Sex Changes

So in the fall, my Queen had an hysterectomy. Thankfully the procedure went well and she healed nicely. It stopped us having sex for the most part–she edged me during that time but wasn’t really interested in sex for herself! But eventually we were allowed to start having sex again. I have talked about that in previous posts. However now we are back at things and I’m not worried about hurting her. Initially she was very tight and I had to slowly insert Angus. Then once inside, any movement had to be slower and controlled. My Queen likes me to thrust violently but that wasn’t going to happen for a while.

Still each time we had sex, we were able to do a bit more and there was less discomfort. Indeed the key point was that my Queen was enjoying herself. As long as she has fun, then I’m good!

Still, there are some changes. Prior to the hysterectomy, my Queen was a big squirter. Since the surgery, she has squirted very little. Though in the past month or so, she has squirted a little bit several times. It is seldom more than a mouthful, but it is squirting. In the last month I feel I can pound her without worry once again.

Prior to surgery, my Queen would often have 5-8 orgasms in one lovemaking session–and indeed sometimes had even more. Since surgery, she seldom seems to have more than three orgasms at a time. Two days ago she had 4. So maybe that will return to normal given some more recovery time. A factor in this might also be how little time we have alone. Often we have been having quickies. So perhaps we just haven’t had enough time.

I know several readers have had this surgery. I would be interested in your experiences in this area.

So two days ago, we did play and my Queen was going to let me orgasm. That is until she realized it wouldn’t be a record. So she changed her mind. As of today I’m at 372 days since orgasm. She was thinking about 500 days. The old record is 485 days… Time will tell. I do know she likes to see me cum and then clean it up. So maybe I’ll set a record and maybe I won’t. It all depends on her!


  1. I have not had any surgery but usually find it difficult to orgasm more than once in a “session” – on occasions it will be two. But my one orgasm is usually very strong and I remain sensitive after that and perfectly content with it all 😉
    Nice post Michael

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  2. Sex does change as we mature, even without the surgery I feel like things have changed with my body as well. I’ve never squirted to my knowledge though and at this point in life not sure that I ever will. I’m glad you’re both able to still enjoy one another sexually. 500 sounds like a nice well-rounded number!

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    • Four or five! Wow! Initially I was ecstatic with one! Occasionally I have had two, but that seems plenty for me. I’m emptied after that! And the sensitivity is just too much. I told Rex he could try for 500 days….he just looked at me….lol

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  3. I haven’t had that type of surgery but I have had my abdomen sliced completely open and stuff removed, and it does change things for a while. It took me about two years to completely recover to where I felt I was at least close to my pre-surgery abilities.

    Ooof, sounds like you’re going for a record again. I know you’ll be proud once you’ve succeeded, but it still kinda sucks that you’re having to wait that long. You have my sympathies!

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  4. I’m with May on orgasms! Reading how many your queen used to have and still makes me go like… wow haha! I’m glad the recovery keeps on going well. Sounds like things eventually might get mostly back to normal

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  5. I’ve had this surgery when I was 24, but I don’t know whether it changed the way I orgasm, as I wasn’t in a relationship for quite some time before and after the surgery. By the time I had sex again after the surgery, I could squirt and orgasm at least ten times during a session. I think what I want to say, is that I do believe things will improve as your Queen heals, and as time progresses, and it might just get back to where it was before the surgery 🙂

    Love the image!

    Rebel xox

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  6. I suspect things will go right back to normal soon. It’s probably just being rushed right now. Things always trickle off after a surgery like that, but go back to normal after a while.

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