Ups And Downs—May They Be in Bed!!

We’ve had our share of ups and downs over the last little while. I’ve chronicled a lot of that here. We’ve adjusted our lives and I’ve figured out how to work from home. It isn’t what I want, but I understand the need. My Queen had been working from home at her main job most of the time, so switching that to all the time wasn’t that difficult for her. Her secondary job is in a grocery store as a cashier. That has evolved over the last little while too. There are now plexiglass barriers front and rear and no one is allowed to bring their bags with them. Everyone must take the plastic bags the store provides. We’ve been unable to use our gym but I borrowed some equipment on the last day I was allowed into work and with what we had and this borrowed equipment, we can do a pretty good workout at home. My Queen was doing jump overs on the bench when she smacked her foot. A broken toe and torn ligaments resulted. This as an injury she had sustained a few weeks ago was just about healed. Another wrinkle in our quest to remain fit!

This injury did also affect Angus! How you ask? Well we had had a couple of nice interludes earlier this week and were looking forward to some time together on Friday. But when your foot is in pain, sexy thoughts tend to disappear. So no action on Friday. And we surprisingly had some time on the weekend–but again no action! So Angus had to suffer because of my Queen’s broken bones! lol.

But we did have a wonderful session of lovemaking on Wednesday! We took our time and enjoyed each other. My Queen ended up with 4 orgasms. Though the past couple of times I’ve had to be careful. If I’m too quick with penetration or too quick with my thrusting she felt pain. Still Wednesday was much better than Monday, so it’s all good!!

When I was in high school, a friend wrote in one of my year books, “I hope all your ups and downs are in bed!” Well as life has gone on, it is obvious that many of its ups and downs have nothing to do with bed or sex. Still, this past week at least some of our ups and downs were in bed! And that’s a good thing! Stay safe everybody!


  1. So sorry to hear about your Queen’s accident with her toe! Hope it heals fast!

    Took me a second to process what your friend meant about your “ups and downs be in bed” but I finally did. Now I wonder what made him/her write that on your yearbook!

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    • Who knows. He became a cop and is now retired. He’s been married 35 years and is an upstanding member of the community. In high school he was a long haired rebel. Maybe it was part of his image!! lol

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  2. Hey, so sorry about your Queen’s accident, pray it heals fast and you can get all the ups and downs in bed. ha …. ha… ha… working out at home does have it perils and one needs to be careful. This is our future………. we don’t know when the gyms will open. Until next time stay safe …………

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  3. What a great phrase – I hope all your ups and downs are in bed – I am sorry about your Queen – I have broken a toe before and injured my knee badly so do understand how it does not make you feel very sexy. Am glad you “loved” last week though and wishing u both well
    May x

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    • I’ve had so many injuries over the years. I deal with them better than my Queen though. They are a part of life, and don’t seem to effect my horniness! I’m usually still “ready” to go within a day or two of the injury. However as I don’t seem to play contact sports anymore, the injuries are less frequent! And that’s a good thing! lol

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  4. Ouchies, your poor Queen. No doubt you looked after her dutifully throughout. Glad you’re making the adjustments you need to ride this one out, although I’d hate having to work from home.

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  5. I am so sorry to hear your Queen has injured herself, and hope it heals soon! I love what your friend has written in your year book! That’s a nice wish, but sadly life sometimes has other plans for us…
    ~ Marie

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  6. I like the up and down in bed. It is a good one, but I am a an old 83 year old clogger and for me it is only down anymore, and only when the boss of the house allows it. Be safe and take care of your Wife.
    Slave Kendra

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