Laughter or Feeling Good!

I’m sharing a couple of videos in this post that are almost guaranteed to make you laugh. In this pandemic, laughter has been difficult for some. So I thought I’d share these.

But first some updates. My third daughter was in the wrong place at the wrong time recently. She was walking with a friend down a street in the city. This friend is part of our “bubble”. A fight occurred in a house she was walking past and it spilled out into the street. Someone in the fight threw a bottle at the other person who ducked and my daughter turned towards the noise just in time to get the bottle in her face! She was taken to hospital in an ambulance. Later that same bottle throwing person apparently shot someone else. We have discovered this person had escaped custody in another city and stolen a car to get to this location. I am uncertain whether they have apprehended him yet.

At the hospital the doctor said she was lucky as she could have been killed if it had hit her in a slightly different spot. As it was she had to undergo facial surgery and will have to undergo some pretty extensive dental work. Exactly what she requires in her mouth hasn’t been fully determined yet as she hasn’t been able to undergo a full proper dental examination yet. Hopefully that will happen today. They are trying to save her two front teeth and also repair some of the others that were damaged. Because she is older than 21 and not a student she no longer is covered under our dental coverage. Because she just started at this new job during the pandemic shut down, she hasn’t enough hours to qualify for her work’s dental coverage. After our first visit to the dentist, the cost could be anywhere from 5-15 thousand dollars. Hopefully today the dentist will be able to do a comprehensive examination and determine exactly what must be done–and the costs.

She hasn’t been to work since this happened so my Queen and I haven’t had a moment alone together. My Queen hasn’t had an orgasm now in 11 days! (I’m now at 447 days… lol). We have stolen moments where I’ve been allowed to go down on her or she’s edged me but they have been short lived moments.

BestVibe has sent me a product to review. It looks like a cool toy, and I’m hoping we’ll get some time to play with each other and the toy soon.

It is a vibrating dildo that heats up. Look for a review here soon. It thrusts and rotates! So it sounds cool. My Queen chose this one to test.

The link to this toy is: BestVibe and until October 2, you can get a 15% discount from them on purchases. Use the code: MIB15% when you order. BestVibe have some great toys. Give their catalog a look over.

Now back to the laughter. I always enjoy watching people laugh. Laughter is healing and releases stress! There are now laughter workshops. A company sets up a workshop where a guest comes in to facilitate a laughing workshop. My business did this a few years ago and despite my heavy skepticism, I found it was a remarkable session. At the beginning, I was certain that it would be a waste of time, but I did as requested by the leader. By the end of the session we were all laughing genuinely (about 70 of us), and almost to the point of tears! I left that session invigorated and energized–as did my colleagues. Part of the success was our responses to each other’s laughter. I think as humans we are programmed to feel good when we see others laugh–hence these videos!!

Brenda’s Beaver Needs a Barber

Funny Grandma Reads Wonky Donkey

Give them a watch. You’ll feel better after watching them.


  1. If he has escaped custody could your daughter claim against the City/state he escaped from for damages? Had they been more vigilant he would not have escaped custody. There could be a negligence case to answer, at the very least could she apply for them to pay for her dental treatment costs? Regardless, I hope it all turns out okay for your daughter! (((HUGS)))
    Laughter is definitely the best medicine, in my vanilla life I write comedy. I’m just at the stage of searching for a production company who would be interested in putting on my comedy stage play. With Covid happening when it did and then subsequent near annihilation of the performing arts through lack of funds in the UK that project has been shelved for the time being. Not to worry… whoever does a reading of it has cracked up laughing so I think I’m gonna be okay.

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    • Good luck with your play. Hopefully we will soon be back in theatres and you can enjoy people laughing to your work.
      There is a victim’s fund here. It is unlikely that we will get much, but we are investigating. There is no way to claim anything from the city he was in. He was in the path to transitioning out of custody. He had served his time in prison and was on house arrest when he stole the car. He is really a very scummy person. Sad that people like him exist. The only good thing is his lack of intelligence. He’s cunning but not smart if that makes sense. So I expect he’ll spend most of his life behind bars.

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  2. I’m sorry about your daughter, that’s terrible! I’m glad she’s getting treatment though, and lucky she didn’t get worse. I hope she has a speedy and successful recovery. I haven’t had a chance to check out the videos, but I will. That toy looks like a lot of fun, by the way.

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  3. Hopefully your daughter’s dentist will be willing to set up a payment plan for her/you if the costs are too high, so you can pay in more affordable installments. I know you said she hasn’t worked enough hours at her new job to qualify for their dental plan, but there may be another option through her work. Companies sometimes have emergency assistance funds/resources for their employees (unions almost always do, so if it’s a union job she needs to talk with her steward ASAP), and if she’s friendly with her co-workers they might start a fund of their own.

    I hope they’re able to save her teeth.


  4. Wow. I’m sorry this happened to your daughter. I hope it will turn out alright in the end but that’s so incredibly unlucky also with dental coverage. You would think the person who caused this would have to pay the costs. But thank god she wasn’t killed. I’m glad you added some laugher later on! Needed that

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  5. I am so sorry to hear about your daughter, Michael! That is terrible news. I do hope that the scumbag who did this is held accountable in someway. I sure do appreciate your sense of humor though! This pandemic is the worst…so glad you’ve maintained your ability to find the humor. My love to you and your Queen!

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  6. I am sorry to hear about your daughter. That is so unlucky and it seems ridiculous that the cost of treatment is not covered when she is the victim of a crime. I really hope that she is recovering well and is doing ok in herself. What a shock for you all ❤️

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