Forgotten Books I’ve Enjoyed—or The Catch Up Week!

So this is the fourth week of the meme run by May Moore. Originally I was only going to participate in the first week and yet here I am doing my fourth post for this meme.

I read a lot. Whether it’s reading for work, reading and responding to blogs I follow, or reading for pleasure, I likely spend at least a couple of hours each day reading something. So as this is the catch up week, I’m going to mention some fiction, along with one biography and one autobiography.

So while I have stated in this blog that I read mainly thrillers, I really haven’t highlighted any for this reading meme.

A series I have really enjoyed is Stieg Larsson’s Millennium Series. There are currently 6 books on that series. The first three were written by Stieg Larsson, who then had the misfortune to die of a heart attack. In fact though he wrote the first three books, he planned to write 10, and none were published until after his death. The second 3 were written by David Lagercrantz. Rumours abound that the sixth book is going to be the last. However I somehow hope Lagercrantz will continue onwards. The titles are as follows: The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, The Girl Who Played With Fire, The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest, The Girl in the Spider’s Web, The Girl Who Takes an Eye for an Eye, and finally, The Girl Who Loved Twice. The protagonist in these stories is a young girl who has had a rough life. She is a genius and is very tough. As heroines go, she is multilayered and highly intriguing. Perhaps one of the most compelling characters we’ve ever seen in fiction or reality. If you like thrillers you owe it to yourself to check this series out. The fourth book–Lagerkrantz’s first is the weakest of the bunch. However he managed to find his rhythm and the fifth and sixth books do not disappoint.

The next book I’d like to highlight is called A Lucky Child. It is an autobiography written by Thomas Burtgenthal. Thomas was a Polish Jew and was forced into a Jewish ghetto at the age of six. After his tenth birthday, he was put on a train to Auschwitz and separated from his family. Somehow he managed to survive often because he was bright. He also managed to survive the Death March near the end of the war. This is his story and it is powerful, thought provoking and inspirational. While in the camps without any support he met many people who despite their difficult situation showed him kindness. He met a Norwegian man named Odd Nansen who befriended him and helped look out for him. Nansen wasn’t Jewish, but he vigorously fought the Nazi ideology and earned himself a spot in Auschwitz. Odd Nansen was one of the founding members of UNICEF after the war. He published his diary that was written in the camps he was held in after the war. It was published in Norwegian but a small number of English translations were also published. I wanted to read his diaries and hunted for them after finishing this book. It took over a year but I finally was given a copy from some university thousand of miles away. They gave me 5 days to read it. So I photocopied it at work and have my own copy. I had to stay at work for a couple of hours after the day was done to do it.

Perhaps more powerful than any other book I’ve read on the Holocaust, A Lucky Child is must reading.

The final book is like to highlight has been on my shelves once the early eighties. The Life of Mahatma Ghandhi by Louis Fischer is considered the pre-eminent biography of this extraordinary man. Fischer was a superb historian and also a good friend of Ghandhi’s. This tells Ghandhi’s story in a way that crosses any divides. I purchased my copy within days of seeing the movie Ghandhi at the theatre. That movie was incredibly well done and is very much worth watching. But it is a movie. This book really tells the entire story.

Again I thank May Moore for this meme. It has been fun to do. I certainly think these books are worth a read.

On the chastity front, I’ve had a lot of sex recently. My children have been cooperative by sleeping late and working lots of hours. So we’ve had numerous times when we could play. They may not have been long times but 30-45 minutes is definitely enough time to enjoy each other. My horniness is at a definite peak. And my days since orgasm are now at 357. Hell its only a week till I reach a year. But when she does tell me to cum, there will be a lot of fluid released… of that I’m sure.

Stay well everyone and make sure you take some time each day for yourself. In these days, we have to watch out for our mental as well as our physical health.


  1. Ore great suggestions for my list. I need to get reading. I enjoyed the first three dragon tattoo books but haven’t read the others. I really enjoyed the, though so thank you for the reminder 😊

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  2. I love hearing about the books you read 😊 I read the first chapter of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo a few years ago but never got round to reading the rest. I’ve still got it so I’ll have to pick it up after I’ve got through some of my others 😊 Hope you’re well xx

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  3. I will link this up for u 😉
    I didn’t realise the Stieg Larsson series had so many books . I have never read any but know plenty of people who loved the first one.
    I think I would be very interested to read a lucky child – and its seems you were very lucky to get to read it.
    TY for supporting the book meme – I will be doing a summary post in a few weeks – not sure how it will work yet but there will be one.
    Stay Safe Michael

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  4. I had a hard time getting through the first of Steig Larsen’s series… The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo – while, overall, a compelling mystery/thriller – was difficult for me to stomach because of the… I dunno, glorification(?) [and overtly-detailed descriptions!]… Of sexual violence.

    So I would just caution anyone who is considering reading that book (or the remaining series) – especially anyone who has been a victim of sexual abuse or assault – to consider their mental health, because it could be triggering.

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    • You raise a valid point. It’s years since I read that book and I only read it once. But there are some very graphic scenes in it. If you’ve seen any of the movies, just remember they tone down all the sex and all the violence. And they’re still rated R. Stay well.


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