Woo Hoo! Twice In One Weekend !

For the first time since Family Day in February, my Queen has had a day off–in fact two days off! When you work two jobs, day offs become a rarity. These days off are because of Easter but also because of Covid19. Her place of employment is usually open on Good Friday. This year they closed since they realized they would be swarmed as the only open grocery store. So she’s had two days off. And the gym is closed. And every other store has been closed on these two days… so what’s a couple to do?

Now as you all know, I’m caged 24/7. Unless my Queen has a use for Angus or I’m at the gym! Since the gym has been closed for over three weeks, it has only been if she wants to use Angus and only if the two kids aren’t around. They seem to be always around!

And more often than not, I awake before my Queen! So on Friday, morning I saw an opportunity! While my Queen will take the key with her is she goes out and leaves me alone and while sometimes the key is hidden when we are both home, often now, she leaves the key out so I know where it is and can access it. So Friday morning I got the key and unlocked Angus. I was risking punishment, but thought that if she awoke feeling frisky, the fact that Angus was free and available might translate into some play–and since I’m almost at a year without orgasm, I am a touch on the horny side! lol

So I unlocked and prepared for potential sexual activity. Then while lying in bed beside my Queen I did some catchup reading of the blogs I follow! At some point she rolled over onto her side. Her naked back was towards me and I started to gently stroke her back. All the way from her thighs to her neck. Slowly she came awake–it took perhaps 30 minutes or more. However once she was awake she was frisky. Finding Angus erect and uncaged, she turned to face me and we had a delightful start to our day. Angus was able to reacquaint himself with Kitty and my Queen had a couple of nice orgasms. An added bonus, she allowed me to go down on her! This is unusual when she wakes up. Usually she won’t allow this as she believes she doesn’t smell or taste good. Usually she wants me to wait till after she has had a shower. But not Friday! And I was in heaven! I love her taste and smell. And I so enjoy giving her pleasure in this way. I’m often unable to determine what I love more–penetration or using my mouth!

As an added bonus, I wasn’t punished but was told it was good anticipation of her needs. Knowing that Sunday was another such day, I planned the same thing, but as we went to bed Saturday night, she told me to uncage. So I slept completely naked. Again this morning I awoke before my Queen and once again prepared for activity! Would my Queen be horny again? I could only hope. The beauty of life came clear as she rolled towards me and an erect Angus! So we played again this morning. And once again she had a couple of orgasms. Unfortunately this morning I wasn’t allowed to go down on her. But I still had fun. It’s a wonderful way to start a day!

So today, Easter Sunday, I am at 352 days since orgasm. A year is barely a heartbeat away! Will my Queen make me set a new record? If so, then it is likely going to be the end of August before I cum. But she may decide an orgasm prior to then would be nice. She does love to watch me cum and then watch me lap it all up!

Stay well everyone!


  1. Yay! I am glad you guys had some intimate time together. 🙂 Jeez almost a year! And here I am complaining about a few weeks (potentially). Hopefully you won’t have to set a record though!

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