have not panicked and stock piled. A part of me worries about my beloved & Mr Sam, both have lung issues. I don’t wanna give into the hype & panic. I just wanna live my life. 😎

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  4. Scary time, that’s for sure! I remember seeing Contagion the first time and thought it looked just like the documentary I saw that tracked Patient O from the time of SARS or bird flu to a flight attendant and it followed her journey until she died from pneumonia. I watched it again and it’s eerie to see similarities now with the public in response to coronavirus.

    The kid and I are stuck at home now. He’s got at least 5 weeks off from school and Day 2 (today) he was already feeling cooped up. I have to stay home because I’m pre-diabetic and have hypertension and my childhood asthma returned a few years ago so I’m taking meds for that, too.

    On the topic of sex during the time of coronavirus, they say you need to be 6 feet away from the other person so some positions should work still 🙂

    Hubby and I are already sleeping on separate beds because he came home with the flu last Friday and the kid and I aren’t taking any chances. Of course, now I share the other bed with the kid and I have to be careful of those karate chops that come out of nowhere in the middle of the night. Heck, even my dog fights for his spot on the bed between my and the kid’s legs and hubby is already feeling isolated by himself in the king-sized bed LOL

    I should start a journal. Seriously. Or maybe I should just write that reverse harem story like I told myself I would!

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    • First things first—do the reverse harem story!! lol. You are likely taking ACE 2 inhibitors. For whatever reason the virus targets those people taking that class of drugs and give much more trouble to them. You might want to see if there is anything out there you can take that isn’t an ACE2 inhibitor.
      Stay healthy Liz. And enjoy this time with your son. I know it will be trying at times, but memories can be made at this time.

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      • Crap! You’re right! I am taking an ACE2 inhibitor. I completely forgot about that and my client last week whom I’ve been seeing for 20 years is on the same meds too but he’s older than me. That’s why he was probably more nervous than I was with his weekly massage and rightly so. I don’t see my doctor until next week and will see what she can do.

        LilDude is so far doing okay. Tomorrow I take the guitar from the garage and we’ll learn the guitar LOL Today it was the harmonica and the day before, the recorder.

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  5. It’s the similar situation here too (Mumbai, India) Panic buying everywhere, I too choose to stay normal. My gym too is closed and since two days I’ve been lazy and haven’t exercise but your statement ‘no more gym in the foreseeable hit me hard and I’m going to start exercising from home the first thing tomorrow morning. Stay safe friend. Love and Peace.

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  6. I don’t know how sleeping in separate beds will work if you live together anyway, I’d want to have that closeness to someone when I can’t interact with others. Stay safe all of you.

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