Doggy Tricks Anyone?? Or Ruff Ruff

Content warning: The following contains graphic sexual images and sexual humiliation. It is NSFW!

I was thinking the other day. It’s been over four years now since I started wearing the cage. In truth the first year or so it was sporadic wear. Then I finally worked up the courage to speak with my wife and we did a trial run of several months. Then we took a break for about three months before we started again and it’s been constant since then. And so it’s almost been four years of constant wear. Before the cage, my Queen would dominate me every few months or so for an entire weekend. These were weekends where our children were at their other parent’s homes. We had the place to ourself. Sometimes my Queen would treat me as a dog. To that end I purchased a couple of large dog dishes for food and water consumption. I don’t think they’ve been used in the past four years but it is possible my memory is faulty. There is something about the humiliation of being forced to eat like a dog and all that is associated with this that turns me on.

So I’m not sure what happened the other week. It’s actually more than two weeks ago now as we haven’t had any time to ourselves since then. At any rate my Queen told me to get my leash and collar. Then she added that I was to get the dog bowls (I keep them hidden and as we don’t have dogs–it would be kind of hard to explain why we have them…). I was also to remain nude. We had played just before this and as usual my Queen had orgasms while I did not. She also

didn’t make me recage afterwards–at least not immediately! lol

So there I was coming downstairs wearing a collar and leash (it was cool so she allowed me to wear my robe initially) but when I sat down on the couch, she had me sit on the robe and then sat beside me playing with Angus. He was willing and stood tall for her. After all he had just been edged over and over again upstairs. So she brought me to the edge yet again, and then said she was hungry. So was I, as it was lunchtime and I had worked hard to please her. So we went into the kitchen. She carried my robe and walked me into the kitchen pulling on and guiding me with the leash, using it to direct me (I was on all fours). Once in the kitchen she put the robe on the floor and told me to use it for padding (knee protection). She asked what I wanted to eat giving me a few choices. One was our left over spaghetti and that is what I chose. Eating from a dog dish is much harder than you might guess. Drinking is harder still. I figured that spaghetti would be the easier meal.

Here I am with my water and lunch. My Queen put a few ice cubes in my water to help keep it cool and the spaghetti has been cut into smaller pieces. Angus is still somewhat excited though no longer fully erect. I’m also showing my winter fat!

So eating out of a dog bowl requires one to put their face fully into the bowl. It isn’t the cleanest or easiest way to eat but I now can sympathize with dogs. It requires work.

The day was pretty well perfect at that point although shortly thereafter my third daughter called to say she was coming over as her work had closed due to the corona virus. So our play had to stop and I had to get dressed. She’s been with us ever since, but it’s all good!! We aren’t complaining.

On the chastity front I’m now at 336 days since orgasm. What is more interesting is my Queen’s numbers: yesterday she was at 18 days since orgasm. This is a very long time for her and she was feeling frisky. In this time frame, she had teased me several times and had also gifted me with her golden nectar. But we hadn’t had any opportunity for sex with one or both of the kids constantly around. However yesterday we had a small amount of time when both kids were out and she decided we would play. So she orgasmed yesterday!

Another recent development is the closure of our gym. So our rules say I come out of the cage to go to the gym. But as our gym closed its doors on March 16th, I’d been caged nonstop ever since–which is a full ten days. We hadn’t had the opportunity to get busy so there had been no reason for me to be uncaged. That of course changed yesterday when we squeezed in our play. I’m back in the cage. But I did have that small break from it. Still it’s a good thing I’m in a Jailbird. It is easy to clean Angus well and effectively in this cage.

Stay well everyone. Practice your physical distancing.


  1. Wow – that looked kinky as hell and hot as hell too lol – Glad u both well. I must say I have not been feeling too frisky with this lock down – i think i suffer with not being able to freely go out

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    • I believe we all are much better when we are able to interact with others. I was surprised yesterday when my Queen called me over to her desk and spun her chair showing me that her pants were around her ankles. The smile on my face as I dropped to my knees was proof positive how much I wanted to please her. After a bit she said we were done and then asked to see Angus—who was trying desperately to straighten and stretch the cage. Perhaps later she said. I went upstairs and a moment later she joined me and took my pants off. She unlocked Angus and we had a wonderful quickie! It was marvellous though I did have to update this post! lol. Connecting with each other this way helps to deal with the stress of Covid19. Stay well!

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    • Here is a lot of will power and some squirming. I also do use desensitizer when I know teasing or sex is coming. That isn’t all the time but whenever I can. The desensitizer helps a great deal. But really it boils down to hard work. Because even with the desensitizer I feel her touch and hear her words and get mightily turned on. I struggle to obey her and avoid coming. When I get really close I try and get away from her touch. lol But that only helps a little.


      • But that can lead to accidents. How do you have such a flawless record. As you said that sometimes you reach too close and she still doesn’t stop.

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      • I pull away and she will eventually stop. We haven’t had any accidents in over a year. My last ruined orgasm was an accident that happened before this latest streak. Accidents can usually be avoided. As I said the delay spray really helps. But determination and an unwillingness to break her rule are the biggest thing. When I pull away it stops the stimulation and gives me a brief chance to partially recover. She does pursue me and I continue to try and pull away. Eventually she stops but I’m right at the edge. Then she might start again after I’ve recovered for a bit and then the dance goes on.


      • I would likely masturbate—maybe not right away, but eventually. The cage is my commitment to my Queen and her needs. I can never forget about her. The cage is always there. I like how she controls my erections and orgasms. That is a turn on for me. Her control is what I crave.


    • That’s exactly the question I was going to ask! God! Rex cannot last very long when we are just playing like that…nor can I to tell the truth!

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      • Numbing cream and will power. That’s truthfully all that I use. I used to use extensions— something you wear over a cock. It would make me much bigger and help to dull the feelings, it I haven’t used one in well over a year.


  2. I’ve been kinda curious about pet play but also hesitant. Not sure why though.
    I’m glad you were able to get some play time. It’s super important to connect like that, especially in times of high stress (like now).

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  3. I can’t say having a man eat and drink from dog bowls is a kink of mine, but it looks like you guys had an absolute blast! 🙂 Especially when your Queen was getting you to finish off your lunch, she sounded like she was having a great time! xD Hope you guys are well and keeping safe xx

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  4. I love that you including videos and pics!
    I totally get it. I think if I were made to do this, eat out of dog dishes, I would be mortified. And deeply turned on.
    I also get it from your Queens perspective. How amusing and empowering!
    Thank you for sharing, my friend 🙂

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  5. Does it stop having its effect when you wear the cage for that long? Like does it just become normal and mundane? For me, no longer wearing panties eventually just became normal and something I liked and didn’t think twice about anymore.

    Also, I’ve always wanted to see how it feels to be treated as a dog like you describe here. I’m so happy you got to enjoy that for a little bit, haha. Can only imagine how messy it is to try and eat spaghetti from a bowl. I feel like I would just not be hungry anymore just bc of the idea lol

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    • It still has its effect. When I get excited, I feel the compression and I like it. It is messy eating anything from a dog dish. My Queen did take a pic of my face afterwards but no real way to show it and retain anonymity. lol

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