Book Matters—Non-fiction Choices (Plus Chastity Update)

So this is my second post dealing with Book Matters a meme set up and run by the delightful May Moore. Most of what I read is fiction but I do step into the world of non-fiction on occasion. Currently I’m reading the definitive book on Dr. Josef Mengele. But I can’t suggest a book I haven’t yet finished. So I’ve chosen three books that are non-fiction. Each is as far removed from the others as I think is possible.

So the first book is an historical book–really well researched and laid out in easily readable format. The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich: A History of Nazi Germany by William L. Shirer was published about sixty years ago. It is over 1000 pages of small print that is a complete and well thought out examination of the Second World War. Shirer had watched and reported on the Nazis since 1925. He spent years after the war going through the mounds of documentation and speaking to survivors to get the true story of what transpired in that dark time in history. I likely will not read this again though I have read it twice. I am always struck by the facts presented. It seems that barring arrogance Hitler might very well have won this war. But I’m awfully glad he didn’t.

Reay Tannahill wrote Sex in History which was published in 1980. I’ve only read this once, but it has some truly entertaining facts about sex! Publishers Weekly is quoted as saying “A consistently entertaining exploration of human sexuality. A milestone in the literature on sexuality.”

This book isn’t pornography and really isn’t erotic at all. Rather it’s a history of sexuality from prehistoric times to the present day. It covers the entire world–from prehistoric times to Ancient Greece and Rome, to China and India. It covers the Islamic world and then Europe to the present. It really is intriguing how sexuality developed.

My final choice is a memoir. Every Living Thing is written by James Herriot an English veterinarian. He has written 5 books of memoirs and they are so uplifting and interesting that a television series was produced by the BBC. The television series was called “All Creatures Great and Small”.

At any rate this country English vet has a great sense of humour and a knack for finding unique viewpoints. This book (and the four earlier memoirs) will give you joy and peace. Reading it you will go through the entire gamut of human emotions but you will always feel better for reading it when you stop. This is feel good reading!!

On the chastity front, my Queen and I have found some time to play. It’s difficult but usually once a week there is a small amount of time where both children are out doing their essential jobs and if our jobs don’t involve virtual meetings we can spend a few minutes together. To that end, I’m to remove the cage on that day so that my Queen can easily take advantage of me, should both our work situations allow it. Other than that 60 minutes or so, I’m caged 24/7.

I’m now at 343 days since orgasm. It looks certain that I will make a full year. The question is whether I go past it. But my Queen isn’t telling.


  1. I am thrilled you have written another for BookMatters and I will link it for you. Great choices. I too am very interested in ww2 history and also I am a huge fan of James Harriot
    Glad u getting some play 😉

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  2. Interesting choices. I would say that I don’t read much non fiction but actually when I read others’ recommendations it reminds me of books which have had an impact on me. 😊

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  3. I was interested in your diverse selection – I myself have Reay Tannahill’s book, but have only dipped into it in places, so perhaps not fair to act as if I’m too familiar with it! I mostly read for escape / pleasure but I do like the sound of J Herriott’s book, thanks for sharing.

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    • His books leave one feeling so positive—and the TV show was great as well. Very low key and with absolutely no special effects. Worth watching if you can find it.
      All Things Bright and Beautiful
      All Creatures Great and Small
      All Things Wise and Wonderful
      The Lord God Made Them All
      Every Living Thing

      These are the names of the 5 books published in North America. In England smaller volumes with different titles were published but over here, books were combined and republished under the titles above.
      I recommend them highly. Particularly at this time when doom and gloom is so prevalent. Thank you for visiting. Stay safe and well!

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      • Hi Michael, I did read All Creatures … when I was very young and thinking I wanted to become a vet. The TV show was regular saturday night viewing. Thanks for sharing.

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  4. I read the shirier book back in highschool(homeschooling made me feel a severe lack of historical knowledge so I endeavored to personally catch up). It was very fascinating. I don’t know what happened but I was unanticipated by its size but now the thought of picking up a book that big scares me. 🤣

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