Exhibitionism—Do I Qualify As An Exhibititionist?

This post talks about exhibitionism and public nudity.

So the short answer has to be yes! I recently read a post by Marie Rebel about exhibitionism. It was written back in 2013 and I found it to be a great post. In it she talked about the different types of exhibitionism and whether she had ever done that particular type. It turned out she had done most of the types she mentioned. At any rate she has inspired this post–otherwise known as the long answer! Incidentally she has a wonderful blog and I highly encourage you to check it out (Marie’s Blog:  Rebel’s Notes).

So I’ve wandered into my memory. And going way back… waaayy back…  I can remember being something of an exhibitionist as a child. I must have been 5 years old. My best friend was a little girl across the street. I convinced her to show me her bum. And I of course showed her mine. Bums were the thing at that age! Later I had her bring a bunch of our friends into my building and I came down the stairs towards the door with my pants around my ankles. Yup definitely was into self display! There was a kid on our street who moved shortly after this. But when we were 6, he must have been 5. He had no shame. I remember him lying naked on our front porch (just in front of our front door) and my best friend and several other girls were crowded around him while I stood behind them watching them as they “played with him”. This went on for a few minutes until my mother appeared. Everyone scattered except me–I once again learned the value of a wooden spoon! When I was 10-12, I loved going out to the woods and stripping down. I had a collection of dirty magazines that I had rescued from garbages. You see I delivered papers early in the morning. So as I was walking down streets before most of the world got up, I would see things in people’s garbage and keep them if they were nixie magazines.

A friend had a pool, and we would sometimes skinny dip! But only if there were no parents around. He’s the only guy I ever masturbated in front of. But my big brother had talked about this “milk” that came from penises if you rubbed them. So I started trying to produce this milk. One day I did. My friend dared me to show him so I did! It was exciting to be doing this in front of someone else.

Now when I went to the woods, I had magazines and knew how to make milk. It became one of my favourite things to do. By this time I knew it was called masturbation. I did that whenever I could. I went through boxes of Kleenex, and sometimes showers took a while! lol. Honestly there were many days when I would masturbate upwards of ten times… kind of funny when you think about how often I orgasm these days!

I had another friend–my best friend actually. His home had some woods on the edge of his property. And on the other side of that small amount of woods was a major road.

When we were both 14, we streaked out through the woods and then back into the woods 70 or so feet away. It was evening and we’d wait until a lot of cars were coming. In hindsight, any of those car owners had to know we came from the house behind the trees. There weren’t any other houses around.

I went to university for a long time. After several years when I was working on my second degree, money was in short supply. I ended up taking several part time jobs–including modelling for art classes. This was one way of satisfying my love of exhibitionism. The first night I did it, I came back home. A girl who was my best friend came over and asked about my experience (she was the only one who knew I was going to do it). So I asked if she wanted to see the poses I did. I stripped off and did all the poses for her. The only difference being that I was excited to show her so I had an erection. But she didn’t care. She kind of thought it was funny. I should point out that though we were very close friends we never kissed or did anything else sexual together. We camped together and skinny dipped etc. But that was later in our lives–and still no sex.

I also met a girl I was interested in. She actually was the one who ended up domming me for the first time (but that’s another story). We started playing squash with each other. There were several courts in our facility that were closed in and didn’t have a viewing gallery. I started booking them. I was better than her but started to make bets to keep things interesting. I would spot her points and then bet I could still win. One day I bet her that if she won I would play naked the next time we played! She laughed and asked what she would have to do if I won? I didn’t want to scare her off so I told her she would have to go out with me. She took the bet. I teased her a bit letting her approach a win. Then I started to just miss my shots. I made it so that her shots were easy for her. And she made two really exceptional shots to win! It was funny, but she booked a court for the next day–normally I made the bookings. So the next day, we met to play. I had masturbated just beforehand because I didn’t want to “pop” up while playing.

At any rate, we got into the court and I started to warm up. She looked at me and asked if I was forgetting anything… She had this mischievous look on her face as she asked, but I played dumb and made her tell me to strip. Taking off my clothes in that situation was exciting and also nerve-wracking. And despite my prematch masturbation, Angus rose to the occasion. It was surprisingly more difficult playing naked. Angus caused problems bouncing around but I was still the better player. We had a good time and then before our last game of that session, she suggested another bet. She offered a blowjob if I won! But if I lost, I had to play naked whenever she desired in the future! She also asked for 8 points. For those who don’t know, a game is to 9 points. I took the bet and ended up losing 9-7. I actually tried to win but I made one mistake. So she often had me play naked after that.

After my first marriage died, I met a girl who was a nurse. She was also 18 years younger than me. She really wasn’t dominant, but we’d play cards to determine who was the sub and I surprisingly almost always lost. 😜. She discovered my love of exhibitionism early on and started to play on it. We went to a lot of movies and I would bring a blanket. This is because the air conditioning in theatres was so extreme that we’d get cold coming inside dressed for summer weather. One day, she leaned over and told me to remove my shorts and underwear and hand them to her. So I watched this movie naked under the blanket. She would play with Angus at spots in the film so he was fully erect! It was a bit of an adventure after the film ended. This became something of the norm for us at movies. She had me strip down in her office at the hospital one time. And that ended up being nerve wracking for the both of us!

I often picked her up at the end of her shift. It was usually night and I would park in the parking garage across the street. She started having me strip on the way to the car. Usually I was totally naked by the time I was going up the stairs. Then I would walk to the car and drive her home that way. I’m certain the people in the parking office saw more of me than they wanted. Once she lowered her window at a red light and asked two young ladies (early 20’s?) for directions. They noticed my condition and made some laughing comments and my girlfriend just indicated that I was her slave for the evening! Another time she was house sitting. When we got to the house, it was about 10:30 -11:00 and she told me to wait in the car until she had opened the door (remember she had my clothing in her purse). So she went to the house, fumbled for some time to find the appropriate key and then opened the door. Immediately she turned on the outdoor lights along with the indoor lights and motioned me in. I had no alternative but to get out of my car and walk to the house in what was virtually a spotlight.

After that relationship dissolved, I met another girl and she was most definitely dominant. She had me display myself often–once she figured out it was kink of mine. The highlight of my time with her was a party she held and which I wrote about in these two posts (Post 1 & Post 2)!

Within months after we had moved on, I partook in two CFnm events. They were intriguing. Both were mostly non-sexual and featured about 30-40 nude males and probably about 25-30 women.

Shortly after the second of these events, I met my Queen. And true to form there have been some escapades with her!

Our relationship became sexual very early. And the sex was (still is) volcanic. What was particularly exciting was her willingness or desire to participate in kink. My Queen has always been into fitness. Almost from day one I was spending half my time at her place (when my daughters were with their mother). So I started to get up and work out with her. She would go out for a run around 5 am. Somehow it became the norm for me to run without pants. We would run down by the water along paved paths and streets close to the lake. She would usually hold my shorts. It was seldom that we ran into anyone and the stock statement when we did was that I had lost a bet–and sometimes this would actually be true! Once we went for a run on a sunny Saturday morning. Only this time we left at 9:00. I was supposed to take off my shorts at every bridge we came to. It was a beautiful day and there were lots of people out and about. Strangely, I made it over all the big bridges with no issue, however on the last bridge which also was the smallest bridge we ran into a jogger. I covered Angus with my hands and told her I had lost a bet. She howled with laughter.

Other things that happened in my early relationship with my Queen were: starting a game of strip poker with friends. I am honestly not a good poker player! We also went to several different nudist clubs. I asked if she would go and she agreed to do so. We went to Montreal and took a ride on the “Sexy Boat!” There we had sex in front of all the other boaters, both oral and also penetration. We’ve been to many fetish nights–several that allowed full nudity and sexual acts. I’ve either been wearing chaps or been nude with a leash. And I’ve serviced my Queen at these events!

We did have a bet that I lost which required me to strip at a woman’s strip club. I worked out a play list and worked on my act. Finally ready, we drove to this club my Queen was aware of. It was “amateur night”. This proved to be a misnomer, but I convinced the guy in charge to let me strip. I also had to pay him. While my Queen went into the bar, I was shown to the back room. Here the other dancers were getting ready. I was already dressed to strip, but these guys weren’t. The guy ahead of me was black. He masturbated to get his penis to enlarge–but it wasn’t fully erect. He was wearing a cock ring and told me that it was the male stripper’s essential tool. When it became my turn I went out on stage. As part of my act I had prepped some t-shirts so that I could rip them off easily. The act was well received! One woman opened her blouse and showed me her tits! Now I wonder how they would have reacted to a caged penis! Maybe get one of the women to unlock the cage… but at that time I don’t think I knew about cages.

I continued to model nude for art classes up until a year and a half ago. So I was modeling while caged. Once, I was to model at a place about 15 minutes from my home. I had modeled there numerous times. On this day I had unexpectedly had to work later than normal. I arrived home and thought I should just grab my robe and go. So this is what I did. Now my Queen and I had an understanding that I would ask permission and be allowed to uncage for the modeling session. I would recage when dressing afterwards. On this day though I had forgotten all about the cage and consequently was still wearing it when I reached the venue. I was 15 minutes early and only the lady in charge was there. As I said hello, I remembered the cage. Now I had a dilemma. So I told her I was caged. She asked me to take it off and was surprised when I said I couldn’t. She hemmed and I asked if she wanted to see it to make her decision. Because if she wanted me to remove it, I had to return home and I would be at least 20 minutes late. She had a look, and decided I should go home. She wasn’t happy, but I could also tell she was curious. I left as the first person arrived, went home, got permission, removed the cage and returned. When the evening ended as the proprietor was paying me, she asked a couple of questions about the cage. So she is the only person outside of my Queen who knows of my status and who knows me in my real life. And all because I forgot I was wearing the cage.

So it appears I am a shameless exhibitionist! If I let myself percolate on this some more I probably would remember still other times I showed off!

Now as to my chastity. As of today it is 366 days since my last orgasm. Its actually a year to the day, but we had 29 days in February this year. Stay well everyone! I apologize for the length of this post.


  1. I enjoyed reading that Michael – I think I have been a semi exhibitionist in my life so far. I used to enjoy strip poker and also I would often hold court with my friends. Me in the bath them sitting around in the bathroom chatting. I would really have liked to be an artists model and of course now I show a lot of semi nude (occasionally nude) images online – hmmm maybe i then! lol

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  2. Omg, when I was a kid we watched chin chan and then started sharing out butts randomly like that! But that was rather different from the things you describe from your childhood. How fascinating! And how cool that you did art modelling.

    I would die out of embarrassment and fear of being caught running with no shorts!!

    Love how open you are here about exhibitionism. I really enjoyed reading this post.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Brilliant post Michael and you obviously have a long and enjoyable history with exhibitionism. I really enjoyed reading about your exploits and the ways they changed over time. I am much more the exhibit as it taps into my shame and humiliation 😊

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  4. I hang my head in shame for not being on your blog before! But I am glad to be here now, and will be back much more. That said, I ❤ this post. I had a smile on my face all through it, reading about your exhibitionist experiences. Isn't it just wonderful to let people see you. Love that you went running naked with your Queen, and that the people believed you lost a bet. Brilliant! Really enjoyable post, and thank you so much for linking my blog here, and your kind words.

    Rebel xox

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    • Thank you for following me. There are so many wonderful blogs out there—no one can be expected to read them all. I appreciate that you are here now! And this post was inspired by your 2013 post. I wanted to make a comment on that one but comments have been turned off. Stay well!!

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  5. Love your stories, i have been nude on beaches lots of times and it is always a great feeling, knowing other people can see naked . Keep up the great work.

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  6. I really enjoyed reading this. I’ve never been much of an exhibitionist myself, I’ve always been too insecure about my body, but I have known people in my life who were, and I can certainly appreciate how exciting and thrilling it is, even as a bystander – I imagine that the thrill is incredible for the exhibitionist themselves!

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    • You know on one of our morning runs (way back when), I was supposed to remove my shorts every time we ran over a bridge. We were runnning much later in the morning and it was sunny and hot. At the last bridge, the timing was perfect and just past the start of the bridge we met a young woman coming the other way. I exclaimed that I had lost a bet! She laughed but stopped and turned Round to watch me go over the bridge. She was still watching as I stopped on the other side and put my shorts back on. I admit that was exciting. And Angus formed a tent in my shorts. lol. Thank you!


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