Ride—a Memoir—or The First Time A Woman Rode My Face!

Mrs Fever has this meme I’m participating in and the theme at the moment is “Ride!” Well, I added the exclamation point.

Warning this post is graphic sexually and contains water sports.

I’m a bit of a sexual adventurer. I’ve always been willing to try new and different things. Most of my limits are soft (exceptions being scat, animals or children–I want nothing to do with them!). In a recent post aboutexhibitionism, I spoke about a girl I played squash with while in university. She came to mind when I saw the word “ride!”

At this time I think I knew I was sexually submissive. I masturbated a great deal of the time and read voraciously–the porn I loved dealt with dominant women and forced exhibitionism of males. I could use a good penthouse letter many times if the subject was “good!” I had also found shaved women. This was the last year of the 70’s or one of the first couple of years of the 80’s. Women shaving their privates was not the norm. Still I’d seen a few in magazines and also a stripper at a club. I loved the look!

Now this girl from the naked squash games–I’m going to call her Sue–and I were getting friendlier. We were teasing each other and flirting a great deal. I think she had figured out I was submissive, but the urge to enjoy each other was becoming a “when” rather than an “if”.

The moment drew closer and we planned a night at her place. She lived with a roommate, but that girl was going away for the weekend, so we would have her place to ourselves! I had the temerity to ask if she would shave her pubic hair for me. She hemmed and said I should bring the necessary tools in case she decided to do it. Well Angus was trying to rip my pants right then and there…

…I was so hoping for this!

I wasn’t a virgin at this point in my life. But I had never been dominated in any way. I had had a variety of experiences and while I hadn’t done it all (can you ever?), I had done a lot. I still had a lot to learn and experience. Who knew that this particular Friday would be perhaps my biggest lesson?

Friday arrived, and I was hyped. Classes finished, I went to the gym and played some basketball before returning home to get ready. I had showered at the gym, but I took another shower and made certain Angus and the boys were trimmed and shaved. Then I left to visit Sue!

On arrival we kissed and moved into the living room. I had a bag with scissors, shaving cream and a razor. She took it from me and looked inside. I smiled and said that I was hoping and she merely smiled a funny smile. She gave me a brief tour of the place–it wasn’t large and then we sat down together on the couch. She looked great. I remember she was wearing a dark dress–maybe black or a dark blue. It flared out from her waist and wasn’t very long. We started to caress and kiss each other. I was really wanting to see her kitty and shave it. After all I had brought all the tools…

I ran my hand up her thigh and she parted her legs to make access easier. Suddenly I was there and she was wet. But more importantly I felt no hair!! She had shaved herself for me. Angus nearly burst my pants! She laughed at my response and then told me she wanted me naked. That was accomplished in record time and then I knelt in front of her. I wanted to taste her Kitty. Pushing her dress up, I went to town. It was so exciting to have a naked shaved pussy in front of me. And she tasted fabulous! I had given her a couple of orgasms and was working on a third when the doorbell rang. She laughed and told me she had ordered pizza and then went to answer the door. “We’ll eat before we get busy”, she said as she grabbed her wallet. I moved out of sight while she collected the pizza. Then we sat at the kitchen table and enjoyed a meal. I was so horny and she would occasionally reach over and stroke Angus who remained hard and ready.

Finally the meal was finished–maybe it took 10 minutes, but it seemed like forever. We moved to her bedroom. “I want to tie you down to the bed!” She said. This sounded kinky and fit in with my fantasies and I was lying spread eagled on the bed before she had finished the sentence. She had leather cuffs that she used on my wrists but just rope around my ankles. In short order, I was lying spread eagled on the bed unable to move very much. She then mentioned that I hadn’t finished her last orgasm as we were interrupted by the delivery guy. So she took off her dress and climbed onto my face. It was the first time a woman had ridden my face! I loved it. She came again and gushed over my face. I thought she was peeing but she told me she wasn’t. She told me that if she peed on me, I would know it. Somehow this really excited me too. The dirtiness of it was so appealing.

She gave Angus some oral attention and then straddled my body. Grasping Angus, she let herself down impaling me in her beautiful pussy! I was in heaven and so excited! It was also the first time a woman had ridden me. She leaned forward and I felt her nipples sliding on my chest. She started to kiss me while she worked her hips! I rapidly approached the point of no return! When she actually told me I wasn’t allowed to cum, I exploded deep into her! Yeah–not my proudest moment, but she quickly slid off Angus and placed her kitty over my mouth. While I had had a cream pie before, never had it been forced on me and I liked it. I cleaned her up and continued till she had another orgasm.

Photo by Alan Winston and taken from Making Love by Patricia E. Raley

After her orgasm, she lay beside me and fondled Angus. The wonders of youth resulted in a stiff Angus very quickly! I wanted my hands free, because I wanted to explore her body with them, but she just smiled and said later! Then she went back to teasing Angus with her mouth. To this day, I’ve never had anyone with more talent work on Angus! In moments she had me bucking! And then the doorbell rang!

Now if it were me, I would have ignored it. However, Sue giggled and told me I needed to cool down anyways. She got up and threw on a robe as she left the room and went downstairs. I heard some commotion down there but couldn’t make out who was there or what was said. Music was playing fairly loudly and I couldn’t move closer to the door. But I was impatient to see her come back through the door! A few minutes later, Sue reentered the room and shucked her robe! Once again I was in awe of this woman’s gorgeous body! She went to her dresser and pulled something out of a drawer–it was a pair of pantyhose. She came over to me and fashioned a blindfold for me. She had taken my ability to see her away from me. I couldn’t use my hands or my eyes, but I could still use my mouth and Angus! Sue climbed back on my face but this tone was facing my feet and I started to lick her feverishly. I wanted to give her another orgasm. This was a little different though as she shifted and I was licking her asshole. Then she shifted again so I was teasing her clit. I was really enjoying this different angle when I felt the bed shift! And then some hands were caressing my legs. There was someone else in bed with us. I couldn’t see, but felt this person grip Angus and play with him. She slapped the outside of her pussy with him and eventually just slipped him inside her. I was being ridden by two women at the same time. Sue slipped forward so I was tonguing her ass again while the stranger was riding Angus! It sounded like the two girls were kissing but I don’t know for sure. This went on for a bit and then they switched positions. My blindfold stayed on despite my requests. The new girl wasn’t clean shaven, but seemed to have really big lips! I pulled them into my mouth and enjoyed playing with them as I teased her clit!

A Meerkat Threesome–from Pinterest

I approached orgasm again and the two got off me and together they kicked and teased Angus!! Just as I was about to cum, one of them took Angus into her mouth and I spurted–the girl in question (I never found out who it was) then gave me a snowball, feeding me my cum while kissing me!

The night wasn’t over, but at this point I was untied and the blindfold was removed. I had never met the other girl though I had seen her around campus.

So that night was a night of firsts! It was the first night I had been sexually dominated; the first night I had been ridden both on my face and on Angus; the first and really only threesome I ever had; and later the first golden showers I ever had. It turns out this other girl (I’ll call her Stef) was really into pee play. So at one point in the evening, I was told to get into the bath tub and each girl straddled me and pissed all over my face and mouth! I was surprised to find I loved this and I tried to lick them to orgasm while they peed and I drank! Later garbage bags were placed on the bed and I drank again while being ridden.

So Mrs. Fever, this experience came to mind when you said ride! Though I will admit it comes to mind often! It is a favourite memory!

On the chastity front, I am now at 406 days since my last orgasm. My Queen has suggested we might break our record (485 days) in one of two ways. Perhaps she will make me wait till 500 days! Or maybe she’ll make me go 486 days this time and then 487 days and just keep increasing the record by a day at a time! I’m at the point now where I have started begging sometimes while being edged! But she is holding fast.


    What a wonderful tale Michael
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading that – it was hot and made me smile – those cheeky girls and I love that image u included too.

    What fab fun you all had that day. Wow – what a memory for you … and Angus.
    TY so much for share this
    May x

    Liked by 1 person

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