How Long is Too Long?

Well today I’m at 499 days since my last orgasm. I’ve come close many times including today… My Queen and I played today. We had an unexpected house to ourselves for a bit. So we enjoyed each other and my Queen asked me if I wanted to cum? Then she asked how many days I was at. When I told her I was at 499 days she momentarily gave me the choice–and as I was so close to that magic number of 500, I hesitated. I wanted to cum but I also wanted to reach 500 days! So she took back control. “Maybe I’ll make you cum deep inside me and then watch you clean your large load out of me!” She said. That did excite me, but then she said, “Nah, we’ll go for the 500 days! But you may have to go quite a while past the 500 days–maybe to 550!” So that’s where I stand!

Bestvibe has offered another toy if I would like to review it. My Queen is interested so at some point in the near future, we will go through their website and pick something else. Well, my Queen will pick something and we’ll see how it goes!


  1. 499 days??? You have so much self-control, my friend! I really cannot wait to read about how good that first orgasm is…whenever it is allowed to happen. Just thinking about not orgasaming for that long gets me angsty!

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  2. Wow Michael, If I wore a hat I would take it off to you right now. So tomorrow is the big 500 days! I am officially in awe, plus I love that your Queen has decided to make things that little bit ‘harder’ for you to be good and hold out. You are so gonna have to give a full and detailed account of the big event when it does finally get to happen! That’s gonna be like all your Christmas’s come at once, if you’ll excuse the pun! 😛 xx

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  3. I am always awed by your ability to withstand extended denial like this. It’s truly amazing! I can’t imagine having that sort of self control. Congrats on the time alone with your Queen! It’s been rather scarce for you in recent months.
    I’m looking forward to reading a review on the next toy you and your Queen decide to test. 🙂

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  4. I give you huge props on this one – I know I couldn’t do it and, honestly, I wouldn’t want to. At some point, I’d start to be concerned about my prostate health and more so when the experts are saying that the more you cum, the healthier your prostate remains. But, yeah – seriously huge props for you in this.

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  5. Congratulations Michael. Are you still counting down with the clock reset to 50 when you reached 500?

    It is strange how having an orgasm at my age (52) sometimes deplates me of sexual and overall energy and makes it difficult even to get a solid erection back on the same or the following day (and my submissiveness and obedience suffer too), while at other times it invigorates me and makes me even hornier, willing to serve and ready for more within half an hour. Not that my wife gives me a lot of opportunity to explore this, vaginal sex and my orgasms remain rare and totally under her control.

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      • Or maybe even she doesn’t know. You think she has a firm plan in her mind? I would be surprised if she had one, my guess is it will be a spur of the moment when you get the permission. Or command 😀. And that’s what makes it so exciting for us subs. Of course I cannot imagine how one can go for such a long time with no release.

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