Product Review—Bestvibe This is a rotating, vibrating, and thrusting heated dildo. My Queen chose a similar toy to this and Bestvibe contacted me asking if this toy would do. It is very similar to what my Queen chose so I said ok! It comes in a small brown box which contains a more attractive box.

Inside this box resides the toy. It has a remote and a charging cable as well as a very small set of instructions.

I charged it up and we waited for our chance to give it a proper try.

Well as you know shortly thereafter my daughter was injured and had to take three weeks off work. Then my one of my other daughters returned home and we took in a temporary boarder to help him out. What all this meant was there always seemed to be a 20 year old running around the house. We couldn’t seem to find any time alone. Thankfully, we finally had some time a couple of days ago. I pulled out the toy and asked my Queen if we could test it and she gave her ok.

Now it is important to remember that my Queen had an hysterectomy last fall. It’s almost a year ago but we are having difficulty with intercourse. Angus has some girth and my Queen can’t seem to take more than three inches of him without experiencing pain. She is going to call the doctor about this but it is frustrating because she really likes vigorous penetration. Right now I can only move slowly and if I push a little further, she experiences pain so Angus doesn’t get to be fully inside of her. The good thing about this toy is it’s size. It is longer than Angus but far skinnier! This size didn’t hurt my Queen. By the end of the video she had it balls deep inside of her. That lack of girth proved most welcome to my Queen (see pic below)

We actually used this toy quite a bit as we did have time alone without fear of being walked in on or heard. My Queen very much enjoyed it!

Below is another video showing some of the movement patterns of the toy. The change in length is about 3 cm or just over an inch for my American friends! As well as changing length, the toy rotated. My Queen seemed to like that a lot. It has an insertable length of 6 inches but is slim. This allows the toy to easily penetrate the vagina.

In addition, the toy is quite quiet. According to the literature, it is less than 67 db. It really is possible to use this in most bedrooms without people in the next room hearing anything and becoming curious.

The toy is made of high quality liquid silicone. It has 8 frequencies or settings (telescopic, rotation, and vibration). It heats up to a maximum of 42 degrees Celsius. So it will be warm but not hot. It is waterproof and has a suction cup on one end. This will hold the dildo on any hard smooth surface.

It takes about two hours to fully charge and then it will run for one hour. Charging is easy with the accompanying USB cord. We have a few toys with similar cords and they seem to be interchangeable.

So this toy is a winner in our book. We enjoyed our play and with the help of this toy my Queen had 6 orgasms. We will be using it when the chance arises again and again. Usually my Queen doesn’t really like fake cocks–but this one rang all her bells!

Check out Bestvibe. They have a lot of toys that might appeal to you. If you order before Oct 2, you can get a discount by using the code MIB15%. This particular toy goes for 39.99 on their website.

I want to point out that we were sent this toy for an honest review. We haven’t been paid to say good things and will receive no funds if you make a purchase from them.

On the chastity front, I have broken my record of days since orgasm. I am currently at 490 days. I now think my Queen will make me wait until at least 500 days. She was asking me the other day where I wanted to cum when I was allowed. She suggested her ass, tits or deep inside her pussy (but that’s not really possible at this time). She also suggested I cum into her mouth before she returned it to me via a kiss. To be honest, I just don’t know. So many choices… I do know that wherever I cum, I will have to clean it up with my mouth.


  1. Nice looking toy, excellently worded review and very informative. Now, I had a hysterectomy myself quite a long time ago but what you were saying about the pain your Queen feels during penetration sounded very familiar to me. In my case I had secondary problems with the ovaries that they had left behind and I ended up having to have them removed too. My ex wasn’t that much into sex anyway so it never became an issue between us because, well, we just didn’t have it. On the rare occasion we did try it was very painful and it put me off wanting to go any further. He was happy with that decision. It’s one of the many reasons we are no longer together. Anyway, I digress, sorry, I’m not for a minute suggesting your Queen is experiencing secondary problems, she may still have deep tissue bruising given that it’s only been a year since her surgery. I would still suggest seeing her gynaecologist for advice though. I hope she gets a solution to the problem soon xx
    Congratulations on the 490 days! That’s awe inspiring numbers right there! 😀 x

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    • My Queen had her ovaries left inside too. It seemed an unnecessary complication to remove them as well. But hopefully she’ll speak with her doctor in the next week or so. We had an unexpected moment alone today and tried to play but I just can’t move Angus into her. Maybe 1-2 inches before she starts to feel pain. So we used the toy again. That goes in fine when she is relaxed.
      Thank you for your comment.

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  2. Always good to see a proper test during a product review, well done, it was enjoyable to watch. I wish your Queen all of the best as she continues to recover, hopefully playing with toys like these will help.

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