Content Warnings

In the past month or so, a lot has been written about content warnings. This is something I’ve never done. I guess I never thought anything I’d written would need one. Now I believe that may show my naivety or even arrogance.

So I’m going to start including warnings. I may need help to do it properly so feel free to let me know if I haven’t done it well. I would hate to trigger a reader and send them to a bad place. There is enough of that happening in this world already.

I find the blogging world mostly a safe place. With the exception of the occasional hater, most people are supportive of each other. And this is how it should be!

Life is hard enough without trusting and becoming as vulnerable as we can be only to be attacked by others, or reading something that takes us to a place we are desperately trying never to revisit.

If I have ever triggered you in the past, please accept my apologies. I will try to do better moving forward. Stay well everyone!


  1. I can honestly say I have never felt you needed a warning on your posts but there have been times your posts have triggered a nightmare or two. That is nothing to do with your writing but my own issues. Unfortunately what triggers my nightmares most people find “hot”.

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  2. I’ve rarely put any content warnings on any blogs I’ve kept up on, but I guess it’s getting to the point where any sites that allowed any and all content are beginning to purge the accounts that would be NSFW. It’s kind of unfair if you ask me, as these sites serve a safe space where we can speak our minds about whatever topics we choose, however we want to do it also. Sharing intimate pictures and moments of ourselves that would not be seen in a more public page is kind of what the idea is here, and with other sites as well. I understand that there are people who explore these sites who may not be of legal age, so I understand the reasons to take proper precautions. I should probably do the same thing.

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  3. I put a content warning on the upper right of my pages. I’m not sure how important it is. By now, all of the automated nannies know I have an adult site. I don’t think it hurts to put one on each site.

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    • I think one of the disadvantages of the content warning being on another panel of your site is that it may be not visible on mobile displays since they show the content right away on the screen.

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  4. I’m lost. I haven’t seen anything that would warrant a trigger warning considering your blog is pretty specific about its content as it is. The only thing I have to watch out for is when I’m going through my subscribed blogs while my family is up and about behind me LOL

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      • It’s tough these days because it seems that everything can be triggering which leads people to police themselves and what they want to say. I admit I’ve been triggered by some things I read online (not your blog) and I step away when that happens. I do appreciate how mindful you are about it though. Not a lot of people are.

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  5. When we write about something it is often not even close to triggering us otherwise we wouldn’t write about it, so then it becomes wasy to forget about a trigger warning unless we are aware of trigger warnings in the first place. All we can do is learn as I’m sure no one actively wants to upset anyone. But I don’t think I e ever came across a post of yours that needed one!

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  6. Well, I’m a total novice Michael. But I have never had a problem. In fact I find your posts disarmingly honest and quite lovely and tasteful. Please dont change a thing for me!

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