For Miss D—I Always Try to Keep My Word!

Some time ago, I reached 500 followers and wrote a post of thanks. It was before the pandemic and Miss D suggested she’d like to see some pictures from a recent holiday. I told her I’d see what I can do…

That was when I realized it wasn’t going to be easy. The computer I had placed them on had died in a big way. I know they exist on that computers memory but I don’t know how to move that memory to my new computer. And frankly don’t want to take it into a shop… I have a computer guy I will call when this pandemic is allowing it, and I’m certain he will do it for me.

So that still left a problem… how do I find and access these photos. I no longer use that camera–it’s a Canon EOS50D and I have multiple lenses, but I just find it bulky and heavy. So for the past while I have been using my iPhone camera exclusively. It took a while, but I found the memory card they were on. Now to move them to my computer!

My old computer had slots for a variety of memory cards. Not so with my new one. So the other day I went to a camera store and purchased a card reader. I no longer have photoshop, so my editing is very limited, but here are some pics for Miss D!

On the chastity front, I am currently at 437 days since I’ve had any type of orgasm. My Queen is at 1day… lol. But I think I might get to have one sometime towards the end of August.

Some other exciting news is the fact that I approached Evotion Wearables about testing one of their cock cages. They manufacture cages using 3D printers and I’ve heard very good things about their cages. I asked whether they might like me to review a cage and they asked to see my blog. So with any luck, I’ll have a new custom cage to try out. I would suspect it would be a lot lighter than my Jailbird, and it would not cause issues with metal detectors. So I’m hopeful that we’ll come to an agreement. In the interim, I will stay caged in my Jailbird. I do like this cage, but now years after purchasing it I would have some small differences made in my order.

The pandemic continues. Stay safe & well!

My Queen tans so very well!
After I had shot her for a bit, she exercised her power and told me she was going to shoot me!
I love her ass!
Knees on Beach Dominican (2)
Playing in the water…



  1. I tested the Evotion device some time ago and published a review. It’s extremely comfortable to wear and after wearing a Jail Bird, it feels like nothing is there at all. It takes a little practice to get it on properly. The process of putting it on did create a couple of sores in the beginning. You can find my review on my site. The people at Evotion are really nice. I’m not pierced so I wore the Orion device which is intended for people without a piercing. Most of their products are intended for people who were pierced.

    Good luck!

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    • I remember that review and it is one of the reasons I approached them. The email that they sent me was very pleasant. We’ll see what they think of my blog. If they like it, it could be a go.


  2. These are gorgeous pictures and I am so pleased that you decided to share them. You are both stunning. I hope that you get to do your review. They would be crazy not to let you try it for them. 😊

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  3. You two have fantastic bodies. I didn’t realize how beautiful and fit-looking you two are, and that you’re endowed so well too. Thank you for sharing and congratulations on the following!

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  4. Gorgeous pictures, Michael! I’ve been meaning to comment since you posted these but my screen now faces the rest of the house so I have to be extra careful lol

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  5. Haha. That will be useful, it not causing issues with metal detectors. I never really thought about that. It’s fascinating to me how 3D printers work. These pictures are really good! I love the one of her on her knees in the water. Absolutely stunning

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