An Obit

This is an obituary–sort of. Some time ago I started to follow a man. He was a widower and lived in New Zealand–though I didn’t know his location at the time. He had a lack of confidence in himself sexually and was seeing a therapist to learn how to be better. I enjoyed his posts–his honesty and his (dare I say it) innocence. As time went on he introduced me to a neighbour. She was also a widow and was a young 80 years old. He told us in his charming way about how his friendship with her gradually became more than that. We learned about her life and how she had been in a marriage without love, sex or passion. This man awakened her. He gave her passion and he gave her love. He also awoke her sexuality. They started to blog together! Reading their posts was so much fun as they grew together and their love blossomed. It was like reading a feel good movie. Then a drop of darkness. She had the onset of dementia. Over time there was some good news as the dementia wasn’t as serious as they had feared. Meanwhile they were living life large! Each was smitten with the other. I spoke about possibly meeting them in time–hoping that I could get to their lovely country while she was still “together”. She told me not to wait too long.

Unfortunately I have. The couple I’m speaking of were known here as Rex and Naomi. Naomi has a mishap in May that seemed relatively minor. She was in the hospital for a short time, but was released and was expected to be fine. However she passed away shortly thereafter. I’m grateful to Rex who let me know. I know how heart broken he was. And he has stopped blogging.

Their story was a great love story. I was so happy for the two of them. They discovered each other and had a vibrant sex life despite what some people would say was advanced age! Naomi showed me the joy of life. In some respects she was very innocent. In others she was wise and worldly. She showed her wonder at experiencing passion and real love after 80 years of life. I did have correspondence with her and found her to be a very kind woman. She was gentle and shy. But she was also very adventurous and willing to try almost anything. She had a smile that lit up the space around her. From what I know, she made others feel good. I had hoped that she and Rex would have several years together but alas it was not to be. I miss Naomi. I miss Rex.

I never met either of them in person, but I did come to know them–and felt like they were my friends. Life is not always good. Bad things happen. But I wanted to say how Naomi and Rex had a positive effect on my life. I wanted to say that I miss them. I wanted to say how sad this news made me feel. Rest In Peace Dear Naomi. Stay strong Rex!


  1. I followed their blogs and absolutely fell in love with them both. Naomi always left me the sweetest most thoughtful comments. I just adored her. She was so fun and adventurous and beautifully innocent in many ways. Plus she was a total knock-out. I am so sad to hear of this news. I wish Rex well. He was so good to her. I am sure that she passed as a very happy and satisfied and well-loved woman. She was an inspiration. I will remember her with fondness. ❤❤❤

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  2. I to would like to say, what an inspiration Rex andNaomi have been. It is the reason i found this web site ,and waited with anticipation for them to post an article with each of them doing a sentence each. Naomi was such a scream. I do hope when i get to 80 yrs old, i will be half as senusal and sexy as she was. Such a loss for rex to bear as well . I do trust Rex will have long and wonderful memories of all the great and exciting times they spent together.

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    • Apparently she just didn’t wake up one morning. Sad. I was really hoping my life circumstances would allow me to visit and meet them before her dementia became too extreme. I didn’t expect this. Thank you for your comment.

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  3. Oh my, this is very sad. They had something very special that not many people find in a life time. I hope that the memories of his dear lady Naomi will carry Rex through his mourning. So very sad. Hugs to you Michael,
    your obit was a beautiful accolade to two very special people. xx

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  4. I am so sad to read this. I loved their blog and everything about them and their passion for what they had found together. Naomi was such a sweet kind person and I hope that Rex is managing. Such a huge loss. Hugs to you Michael and thank you for writing this ❤️

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      • I can’t really begin to imagine what he must feel like. Possibly there would be some comfort in returning to somewhere that she felt she was free but perhaps it would just be too painful. We are all different and grief will take us all differently. I am sending him thoughts and hoping that he is holding up.

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  5. Thank you for sharing this, Michael and for high lighting their beautiful love for one another. I loved reading Rex and Naomi’s post’s…they were so inspiring, living their greatest love story in their 80’s. ❤

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  6. This was a wonderful thing for you to do – it very much touched my heart. I knew them a little – Naomi was a very generous soul and bought me coffee a few times. I am so sorry she passed away but also I feel thankful that her last years were with a man who she could be herself with – mentally and physically.
    Thank you for writing this Michael. A few years ago a blogger I never met but was friends with died, and I wrote a post about her – i still get emails from her friends thanking me. When people touch us with their words or just by being them it is important to give thanks I think
    May x

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  7. It makes me so very sad to read this. I always enjoyed reading about their adventures, their conversations, and their love for each other really shone through every word on their blog. Naomi sent me several sweet messages, and always had the loveliest comments on my blog. I can’t imagine how much Rex must be hurting at this moment, and what hole there will be in his life with Naomi gone.
    Thank you for writing this, Michael.
    ~ Marie xox

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    • Everyone will die, but Naomi passed very suddenly and unexpectedly. I think Rex hadn’t the chance to say his goodbyes. I hope he finds another love, but it’s hard to imagine someone who will be more of a soul mate than Naomi. I feel his pain and wish him the best. Thank you Marie.


  8. Like everyone else who read their blog and experienced their life, I also have a hole left from that absence. They were great fun to read about and chat with, and an absolute inspiration on how to live.
    I can’t image a better way, time or place to pass, then falling asleep and never waking up. We are left missing her, but no doubt Naomi went the bay way possible; painlessly, full of love, and enjoying life.
    Thank you for posting this, and telling us all. I have been watching and waiting for more from them. I hope Rex continues to write. Their stories will always hold a find place in my heart.

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    • Rex indicated he wouldn’t be writing any more. He has deleted their blogs too. I think Naomi had a slow brain bleed. She had fallen and spent a little time in hospital. Then had come home and had the sudden death. But you are so right. She had a great last year with Rex. Imagine not experiencing your first orgasm until you were 80. Imagine not experiencing real selfless love until then. What joys Rex and she had in that last year!! Thank you.

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  9. I am so sorry to hear about Naomi. And Rex, he’s the one suffering. My sincere condolences Rex, if you are reading this.
    I interacted a few times with Naomi and Rex on other people’s blogs and found them very kind and interesting persons.

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    • She was a special lady. I really liked her and the story of the two of them was marvellous. Unfortunately Rex left the blogging world after that. I hope he is well and that maybe one day he’ll return. He was a really nice guy too.

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