The Joy of Samsung—Not!!!!

This is a rant! And I have some questions for those readers who feature ads on their blogs!

So first the questions–if a company is advertising on your site, what are they paying you each month? I have been approached by a sex toy company! They are interested in posting an ad on my blog and I am considering doing it, but don’t want to ask for too much and definitely not for too little! If you don’t want to answer in the comments, would you please email me? This is totally new to me, but some income from this blog would be welcome.

Now to my rant!! We have had it up to here (reaching high above my head) with Samsung. We have had a variety of Samsung appliances. At one time we had purchased the following Samsung products–stove, washer and dryer, dishwasher, and the ultimate refrigerator! The dishwasher went first. It had come with the house and when it stopped working, we were told it wasn’t worth fixing. So we replaced it–thankfully not with a Samsung. The washer and dryer we purchased. Unfortunately not with an extended warranty. The stove and fridge we purchased with the 5 year extended warranty! Thank goodness!! Despite trying to repair the washer, it was deemed a waste to repair, barely 5 years after its purchase. The dryer we repaired twice at close to $200 each time in the first 5 years. When the guy came again around the sixth year he said, (wait for it) “it isn’t worth repairing!” The stove exploded about a month after 5 years. No warranty coverage and “not worth repairing!”

But it’s the fridge that I really want to highlight! We purchased it just before we had troubles with everything else–except the dishwasher. With the warranty and taxes, it was more than $4000 (from memory about $4300). This is the most I’ve ever paid for any appliance. And almost immediately after we had it we were in appliance hell! Within the first half year I had to call for service on the fridge! The ice maker was replaced. Now we are 4 years and 8 months into our warranty. We have had 8 more “events” with this fridge. We have our 4th ice maker amongst other problems.

Now we have a problem with some things freezing in the fridge while other things are warming up and going bad. The tech was here this morning. He is basically going to rebuild the inside of my fridge this time. Still another ice maker, an inner panel that costs more than 500 and a couple of other parts. This repair alone will be well over $1000. I’m so glad we have the extended warranty–til Aug! However I’m hoping we’ll get at least two years after this repair. Based on history that’s highly unlikely and it is certain we’ll purchase another fridge made by someone else when next something goes wrong! This one won’t be worth fixing.

We no longer have any Samsung appliances. In the last 4 1/2 years we have had 3 Samsung appliances die and this fridge is on borrowed time. I’m not sure that other makes are much better, but somehow I can’t see them being worse.

When next you need an appliance I strongly suggest you avoid Samsung. I also strongly suggest you get the extended warranty.

There! I feel better! I hope you are all still well! The picture was taken from Pinterest and the fridge looks an awful lot like ours!


  1. In my opinion, Samsung should have stuck to making TVs and remove themselves from the appliance market. I’ve not heard anything good about their stoves, fridges, etc.. They make good TVs, phones and tablets… and that’s about it. I would have been beyond pissed to have shelled out that kind of money on some stuff that really wasn’t worth it.

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    • Totally agree. Samsung is crap. I’ve had similar experiences. We like Maytag. Bet happy with the dishwasher and sure we got from them. The fridge that came with our new house is Samsung, and the electronic board blew right as we moved in. Which, of course, was the only thing in the house not covered by the home warranty. Kenmore is also made by Samsung, or has their components, so avoid them also.

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  2. So sorry to hear about your Samsung problems! Four grand is a lot for a fridge with so many problems even with an extended warranty! I agree with kdaddy23 that Samsung should have stuck with their TVs.

    Other than fridge problems I hope you and your family are doing well, Michael!

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  3. LOL I do have a Samsung fridge although mine is 13 years old. Didn’t actually realise it was a Samsung until just now (checking to see what i have, in response to your post). Never had to repair it, it’s been great. 🤷‍♀️ Other than that, we only have samsung entertainment stuff (phone, tv, sound system). That is so much money, I can only imagine how shit that would be in even Australian currency… way over $6000… far out brussel sprout. Good luck. And its always good to vent.

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    • I think our currency is close to yours. I am not American. But regardless it is a lot of money for an inferior product. Stay well down under!! And thanks for your comment.


  4. Samsung and LG products are known for how they look, not how they work. Repair people, if you can find one to work on these products, will tell you this, and that the parts are hard to get. Ultimately you want things that work. Also, consider a home warranty for your appliances if you keep buying Samsung and LG. They turn out to be a good value.

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  5. Great post Michael! In New Zealand we have a law that kind of gives us consumer protection for a “reasonable ” length of time so most don’t take the trip off extended warranty. It’s a throw away world for sure. Rex gates getting the repairman in. Hed rather spend 6 hours muttering and swearing at the bloody thing…then call the repairman! We have mainly Bosch and AEG appliances which seem to last. Nothing fancy. Our old plasma tv is at least 10 years old and still goes. We don’t watch much anyway…
    Best of luck!
    Great news about your possible advertising though! A great compliment!
    Love you
    Naomi and Rex

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  6. Ohh !!! Samsung is utter rubbish ………. I’ve realised local products (Indian) last much longer than Samsung……….. Avoid …..

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      • there is an indian company called tata they manufacture an AC called ‘Voltas’, 10 years and it sings like a song. There is an AC called general its by a middle east company called Fujitsu, i’ve seen people use it for 15-20 years. but these electronics are a bit expensive than Samsung. So I feel samsung thought process is less money and inferior goods. For eg an Iphone will last you 7-8 years will a samsung phone last that long i doubt it.

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      • aha ….. will keep you in mind when the time comes for me to do the same, we can exchange notes

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  7. I know little of advertisements, but I keep this page bookmarked should I ever get that far:

    And I’m sorry to hear about your Samsung problems. We’re big Apple fans in this house, so apart from our television and two monitors, nothing here is Samsung. My washing machine was one of the cheapest ones available by Indesit and it refuses to break down, even though I expect it to for many years.

    I hope your fridge will last 🙂

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  8. I’ve had people approach me to advertise on the blog. Generally, they offer 10 to 15% of any business that gets referred. When I had a different website years ago, it featured sex toy reviews, I got substantial income from these referrals. The toy companies who have approached me make vibrating stuff. I don’t see any serious potential. Revenue from on-site advertising is a chancy thing. It depends on your traffic. Most blogs don’t get more than 500 to 1000 visitors a day. In my experience, this wouldn’t add up to very much revenue.

    Good luck!

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  9. Oh that sounds like hell. I can’t imagine having so many issues in such a short amount of time! Jeez! We are waiting on a drain pump for the washer (LG), and I thought that was a hassle. 😦

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  10. Michael, we just bought an insurance plan for all of our appliances and major home systems for $39/month a few months ago. First claim going on now. We paid a $100 deductible and got our fridge repaired and they’re on the 3rd major repair on the dryer all for the same deductible. I’ve had a similar plan before and they end up paying for themselves. We went with American Home Shield this time. Look into it. And no, I’m not getting kick backs from suggesting their product. 😉 Sorry for your stress with Samsung. I dealt with LG on that same scale a number of years ago.

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  11. Samsung tv and washing machine here, the belt on the washer disintegrated after 4 years hard work but it was a 100 gbp repair and good as new – can’t fault it to be honest. Tv is fine and dandy and several years old – he goes in search of wood urgently……

    I wouldn’t pay that much for a fridge though , must be some machine, and I hate those extended warranties – just seems wrong.

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    • Without that warranty the repair bills on this fridge would have been astronomical. This latest repair was over $1000. So a $300 extended warranty has been worth it’s weight in gold! We never picked one brand of appliances—just looked for appliances that were on sale and fit our needs. Unfortunately Samsung seemed to win the race for a few years.

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