Some Alone Time—The Kids Are Away! (Oh and I Won a Bet)

It is possible that this weekend we will be alone–my Queen and I are certainly hoping so. Because of the Pandemic, we haven’t had any extended alone time since February! And because of my daughter’s assault, we haven’t had any alone time in three weeks. Prior to that event, we would get the occasional hour or so alone, but since then, none!!

As of this morning my Queen is at 18 days since orgasm which is a very long time for her! That orgasm was the result of some oral performed early one morning before the kids got up. Angus was caged and there was no penetration. I loved it, but…

I’m now at 454 days since orgasm. So there is a light at the end of the tunnel for me. It’s at these times that the punishment of further orgasm delay is felt most deeply. Fortunately that hasn’t happened yet. With luck it won’t. I should be allowed an orgasm in anywhere from 33 to45 days!

The good news is that I won a bet. My Queen and I walk together at least five times each week. We currently are walking a minimum 10 km or 6 miles each day. We vary our routes and sometimes even drive a few miles to walk in totally different spots. She suggested we turn and walk down a street she referred to as “Butterfly Street”. We didn’t go there that day, but it sparked some conversation. Now I knew it wasn’t Butterfly but I couldn’t remember what it was exactly–it was Butter–something. When I told her it wasn’t Butterfly she laughed and said confidently that it was and that we should bet on it. She suggested a reward for me if I won. So, after a few days we came to the following bet. If the street was named Butterfly I would lose, but if it was named something else I would win. If I lost I would immediately start to eat clean (currently I do allow myself a few treats each week), and do home weight workouts a minimum of 4 days a week. If I won, she would shave Kitty and I would be allowed to go down on her at least three times a week in the morning–for a month or so.

It is delightful to see my Queen with a lovely shaved Kitty–and it’s very nice to feel how smooth and soft it is. Yes, it wasn’t Butterfly Street. It was actually Butterfield Crescent. And my Queen was so certain!! lol.

Image courtesy of Pixabay!


  1. I am really pleased that you are finally getting some alone time. We have really struggled without it too. And yay for winning your bet and a potential orgasm at some point in the future. 😊

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  2. Hm, it seems to me that maybe your Queen wanted you to win this bet 😄. In any case, I hope you get that many times deserved orgasm soon, even though reaching the 500 milestone (crazy stuff…) does indeed sound tempting.

    BTW, I did some thorough landscaping between my wife’s thighs today (she asked for it to match my completely bald crotch region before going to a nudist beach). The result: beautifully smooth mound, pussy and butt crack and a puddle of precum on the floor. And a bit later a lot of passionate kissing of her lower lips and soon afterwards a wonderful orgasm. Hers, not mine. Life is great… especially on a holiday on the sea coast with my wife and at the moment far away from everyday troubles 🙂 (covid19 measures notwithstanding)

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    • You’ll have to tell me a out the nudist beach. I sometimes fantasize a out going to one and my Queen not allowing me out of my cage. The embarrassment would be mortifying but also highly exciting!
      My Queen wanted to win this bet. She had huge plans for me if she won. After all if she wants oral, she just has to tell me.


      • Gladly Michael.
        We found this nudist beach at about 10 minutes driving distance from where we are staying. It’s basically just a desolate part of the mainland facing coast reserved for naked sunbathing, off the beaten track and accessible by a rough unpaved road (or a boat). There is no infrastructure or natural shade there so you have to bring your own gear. It is also not crowded and only some places offer easy access to the water. The shore is mostly rocky, eroded limestone. We went there yesterday (twice, we returned in the evening to see if we could fuck in the open air and we did) and again today in the morning. We were early enough and very few prople were there and we managed two swims and sex twice before it got too crowded to do it decently. Oh how we both love to do it like this, we basically move away from the others and hide from direct view, but there is always a chance somebody will walk on us or see us (or hear us, when she relaxes enough she really screams), it just adds to the excitement and it did happen a few times in the past. And there are no kids, mostly couples of about our age or older. It is quite disappoining than naturism is in decline in Europe, many camps and resorts that used to cater to naturist guests are being converted to “clothed” joints. My wife and I are not die-hard naturists, but whenever there is an opportunity, we always take it.

        But now, the femdom part… Yesterday when I parked the car (not more than 100 meters from and above the beach itself) she told me to strip naked and leave all my clothing in the car. Of course I said yes Ma’am and got immediately aroused. I had to carry all our gear (a beach tent, the cooler with drinks, my snorkeling gear etc.) while my wife walked in front of me in her sexy short dress (no underware, she wears no bra or panty these days to indulge me) carying nothing except my car keys! She basically paraded me naked with my dick fully erect past the few folks already on that particular part of the beach (three older couples and a younger one)! The only thing missing was a leash around my balls. I was hard the entire time and I was dripping precum, I always leak heavily when aroused. But I mostly managed to hide my arousal with the stuff I was carying. She pointed to the spot about 5 meters from the waterline where she wanted the tent to be erected. And then she waited for me to set up everything, looking very dominant (and sexy, so fucking hot and sexy). Only then she finally took off her dress and we went for a swim. When we were finaly hidden in the water and she grabbed my dick I nearly exploded… She maintained the aura of a demanding Mistress the entire time we were there, I massaged her back and feet, applied the cream to her entire body, fixed her drinks and a snack, put the sandals on her feet and in general fulfilled every wish and command obediently. We both hugely enjoyed it, I can tell you, she admitted it made her wet. In the evening, when we returned, I ravished her there!

        Today when we left the beach she basically just reversed the situation, I (still naked) had to pack everything and carry the gear back to the car while she walked in front of me. Again she paraded me like an obedient naked servant or a slave. There is no doubt that everybody on that beach knew who’s wearing the pants…

        You see, whenever we are alone on a holiday we like to do this mistress/slave stuff and in a place where nobody knows us we can do the tamer parts of it in public. However, she did not allow me to wear the balls stretching band (I am trying to stretch my very tight scrotum) to the beach because it would be “too kinky”. If I was wearing a cage she would have me remove it too, I am sure.

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      • Yeah, a great day. I am on holiday in the neighbouring Croatia (on the eastern Adriatic coast, one of the most beautiful Mediterranean coasts with many islands). A very popular summer holiday destination and this year only half as crowded as in normal years.
        Frankly, I have no idea why naturism is in decline. Young generations are simply far less enthusiastic about it than we were for instance 30 years ago.

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