Mature Metal Jailbird—A Grossly Overdue Review!

I don’t believe I’ve ever reviewed my primary cage. I know I’ve often mentioned it and there are many posts where it is featured prominently, but an actual review?? I don’t think so.

Prior to my purchasing this Jailbird, I had purchased two stock cages. I was fortunate in that one of them was quite comfortable. It had a hinged ring though and I had to cut a piece of leather to wear under the spot where it joined. This was because it would sometimes separate a bit and allow some of my skin into the gap before slamming shut again! This was most unpleasant as I’m sure you can understand. The second cage I purchased was just wrong. However doing research I discovered that many people I followed who were in cages wore Mature Metal products. So I investigated them. The beauty of ordering from them was that their cages were custom made to my specifications. They also had sizing rings to help with determining the dimensions needed. So I ordered the sizing rings.

Along with the rings, there were detailed instructions on how to measure for your cage. On top of that, they indicated that I could call or email any questions and they would get back to me promptly.

Now I was anxious to get one of their cages. As soon as I had the money available I planned to order my cage. The rings arrived several weeks later and I started the measurement process. I wanted to be sure I got something that was right the first time.

At first I would erect as soon as I tried to make certain measurements so it took a few weeks to get the measurements and releasing to ensure I hadn’t made a mistake. I did end up calling MM to ask a couple of questions and was pleased to have the phone picked up by a person who was able to help me and with whom I could pleasantly converse.

At last I was prepared to order. And almost six weeks to the day, I received my Jailbird. It fit perfectly. All the effort I had made to make good measurements had paid off.

The Jailbird is similar to many cages in that it is a ring that encircles your scrotum and penis. A cage then goes over the penis and locks to the ring.

Mature metal gives you the option of using their locking screws which don’t match standard screwdrivers. Or you can opt for a standard lock. I went with a standard lock.

The Jailbird is very comfortable. I basically wear it 24/7. I have permission to remove it when going to the gym to workout, but otherwise I’m wearing it. If my Queen is feeling frisky and the opportunity is there, she’ll usually have me remove it so that we can play whenever she is ready. Sometimes she’ll leave me in the cage and I’ll get excited. Then when she has me remove the cage, I am unable to remove the ring. So I rotate it to move the peg out of the way and it serves as a cock ring. Another cool thing is the lines that mark Angus in these situations. When aroused, Angus pushes against the bars of the cage and the bars leave an impression on Angus.

Not a recent picture, but one of the few I have showing the lines left by the cage when it is removed after there has been some excitement.

Sleeping in the cage is easy. It never is a reason for me having a bad nights rest. I fall asleep most nights in under 2 minutes. Maybe under 1 minute! There are times when I do attempt to erect, but the cage is very effective at stopping that. I enjoy the feeling of compression or being stuffed in the cage. It doesn’t hurt or cause me discomfort.

I like my cage to be able to rotate freely (as much as it can without damaging Angus, lol). I find it more comfortable when the cage can move that way. Sometimes I’ll use a little Vaseline under the base ring so that it can move freely.

Another really nice thing about the Jailbird is hygiene. Metal cages are so easy to clean and to clean through. There is no buildup of urine in the cage and a simple shower will clean both the cage and penis. I use a shaving brush to clean Angus through the cage. Every few months I’ll remove the cage and give it a more thorough cleaning. So there is never a foul odor associated with my Jailbird.

Cleaning Angus through the cage while using a shaving brush.  Works great and is simple to do.

Months ago I tested The Vice which is a plastic tube like cage. While it was light and pretty comfortable, after two days an aroma was building and after 3-4 days I had to remove it and thoroughly clean both Angus and the cage. I couldn’t stand the smell. This is not a problem with the Jailbird. I think you could wear this nonstop for a year or more and there wouldn’t be any issues with smells or personal hygiene. I think this would be a problem with all tube type cages regardless of their quality. Somehow having to remove the cage to clean and eliminate bad smells is a downer. I feel the cage should only be removed if the key holder desires it to come off.

So in summation, Mature Metal make high quality cages that are reasonable in cost. They are made to measure of high quality steel. They are comfortable to wear and effectively stop erections and the ability to orgasm. I highly recommend them if you are considering wearing a cage for an extended period of time.

There are a couple of things I might change if I was doing this again. I would go shorter than Mature Metal recommends for my cage. In fact at some point in the future, I will likely have them shorten it by perhaps as much as an inch. This is something that they are able to do relatively easily. I also really like the look of their latest cage–the Spyder–so I may invest in another cage from them.

Recently Caged Monkey and his lovely wife featured Mature Metal on their podcast. I am including the link here–if you are interested in their cages this podcast will be fun to listen to!

Now on our personal chastity front, I am today at 480 days since orgasm. I am within a week of my old record. We haven’t had a chance to be together in over 40 days because we’ve had anywhere from 2 to 4 young people in our house over this time! Privacy has been virtually impossible. However, yesterday, I was allowed to perform orally on my Queen as soon as we woke up.  So for the first time in 42 days, my Queen had an orgasm.  This is the longest we have ever gone unless surgery has been a reason.  We didn’t have full freedom, and Angus didn’t enter Kitty, but it was nice to reconnect even in this limited way.  I do have a toy to test and review for BestVibe, but it hasn’t been possible to try it out yet. I will do a part one of this review shortly as I’m unsure when we’ll have some time alone.  Hopefully we will have some time alone soon!


  1. Awesome review! Everything you said is everything I love about our Mature Metal cages. Especially those lovely lines when I take Cagedmonkey out for some playtime! We are soon going to try out some of the other things like locking cock rings and we are likely going to order a Spyder as well!
    Thank you so much for mentioning us, we did have lots of fun getting to know the people behind Mature Metal and not just “talk shop.” if someone does have questions, just call, they have impeccable customer service!

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  2. hey this is an off topic question : how do you post videos on your blog ?? do you pay for it ?? cause WordPress does not allow me to post a video I have to upload it on you tube …..

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  3. Excellent review! I’ve been thinking of cages on and off for a couple years, but more frequently now. This gives me another option to check out. It’s really all up to Sir, whenever She decides to cage me, and what She buys for me, but this could be on the list.

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      • Great read as usual, I’m tempted by the Evotion devices but it does seem expensive but then again…..I agree with your comment about the tube type devices with the aroma they can have, we have the nub and that does need regular looking after to avoid said nasty niffs

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      • I have a nub too. But it’s really too small. Difficult to get on. I’m sure many like it though. Small lightweight and quite comfortable when it’s on. But the aroma that builds up is indeed nasty.


  4. Great post, Michael! I love hearing more about this and seeing your fabulous pictures. I can totally relate to the part about not using anything other than stainless steel. We had quite a few anal plugs that were made of different materials and eventually we through them all out except for the stainless steel or glass ones. Proper hygiene is so important and any kind of lingering odor is a sign that the materials have absorbed bacteria. And WOW…..480 days….that is just incredible. I had three orgasms yesterday 🙂

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  5. I liked the review, good stuff. I am experimenting with holytrainer nock-offs without my wife’s knowledge. I want to be sure about the cage before I introduce her to it. She knows about my enthusiasm to go caged. She hasn’t embraced the concept entirely, mostly because she thinks it means too much work for her. But she wants all the benefits that of a caged penis: no erection without permission, no playing with penis (I don’t cum without permission, but I cannot resist touching my penis), and absolutely no orgasms for me without her. So I think she will accept it, but I need to find the right cage first before I hand over the keys.

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    • I have heard that the holy trainer is good. But isn’t it a tube like device? That is an immediate no go for me. For instance I’ve been in my cage for about 7 days straight. My last workout at the gym was about that long ago. In a tube like device I would stink. I would have had to remove it at least twice in that timeframe for cleaning. Having to remove a cage for hygienic reasons means extra effort and no long time wear. So that’s a big “con” for me. However I’m told they are very comfortable (a huge “pro”), and they are light weight because of the plastic construction! (Another “pro”).
      Good luck Tom! I hope you find a cage that is perfect for you and I hope your wife “sees the light!”

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      • Yes, it is a tube like device and a stinker too. I seem to be unable to find the right combination of the ring and the tube. It’s either too tight or my balls manage to slip through. I have the nano and the small tube and rings of four sizes. I am just glad I didn’t start experimenting with the real holy trainer (ridiculously expensive and you only get one ring, if it doesn’t fit, tough luck, buy another ring). I think my next try will be with metal cages of your type, again with cheap chinese nock-offs first. Hygiene is critical for me too.

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      • I would suggest you buy the sizing rings from Mature Metal. You can use them to help determine the size of your base ring. Just wear that Eound for a day or so. You’ll know if the ring is too big or too small. Then that will help you when you try for an actual cage! When I purchased them the set was only $25.

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      • Thank you for recommendation. Mature Meatal stuff if prohibitively expensive, while I totally belive you that they are top notch quality-wise. Not the sizing rings, but the real products. I have now got a set of 5 metal rings of various diameters (from a local erotic store). The gradation is not as fine as with MM sizing rings, but I will first see if I can wear any of those for days without issues and without my balls slipping through too easily.

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  6. I have a couple of male friends who struggle to find the right cage for them. It is the pinching of skin or excess rotation that causes issues for them. I found this review really informative and so have shared away.

    I hope Angus and Kitty can reunite soon


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