The Magic Touch—or I Can’t Do That

So twice this week I’ve been able to please my Queen orally in the morning! I love that. And it’s partly the pandemic that has allowed it. I mean we aren’t getting up and heading to the gym now… so we have a little more time first thing in the morning. But she also took a shower just before bed–so those two factors made her comfortable enough to allow me to use my mouth. Normally she doesn’t feel clean enough and my protestations don’t matter. So I enjoyed those two mornings. So did my Queen! 😜😜.

The beauty of it was also how she managed to edge me despite the cage. She has a magic touch–she somehow makes Angus feel exceptional while still in his cage! I don’t know how she does it. I can touch Angus through the cage as much as I want. I never seem to be able to excite myself. I just can’t do it! And yet my Queen seems able to edge me through the cage. It’s a mystery to me, but I love it!! On one of the mornings she told me to remove the cage after a while and I did–when excited like that, the cage doesn’t want to come off… but once off, she took me to the edge a few more times. I was so horny and excited. What a great way to start the day!!! 😁😁😁

I’d love to wake we this way every morning! But it isn’t my decision. Stay well my friends.

Oh it’s now 434 days since my last orgasm so if she holds firm, I’m only about 52 to 66 days from orgasm. I can do that in my sleep! lol. Well maybe not, but it is doable!


  1. Oh yes, wonderful! That’s the most exciting way to start a day for me as well! I know so well how you must have felt and your Queen has the same attitude regarding her cleanliness as my wife! It is magical, impossible to get bored from eating out my wife when she only smells of herself. And the morning scent is the best. But it is a special privilege that I must earn.

    I have the same issue as you (but outside the cage, I am still not caged). I cannot always bring myself to full erection anymore. I simply require my wife’s touch to get properly aroused or at least some activity with her active dominance. I am not even certain if (given a chance) I could respond properly to anther woman anymore. I guess I would, but I am without doubt strongly conditioned to react to my wife.

    I admire your resolution (well, your wife’s, 😀) to keep you without orgasm for so long. I am back to more frequent orgasms now, to about 4-6 per month, but still with no regularity to it. I may still go for weeks without one, but then she may have me cum a few days in a row. This I don’t like and I asked her to go back to max 1-2 per month, but like before it is all up to her.

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      • Yeah, weird but I totally get it. When my dear wife made the ultimatum to me to either stop masturbation completely or to forget about her pussy for good I thought she was crazy. I rebeled, I argued, we quarelled, I almost cried in frustration several times when she completely withdrew all sexual stuff from me. In the end she won and I am the first to admit that our sex and our closeness improved because of it. Her domination started then and there and we are where we are because of it and I would never want to go back to one or more unrestricted orgasms per day from selfplay which was the case at the time.

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      • I know, I know. You two are in a different league entirely. But unlike you I am completely useless in bed for PIV sex after long abstinence (I have to interrupt thrusting far too frequently to prevent ejaculation) and my wife wants more of that now again. It’s surprising after a year of almost no vaginal sex.

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      • I use desensitizer. I have figured it out and know how to use it so I can go a long time. I also pretreat so that I can go when and if she wants. My Queen likes spontaneity! So do I so why not be ready. If nothing happens, that’s ok. If something happens then I’m ready!

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      • You told me this before. How often do you apply it if you want to be ready at all times and how do you do it if you are locked up most of the time? I never get any clue as to when my wife would want sex, let alone vaginal sex. And yes, spontaneity is crucial for us too.

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      • My cage has bars so I can spray between them. I apply it hours before we might be active (she has the say not me so I just want to be ready just in case). Then I will apply it a few more times over the next few hours until I feel it’s taken effect and is the right amount of numbing. It lasts a good while so once I’m ready I just wait. Maybe reapply every hour or so.


    • I mostly use Stud100 spray. It’s available in Canada at several retailers though I buy mine from the Stag Shop. It’s a lidocaine spray. I have used a benzocaine liquid successfully too.


      • true… and I’ve bought and tried it… it burns quite intensely. I wouldn’t use that were I you! lol The stud100 is meant for this use and doesn’t really bother you. The lidocaine you purchase in the drug store is much cheaper but really unpleasant.


  2. Wonderful! And I am like your Queen in that i need to be freshly showered or bathed for my man to lick me – sometimes he ignores my protests and pushes me down and does it anyhow but I feel far more confident about ti when I am “fresh as a daisy” 😉

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