Edging (Part 1)—Is That a Cliff I’m Approaching?

As a male who wears a cage almost all the time, I don’t get to masturbate at all or to orgasm very often! It’s against my rules to masturbate and my Queen has total control of my erections and orgasms. As a matter of fact, today marks 410 days since my last one!

Still I do enjoy sex! Whenever we have sex, my Queen will make sure I’m as close to cumming as possible without actually crossing over the edge. I am often squirming and shaking with desire before she has dismissed with me.

Lately, the pandemic having changed our daily lives substantially, she has taken to edging me in the mornings. I love it and have asked permission to cum several times as once again she takes me to the edge. I suppose the beauty of this is she will often do it more than once. I’m a veritable bowl of jelly when she is finished–a very very horny bowl of jelly!!

These three videos were taken on three separate days. I admit to be very close to the edge in them. In the one above, my Queen had asked me to sleep uncaged. In the next two, I got up early and removed the cage–though not the ring. Strictly speaking that is against the rules, but my Queen likes to play with Angus and often doesn’t when I’m caged. So removing the cage gives her the freedom to play–and I really like that. Of course she can always apply punishment but it’s worth the risk.

In the final video you can see the precinct leaking from Angus. By the time she is finished with me, I’m always “goobering” as she likes to say.

Now if you think blue balls are a myth (lol) here’s an image to dispel you of that thought.

I’ve actually had some time to relax in this pic, but the colour is still pretty pronounced. I will do a further post on the benefits of edging, but I need to think about it first.

Stay safe!


  1. 410 days! Way to go! I didn’t last 10, although very different systems. Haha. I must say I’m very impressed by your longevity and your Queens staying power!

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  2. Edging is something Sir has never done to me…probably because I have such a hard time even reaching an orgasm that edging seems like no fun for him. But to not orgasm because you’re disciplined seems like a whole other ballpark…I can’t imagine the frustration haha.

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    • My current record is 485 days! I was supposed to go 744 days that time but my Queen changed her mind. She wanted to see me cum! This time she says I’ll go to at least 486 days or maybe longer. She likes the number 500. But she has also suggested 486 days followed by 487 and then 488 etc. Time will tell!

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  3. Well I was ‘blown’ away by your post and somewhat excited by the narrative! Edging is delicious and I am so pleased you are being ‘taken in hand’ by your good Queen.

    I salute you both; figuratively and literally with out reservation, though with due submissive admiration humility.

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