Black Lives Matter

I’m about to do a rant! So if you expect this post to be about sex and male chastity/caging, move on to the next post. I don’t promise to be erudite nor to necessarily be “right” but I have to do this. You have been warned!

The video of George Floyd being murdered in front of the world hit me hard. I’m white. I’m male. I’m not physically disabled in any way. I have above normal intelligence (based on IQ tests) So I’m as privileged as it is possible to be! I grew up with an adopted brother and sister who are black. My father read an article that said black babies weren’t being picked for adoption and that the numbers were building up. My mother was warned never to have another “natural” baby as it would kill her. So we adopted a black baby boy. A few years later we adopted a mixed baby girl–though her features are definitely black. She’s beautiful in all ways–I want that made clear!

Before George, there was Ahmaud Arbery, a man shot down while jogging through his streets in broad daylight! Then there was Breonna Taylor. She and her boyfriend were sleeping on their bed when the Louisville police executed a no knock warrant. This means they broke into the house without warning. Awakened from their sleep, Breonna’s boyfriend grabbed his gun and fired in self defence. The police fired back and poor Breonna was hit with 8 bullets and killed.

All of these are terrible events. The worst part of it is that they are not rare situations. I have heard of so many similar events. Children of colour are being killed by police. Indigenous people are being killed by police. I see all these video clips and it bothers me. How can we fix this situation? What can we do to engender change?

There are protests all over the world! These are largely peaceful though there have been some issues. What has struck me is the violence perpetrated by the police forces! Unnecessary violence. Violence that seems to be done for no reason!

Police attacking journalists with batons, tear gas and rubber bullets! The journalists are only trying to do their jobs. In some cases they were hundreds of feet away from the action and yet they were still targeted by the police.

Police hitting people for no reason. A 75 year old man was shoved viciously to the ground in Buffalo for no apparent reason. The two officers involved were suspended and a whole garrison of cops quit the special division they were part of to protest the suspensions. Did they not see what these two did??

I believe that if we are not part of the solution then we are part of the problem. I want to be part of the solution. Now I try to deal with all people fairly and reasonably. I discourage jokes that are racist in nature and for the most part I no longer hear those types of things. I come down on people I work with who exhibit racist behaviours or speech. Frankly, this doesn’t happen too often either. But I feel the need to do more! I’ve been posting things on my vanilla Facebook account. A friend responded to one of my posts with a yelled “ALL LIVES MATTER!!” This really bothered me. She wasn’t getting the point of mine and others posts. So I phoned her and tried to explain. I used some analogies to explain the slogan “Black Lives Matter!” She got angrier and angrier with me. In the end I gave up before she hung up on me. I went to my post and deleted her comment as it offended and bothered me. She seemed unable to get it!

Do you get it?? Do you understand that if one house is burning we try and save that house. The other houses on the street are safe and don’t need the help at the moment. Black houses are burning now! All over the world these houses are burning. We need to put out the fires and fireproof them. The way to do this is by eliminating racism. This will have positive effects for the indigenous peoples of the world. It will have positive effects for anyone who is a minority and who experiences negativity because of their race!

Do all lives matter? Of course! But at the moment I as a white man don’t have to worry about jogging down my street! I don’t have to worry about cops breaking into my home and shooting me in the dead of night! I don’t have to worry about being murdered on video! Blacks and people of colour do have these worries and they are legitimate.

This is a rant. If I’m a little disjointed I apologize. Please be part of the solution and make the world a better place! If you are part of the problem and this post bothers you, then please stop following me.

The picture I used for this post was from Kortni Ellett Photography and I found it on Pinterest! I hope she’s ok with my using it, but I used it because it showed two people with different skin colour embracing and happy to be with each other. It showed love! And if everyone could do this with everyone else, wouldn’t we all be happier?


  1. Thank you for this post. I’ve had a long call this morning with an angry #AllLivesMatter friend. She also just doesn’t get it. I’m going to share this and hope she reads to understand.
    I love your analogy of the house on fire. George Floyds death was the spark that lit the bonfire against racism. Lets hope it burns out for a positive future.

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  2. I have also used a broken leg analogy. The paramedics come to help the man with the broken leg. His neighbour gets all upset because no one is looking after his legs. The paramedic says, “Sir, your legs are fine. We’re helping this man because his leg is injured. If you injure your leg, we will come and help you!”
    Thank you for your comment. I debated putting this out there, but I decided I must. I can’t be quiet.

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  3. I am glad that you wrote this post and I agree with you that we need to change. It is frustrating to see constant challenges from people who just don’t get it. I liked you analogies too 😊

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  4. I explained it to my son like this. Yes all lives do matter, but right now black lives are in danger, indigenous lives are in danger and they need our help. If you’re not willing to help, then you don’t get to say all lives matter. You’re saying just your life matters.
    Its a weird issue. One that shouldn’t be there but always had been. Thanks for being a voice!

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  5. I just hope the changes that are being made don’t fade once hype dies down. I know many who like to jump on bandwagons without making actual changes within themselves. How can an entire nation change if we don’t start with our own selves? I also ask others why racism, sexism, LGBTQIA+ intolerance is something that they only pay attention to when something bad happens. Shouldn’t it be a daily thing? Shouldn’t we fight the hatred that breeds within on a daily basis? It’s sad that it takes murder for people to actually see the problems that exist.

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  6. Great rant and I agree 100% with you. My nephew was one who commented on my FB post about Black Lives Matter with “all lives matter”… I told him no, they don’t, maybe some day they will. But when all lives can live without fear of being racially profiled than maybe we can say it’s true then. He countered with “All confederates matter”… and laughed about it. I guess too many people just don’t get it. it’s all a joke. I’m glad you posted this.

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      • I agree with you. The ones who caused damage in the first protest were people from out of state and other towns who busted up storefronts and torched a police car. Some of them looted, but it looked like it was mostly folks not from Providence.

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  7. Thank you for this post, and I totally agree with the ‘house on fire’ analogy. Things definitely need to change, and anything we can do to help, even if it’s just pointing out those racist jokes/remarks, should be done.
    ~ Marie

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  8. The thing that really bothers me about this is it doesn’t seem that anyone – read this as the people in charge – aren’t doing much to figure out why this has been happening so much here of late and preventative actions either aren’t taking place or not being done fast enough. Still, I see the news and I see a lot of “different” people standing together and speaking out against this wave of insanity and this, I think, is a very good thing.

    People are sick and tired of this and they want it to stop – NOW. The cops need to get a grip – NOW. Cooler heads have to prevail – NOW. Getting this settled down should be the highest priority but the powers that be tends to act slowly and are very resistance to change and more so during an election year and one where we’re still dealing with COVID 19.

    We need answers and solutions – NOW and all any of us can do is to be as safe as we can be. Thank you for writing this.

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  9. I forgot something. The media needs to stop overly sensationalizing this and they need to stop doing it NOW. They focus on the looting and, damn it, all I see are Black people and the media is doing little to not make this the focus of what they’re reporting and all this is doing is getting people riled up and the wrong way. If anything, they should be using their considerable power to lambaste the authorities into doing something about this NOW… and they aren’t.

    And you gotta wonder why… because I sure as hell do.

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  10. It’s time the world changed, it needs to stop being ok for people to be treated differently, no one should be afraid to walk down the street, our children should be safe, my son has been subjected to racial abuse because he tans dark and some local idiots decided it was ok to tell him to go home and so on. I hope things do change, although I don’t necessarily think its laws that will change things, it’s a change in what we as a society deem acceptable that will make the most impact.


    • Me too. I have seen so many video examples of this racism in action that I’m more than a little disappointed. And yet disappointed isn’t enough. I’m also angry but anger by itself will solve nothing. I continue to look for ways to make a positive change. Perhaps it’s just standing beside someone who is being attacked because of their race. Perhaps it’s going to a protest. Little things that I can do.

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