BestVibe Product Review!

This post is a review of a toy sent to me for the express purpose of reviewing. My thoughts are mine and my Queen’s and are not influenced by BestVibe. They are our honest feelings about this toy. We have not been paid for this review–though the toy was provided free of charge.

Last September I was contacted by someone from BestVibe about reviewing one of their products. We emailed back and forth a bit and I indicated that my Beloved was due to have an hysterectomy. So I was told to choose an item and that I could review it when she healed. I went through their catalog and saw several toys we might enjoy together. She was very busy trying to get ahead at work so the the lay-off from work wouldn’t put her too far behind. We decided to wait until post surgery to pick our toy.

I guess that was too slow a progression as I received an email asking if the toy had arrived. What toy? I thought. Turns out the BestVibe person had tired of waiting for me to make a selection and had sent me a toy. It actually took a while to arrive, but eventually a small box was delivered to our door.

I’m not exactly sure what to call this but I think it is a finger vibrator. So this toy was here but my Queen has her hysterectomy and play was really not possible for a time. I mean she teased me and edged me, but she wasn’t really able to enjoy sex herself. Now things are a little better. I still have to be careful with penetration. And my movements might have to be cautious at first but we are having sex again. So it was time to test out this toy.

This toy is a waterproof toy made of silicon. There is ease of operation in that there is only one switch on it. There are seven modes of vibration that cycle through on each successive press of the switch. The first three are increasing speeds of vibration and then different patterns of vibration start.

To our test: my Queen was warmed up when we tested this device. She had had a few orgasms and was well lubed. I took care to live the toy well and then gently inserted the vibrating bulb into her Kitty. We went through the various vibration patterns and I tried stroking her by moving it gently in and out of her. The other portion rested on her clit but did nothing for her. The vibrations did not reach that part of the toy. The only way we had success was when I started to perform orally on her with the vibration going on inside of her. With the aid of my mouth on her clit she was able to orgasm. The toy alone did nothing for her. Then she decided to try the toy on me.

By this time I had been edged several times and the toy along with her lubed hand felt great. Still ultimately this isn’t a toy that we will use often–if again. Other toys we use do the same job much better.

Bestvibe website:Bestvibe

Also service at Bestvibe: Service

Their catalog has some great product and I’ve been told if you use the code bestvibe20 you will get a 20% discount.


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