Content Warning: This post deals with the topic of masturbation.

Up until 2015, I was a chronic masturbator. I was rubbing myself and spewing semen whenever I had the chance. It was a hobby that I very much enjoyed. Orgasms feel great! When I was a kid, I would buy Penthouse and Penthouse letters as food for my excitement. Very quickly I noticed that not all of the “letters” built my excitement. I really gravitated to the stories that featured female dominance. Unfortunately those were rare. Exhibitionism and letters dealing with erotic embarrassment also were a turn on. But again these were in the rarity.

Still if I found a good letter, I could use it multiple times to excite myself and allow the spewing to begin. Then years ago I found Literotica! By now I was a mature adult male, but I still enjoyed masturbation. If I had the house to myself, you could count on me masturbating to ejaculation at least a couple of times!

I no longer purchased porn and watching it online really didn’t appeal either. Reading appealed to me but I had to have the “right” stories. Somewhere along the way I discovered Literotica. This is an online story bank where readers will write their own stories and slide them into a variety of categories. Unfortunately there isn’t a Femdom category, but there is a BDSM category and within this , you will find many femdom stories. I actually wrote a few myself. They certainly aren’t great literature, but I wasn’t trying to write War and Peace! You can find the four stories here (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4).

Once I found Literotica, a lot of my masturbation took place in front of the computer. I would search the BDSM stories for femdom content and slowly build myself up. Delay even then intensified the final orgasm. So I would bring myself to the edge and then relax, and then bring myself to the edge again and again. At some point a story I was reading and the long buildup would be too much and I would eagerly allow myself to cum! Then if there was time, I would start the whole process again.

Now of course I don’t masturbate. It’s impossible to do when wearing a cage. It’s also against my rules. Angus only is allowed to erect when desired by my Queen. And as regular readers will know, I don’t orgasm very often. I suspect my next orgasm will be sometime in late August. By then I’ll have gone a new record between orgasms! I admit that when I’m edged now, I desperately want to cum. When I’ve calmed down, I’m kind of glad my Queen held firm. But in the moment…😜😜


  1. Dude, if I couldn’t masturbate, I’d be in a straight-jacket and triple locked in a padded room! Once I learned how to do it, ya mon, it was do it every chance I got and for no other reasons than it felt good and, well, I could do it any time I wanted to.

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  2. So, I was also a chronic masturbator. I had very few magazines to work with, but thankfully the internet was around for my later teens into my twenties. 3-4 times a day, always tried to see how many times I could go and for how long. I slowed down around the time I got involved with my first real long-term relationship. I went to all the various websites, ATK and literotica were my favorites. I used to subscribe to ATK, that’s how much I liked that site. Once my ex broke up with me, I went back to chronic masturbation. I think I had reached a point where I could get off without being hard. Once I met Sir, I went back to never masturbating unless She urges I do so. I think I grew tired of masturbation a couple years before meeting Her, but I prefer someone else make me climax.

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  3. Masturbation was a dear friend of mine for many years. 😉 I struggle, even still, with the fine line between edging and ruining an orgasm. For me, once an orgasm is spoiled there is no going back. Game over. Seems I have some specific exploration to do. lol

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  4. Ah, Penthouse Letters. I do miss the setup of Penthouse Letters or Letters to Penthouse – can’t remember how it went but I remember the cover layout of the companion books they published later on.

    And Literotica, my guilty pleasure lol Glad to learn you posted stories there and will be reading them later tonight. But 420 days… I’d be cross-eyed.

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  5. I don’t think you need worry about those four chapters. I thoroughly enjoyed them. What I do think you should be worried about is that the last story ends – “to be continued” – and its an awful long time to wait for the next instalment. Could you be encouraged to continue them or perhaps write some new stories?

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  6. When I first saw War and Peace in Bold my immediate thought was you might be jerking off to that tome. Relieved to see that was not the case. I too came many times ‘reading’ Penthouse letters early in life. I wonder if they still publish? I’m going to petition the Queen to see if maybe she might consider 450 as a good number.

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    • I don’t know if Penthouse is still an entity. They have a channel I think, but do they still have published works?? I don’t know.
      I would have to be severely warped to masturbate to “War and Peace”. lol. But then again I am less than normal… 😂☺️😂🤣


  7. Another ex-serial masturbator here, up to more than 5 years ago. I mostly masturbated to femdom porn and good femdom stories, like yourself. The more extreme and perverse the better. I still occassionally read and watch porn, and sometimes I edge myself, but my orgasms belong to my wife now.

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