Out! I Do Love The Sun…

The incomparable (and short haired) Mrs.Fever has this memoir meme going. The theme this time is “Out!” Here is what came to mind…  Cover photo courtesy of Pinterest!

I love being naked–but there is something extra special when I’m naked outdoors. I have had that experience many times, but here are the first few memories that came to mind!

In the first couple of years my Queen and I were together, we were very adventurous. At one point we had a bet where if I lost, I would go to an amateur night at some club and strip! Well I did lose, so after working out a routine, getting props and making a song list on CD, I was ready. We were on holiday and staying at a nudist club. My Queen knew of a club where male stripper’s did their thing. It was about 45 minutes from the nudist resort so we drove to it one evening. This club also had an amateur night and male strip clubs that have amateur night are not very common. The night we went was amateur night(planned)! On arrival, it became obvious that it really wasn’t “amateur” night, but eventually they said I could strip. If my memory isn’t playing tricks, I had to give the DJ $20 to do it. I think I’ve written about this experience in another blog and I did enjoy it. My Queen sat in the crowd and watched. When I joined her after my first set, she finished her drink and said “Let’s get out of here!”

Its a crazy thing to have all these women screaming as you strip…  This isn’t me, but the atmosphere was very similar! Pic courtesy of Pixabay.

So apparently watching the show had turned my Queen on, so as we drove on increasingly quieter roads, she indicated we should stop. I spotted a country road that looked little used and we turned into it. I drove 100 metres down the road before turning around so we faced the main road. We then got out of the car and started to get busy. It was really dark as there was no moon (well–except ours)! It was wonderful but there were lots of mosquitoes. This became a quickie indeed as we both wanted to get away from the bugs! But it was fun!!

Another time we had outdoor fun was when we went hiking. It was a beautiful fall day and much milder than usual for that time of year. We were on a fairly popular hiking path, but at one point, we left the path and went through some trees. There was a field of long grass and we moved into the field. This was a spot that wasn’t visited by people very often. We took off our coats, laid them out on the grass and sat down. The magic of the moment meant that even though we could see the occasional person walking on the main path through the trees, we started to kiss and caress each other. Soon I was naked. My Queen was partially unclothed and we made love. The bugs were gone as it was the fall and had been much cooler prior to this aberrant day! We played together and then lay naked in the waiting fall sun. A beautiful memory for certain in the great outdoors!

A couple in a field… similar to what we did.  Only it wasn’t as warm, and we were lying down to stay hidden by the long grass (oh and we were mostly naked)

The final memory I’m going to recount didn’t involve any sex at the time. But the great outdoors was definitely the scene. We were on holiday in the Dominican Republic. We walk the beaches whenever we go on holiday. Often walking up to 10 km at a time. As it turned out our resort was the second last resort when we went in a certain direction. So we often walked that way as once we got a km or two past the last resort, we often didn’t see anyone or very few people at best! Now on holiday we always have a photo shoot for my Queen! Because this was such a deserted beach with only the occasional long distant walkers my Queen consented to a nude shoot!

My queen pouting and making suggestive motions!

She took direction and frolicked naked in the surf and sand! Finally I had enough and suggested we should head back. But my Queen had other ideas. She decided I should also pose while she took shots of me! So I threw my trunks onto the beach and she started to shoot. We saw a couple walking toward us and I told her I should get dressed, but she wanted to take a few more pics. Finally when the couple was about 250 metres away, she told me to get dressed. There was no doubt that they were aware I was nude, but they weren’t close enough to see very well. We went to the spot I had thrown my trunks and they weren’t there. I know I have blogged about this before, but we were suddenly looking for my trunks. While we were shooting the waves had gone further up the sand than before, and my trunks had been carried off. I was expecting to have to crouch down on the water when we finally found my trunks. The couple was now where we had started and we were about 100 yards further down the beach. I donned my shorts and we started to walk back to the resort. The couple were smiling as they passed us but only said something about the vagaries of tides–and to have a great evening! I’m pretty sure I was blushing and Angus had thickened.

Moving towards the beach looking for my trunks!
Running down the beach looking for my trunks!  I think I had spotted them at this point.  In the original picture, I’m a long ways away.  I’ve cropped it to make it seem as if my Queen was right there with me.  She wasn’t!


    • I admit to a moment of panic. While we were staying at a large adult’s only resort, we had to walk past another very large resort to get back to our room and without a towel it would have been most em-bare-ass-ing! My Queen would have been angry with me too as she would also have felt embarrassed. As it was, it was found and I went back wondering what might have been!

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  1. Love your stories. I have also been on beaches skinnydipping. One day i was laying face down on a quiet and hard to access beach. I happened to roll over and standing right next to me was a member of the police force. Didn’t return to that beach.

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  2. Excellent recount as always and great memories for you I am sure since I have a few memories of the same kind and I know what they mean to me. My wife and I always take the opportunity to be naked if the circumstances allow it and having sex or even just fooling around with each other’s body in places where we could be observed (and sometimes we are) just adds to the excitement.
    I wish you and your gorgeous Queen many more special moments like that in the future!

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