Space—The Final Frontier!

I was about to recite the entire “Star Trek” lead on for this post and then thought better of it. This post is another post in the Memoir series run by Mrs. Fever–the theme this time being “Space”.

As soon as I hear of this theme, a memory sprung to mind.

Now going back and looking at the historical documents of the time, my memory appears to be flawed. But memory is often flawed… still here goes!

In July of 1969, man flew to the moon! My father and I had watched all the space specials leading up to this, and were looking forward to watching man actually walk on the moon for the first time ever. This particular July we had rented a cottage (you do that a year ahead) and unfortunately there was no TV in this place. For you youngsters, lol, there were no tablets or smart phones either! So when we saw that the walk and landing was going to happen on the last full day we were at the cottage, my dad started thinking. He knew a family about 45 minutes from the cottage we had rented and called them to arrange our visit to see the landing. So on Sunday July 20th, 1969 we travelled to this farm so that we could watch the landing (on a black and white TV– probably with a 20 inch screen).

The farm was a cool place. Since we had time before the actual landing took place, I went exploring. I found a boulder filled fully between three fields of pasture. It wasn’t a huge space but the centre of this gully was filled with these huge boulders. I was looking to climb them as soon as I saw them. There were some cave like gaps between the rocks and I found jumping onto and over them to be a lot of fun. However what was really cool–and it’s the only time in my life I’ve ever seen this–were the snakes!! Underneath the rocks and in these “caves” were thousands of garter snakes. I am not exaggerating! I used to catch garter snakes all the time but here I felt I could reach down and grab 15-20 at a time! If you remember the floor of snakes in the Indiana Jones movie, this was just like it–only occurring naturally in nature! I was blown away! I saw a bigger snake and decided to catch it, so ignoring all the rest, I reached down trying to grasp it behind its head. That would keep it from biting me! But remember there were all sorts of snakes slithering over each other! As I got close I brushed some of the others away and then the big one decided to move. So I went for him. I had my hands on him for a moment before two of the little ones bit me! Indeed as I raised my hand, I had one 18 inch snake hanging from my finger. The two of them drew blood. I removed the snake from my finger and had four tiny bleeding pricks in my hand. Two on one finger and two on the side of my hand. I had never been bitten by any garter snake I had ever held. So this was something new. Annoying but new! I went back to the farmhouse to clean the wounds and bandage them up. Later we watched as Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins and Buzz Aldrin landed on the moon. My memory says we also watched them walk at that time, but checking my facts that seems to be a false memory. I always thought how unlucky Michael Collins, the third astronaut was. I’m pretty certain that no one actually remembers his name either. Still to go on this grand adventure and not get a chance to walk on the moon: to have to stay in the lunar module while your crew mates cavorted on the moon. I would have been heart broken. So despite my memory, we must have watched them (Armstrong and Aldrin) walk on the moon the next day from home. I did watch both the landing and the walk! But my memory is confused as to the timeline.

It is a good memory. My father and I would often do things together–in the summer months particularly. This day was all about space! We continued to watch future missions too. I remember planning to watch the Apollo 13 landing with him when it was cancelled last minute by the networks. And then all the bad luck of that mission. If you’ve never seen the movie Apollo 13 with Tom Hanks, I highly recommend it.

So thanks Mrs Fever! Another good prompt!

On the chastity front, I am at 440 days since orgasm. Evotion Wearables has decided not to send me a device to review. This is too bad, but I understand their position. I am putting feelers out to other premium chastity companies one at a time. Perhaps one of them will see things differently. If not, c’est las vie! Life will go on and I will be fine.


  1. Apollo 13 is a great movie. There is a really interesting documentary about NASA as one of the extra features on my DVD of that movie.

    I wasn’t born yet when the first moon walk took place. My personal space-exploration memory is much more tragic: I remember all too clearly when the space shuttle Challenger blew up.

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  2. This is such a special memory, watching the moon landing with your father. It must’ve been so special. I never heard my parents about it, but then again it was only somewhere in the mid seventies that South Africa finally had television 😉
    ~ Marie

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  3. What a great memory, Michael! All I saw was the word snakes though LOL

    Just kidding. Love that you shared that special memory of your father watching the moon landing. Back then, watching TV was a family affair which isn’t the same case nowadays with each family member having their own screen and everyone can be in the same room but watching different things.

    We just started a new tradition in the house where we pick a movie to watch on Disney+ and we even make popcorn – or I do. My kid hems and haws the moment we start but then becomes riveted to the story afterward so it’s a nice bonding moment before the movie ends and he goes back to his room to do his thing. Ah, tweens!

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    • Friday night used to be movie night. We would watch a movie as a family, have pizza for dinner, and have chips or popcorn while watching. Even after my divorce we maintained that (at least the kids and I did). When we joined up with my Queen, we started doing that with them included.

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