500! It’s A Big Number! Thank You!

So yesterday I finally reached 500 WordPress followers. When you consider those who follow me by email, I actually have 540 followers.

It’s humbling and also very cool! I’ve been blogging for about 4 years. I’m not nearly as prolific as many other bloggers. I’m likely averaging about 5 posts a month–this one is my 223rd post. A few weeks ago, I set a new high on views for the day with 2932 views. No rhyme nor reason for that. I probably average about 1000 views a day. But every so often there will be a spike. The previous spike was about 15 months ago when I had 2700 views.

It’s also interesting how male chastity and orgasm denial seems to be coming ever more popular. It is far more mainstream now than it was four or five years ago! I have no idea how many types of cages there are, but there seems to be hundreds of them. I’ve actually seen cages that cost upwards of $2000 dollars. I couldn’t even dream of getting one of those, but it’s nice to think Bill Gates could afford his special cage if he wanted!

Chastity Stats: As of today I’m 349 days since my last orgasm. My Queen is at 3 days. But it’s tricky these days with everyone staying home as much as possible. For instance today she was feeling frisky, but my son didn’t have to work. So while I was excited to have time with my Queen, it just didn’t happen.

At any rate this post is really to thank you for reading my blog. And for those of you who like my posts or who go the extra mile and comment on them, I very much appreciate you. Stay well and safe everyone and thanks for the visit!


  1. Wow, congrats!!!!! That’s amazing!!!

    And I personally find orgasm denial extremely stimulating. My favorite kind of porn…other than forced orgasm with the cage on.

    Wow, 349 days. That is dedication right there! I can imagine the giant load you will release when you are finally allowed to cum.

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      • I think it crosses both\all genders, but I do think it is handled differently with different genders and different doms. There’s groups devoted specifically and only to women on fetlife. Caging is easier with males, but I have seen some beautiful piercings for females that are designed for chastity. It just gets a bit more complicated that way. LOL. With women it is sometimes called edging, but it is the same in the end. Are you on fetlife? If you are over there, or decide to drift over there, look me up (hisminnie1). There’s a lot by way of links, photos, groups…

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  2. Wow, congratulations on so many followers! That’s amazing!
    Pity you haven’t had any alone time. Hopefully this pandemic will end soon and everything will get back on track. How is your Queen handling the lack of privacy and play?

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  3. For the last two Saturdays, I’ve had over 5000 page views. This is very unusual. My normal is about 3000 per day. Looking back over my web statistics I haven’t observed spikes like this before. The fact that they are occurring on Saturday is pretty weird. In the past, I have had spikes when Google changed its search algorithm. Spikes lasted for a week or two and then readership dropped back to the normal, expected size. I can’t explain it. Apparently, you are having the same sort of experience. These are challenging times for being a blogger.

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