I’ll Be There With Bells On! Really!!

My Queen and I spend most of our time together. Especially since this pandemic started and we both ended up working from home. But for years now, I’ve been surprising her and startling her. I guess I move very quietly through the house. Without meaning to, I will sometimes come up on her and she is unaware of my presence. Then when she notices me she is startled and frightened for a moment. She hates that and yet it happens over and over again. So she decided that I needed to wear bells! I don’t wear them all the time (only when told to) but lately I’ve been asked to wear them even when the kids are at home. My youngest daughter asked me about the noise a couple of weeks ago, and my Queen piped up and told her that she asked me to carry some bells in my pockets so that she can hear me move around. Fortunately my daughter let it drop, but later I went and set up a second set of bells just so I can carry them in my pocket too. That came in handy a week later when my daughter had me show them to her best friend–who is now part of our bubble group. They think it’s cool that I carry bells to avoid scaring my wife.

Usually when I’m asked to wear bells, I’m also asked to go commando. This allows the bells to move more freely and thus make more noise. It’s a slightly sexual thing that also helps to push my submissiveness!

Occasionally I am uncaged and still asked to wear bells. In these situations, I will attach the bells to a cock ring and wear them that way.

So if I say, “I’ll be there with bells on!” I’m not kidding. Have a listen as I make music simply by moving… lol

Our weekend alone fell through. My third daughter and son were going to visit their birth father. He lives out of town, and doesn’t want to see them very often and hasn’t since before the pandemic. My son will go down there periodically as he knows others and does odd jobs for them. He may or may not see his father while there. My daughter hasn’t seen her birth father in well over a year.

At any rate they had asked to come see him and he had said yes, but yesterday, he changed his mind. So our weekend alone disappeared!

It is disappointing, but we aren’t going to sweat it. Life goes on and we will have some alone time at some point. I do have a toy from BestVibe to review and they are anxious for me to do it. But we need some alone time for that to happen.

On the chastity front, I am now at 463 days. I admit to being very horny. It takes no effort to get Angus to push against his bars. My Queen is currently at 27 days which is a huge length of time for her.

Another update: the guy who threw the bottle into my daughter’s face has been charged with murder. Apparently earlier on the same day he stole the car and ended up at the same spot as my daughter, he killed a man. Well he shot him that day and the man died earlier this week. So I’m hoping he is found and arrested soon. He is a very dangerous man. We still don’t know exactly how her mouth will be fixed. They have done some dental work and fixed some things, but what needs to be done to the two front teeth is still up in the air! Stay safe!


  1. Oh wow! That man really needs to be found! I hope your daughter is doing well.

    Glad to hear from you, Michael! Have been missing your updates and glad to see how the bells worked. Make sure not to forget to have the extra set of bells in your pocket!

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  2. I love the idea of bells. HD startles me sometimes too, which amuses him. I think bells during his submissive week would work nicely. 😀

    I’m glad your daughter is getting some of the dental work taken care of. I know it’s a long road to recovery though. One of my friends was hit in the mouth by the lever/handle of a furniture moving cart (she tires to explain it but was in too much pain at the time) because her boss hadn’t secured it properly. Busted out numerous teeth and it took months to get them repaired. Sounds like your daughter is in a similar situation. 😥

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  3. I’m so behind with my reading I missed the original post about the attack on your daughter. I hope so much they are able to remove any scarring so she has no visible reminders. Her psychological scars will be hard enough to deal with… ♡

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    • It appears at least one tooth is dying. It’s turning grey. The other is still loose in her mouth but looks alive. The chipped ones have tightened back up and have been repaired! She is terrified of this guy and him finding us. However the fact that he is now wanted for murder makes us very small fry and should make all of us a lot safer. That is actually helping.


  4. What a great idea your wife had, I’m sure other women will do the same after reading your post. 463 days is impossible, I’m at 19 days and my wife has a wonderful orgasm with her Magic Wand every other night.

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  5. wow…… that’s super kool, seeing the bells on you reminded me of the Christmas song jingle bells … ha … ha… 🤪

    also, I’m so sorry to hear about your daughter I pray she gets better soon and the perpetrator is in prison.

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    • Well I guess I should say “Merry Christmas!” Thanks. The good thing about the creep is that his assault on my daughter has paled beside the murder charge. So we should be safe from further ramifications.

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  6. I am really sorry to hear about your daughter. What a bummer! I like your bell video. It’s cute. It does seem that you need larger, easier-to-hear bells. They make much larger jingle bells that might be even more amusing for your wife.

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  7. Stumbled onto your blog and love your honesty. I am a transgender woman married to my wife for 34 yrs. We have always been honest in our communication. I love the bells!!! I have often attached bells in different ways as I like the reminder that I am in her control and it can be noticeable. We have adult kids and I love how you came up with what I call a “staff answer” to the bells. Most people just need a reasonable answer and they leave the issue alone. I will have to remember that.

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